Alex Smerfit: biography of the wife of Victoria Bonnie and a successful businessman

The name of Victoria Boni became famous in the CIS after her appearance in the show "Dom-2", where she showed herself to be a bright and extraordinary personality. Oddly enough, after the girl left the project, her career went uphill. Yes, and personal life, too. She is the mother of a lovely baby and the wife of a millionaire. Alex Smerfit, whose biography is very instructive and fascinating, became the one whom the Russian beauty dreamed about. So, let's begin!

Who is he?

Many people know this attractive young man only from a photo in which he poses next to his beautiful wife. But it's not that simple! Alex is not just a representative of the "golden youth" and the son of a billionaire originally from Ireland. He himself achieved a lot by opening a network of pastry shops, which brings tangible income and allows you to live like Smurfit used to from childhood.

Alex Smerfit, biography

The date of birth of this successful person is March 22, 1985. Rodil he is in Monaco. By the way, Vika is 6 years older than her husband (but apparently the couple is very harmonious). True, it is not easy to believe in how old Alex Smerfit is - so much so is a person who has been solid and held in many areas.

From childhood, young Smurfit (the youngest son in the family) devoted a lot of time to sports and study. He was fond of horse riding, tennis.

To adequately represent his family and himself, Alex diligently studied. First, in Switzerland, and then in London. Now Smurfit is the holder of the prestigious Le Rosey and Regents diplomas. It should be noted that Alex Smerfit (his biography would be incomplete without this), in addition to English, is well spoken in French and Swedish, and, of course, in Russian.

After graduation, Smurfit decided to go about his business in ... Russia. What succeeded. In parallel, in 2010, he met Vika Boney, with whom he literally began to live together a few weeks later. Which, at least, makes one believe in fairy tales. After all, Alex is closely acquainted with Paris Hilton and many Victoria Secret models. Probably in the world there is still love! In March 2012, Alex and Vika became parents. The girl was named Angelina.

Alex Smerfit

Hobbies and interesting details

Speaking about what Alex Smerfit is, whose biography is described in this material, it is worth mentioning that he appreciates extreme sports - jumping from a bridge, scuba diving. On the whole, Alex does nothing in half his strength and strives to achieve perfection in everything.

An interesting fact is that, making an offer to Victoria, he settled on the ring, which has been transmitted in his family from generation to generation. Of course, a jewelry item costs a lot of money, but another thing is more important - such a gift is evidence of Alex's seriousness.

Initially, not all the boyfriend's friends approved of his romance with Vika, considering her not the best party for the son of a billionaire. But Alex Smerfit, whose biography is being considered, went contrary to the views of others, although even his parents were not enthusiastic about Bonnie. Well, this is a fact worthy of respect!

Studying the biography of Alex Smerfit, one should focus not on the fact that he is the son of rich people, but on the fact that this person who is used to achieving a lot himself! Probably, one should take an example from him, if only in purposefulness and the ability not to stand still, but to develop.


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