How to make a homemade air conditioner?

In the article we will talk about how to make do-it-yourself air conditioning for your home or car. It is worth noting that home-made devices can be an alternative to any modern split-systems. With the help of devices that create a comfortable microclimate in the house, you can save a lot of money. Split systems have a high cost, their installation is quite complicated.

And so many owners of houses and cars come up with a variety of installations that can cool the air in the room with high quality. In the article we will consider all the design options that are most suitable for use. They can be used both in homes and in cars. In order to understand how difficult the task of making a homemade air conditioner is, you need to consider the principle of its operation. And you also have to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the designs that are available for repetition.

Is it easy to make air conditioning

And now let's decide whether it’s easy to make a home air conditioner yourself. In order to maintain the room temperature at a certain level, it is necessary to carefully regulate the refrigerant pressure in the split system. To do this, an electronic control unit is installed, which receives signals from a variety of sensors. It is worth noting that a car air conditioner works in the same way. In it, the evaporator is installed in the interior heating system, and the condenser is mounted near the radiator, which is necessary for the normal operation of the engine cooling.

How to make air conditioning at home

As you know, making a homemade air conditioner of this design at home is quite difficult. As for installation in cars, it is even more difficult to do. Of course, if you have the skills to work with refrigeration equipment, all the manipulations can be carried out quite quickly and independently install the air conditioner in the car or house. There are many designs that anyone can repeat with minimal skills and using standard tools.

The design of the simplest air conditioner

This is a very simple design in which a cold source must be installed inside a closed drawer. Consider how to make air conditioning at home. An axial fan must be installed in one side of the box. On the reverse side, opposite the fan, it is necessary to make a hole through which the cooled air will exit. And now about what this type of air conditioner can be made of:

  • Old car refrigerators with walls insulated with foam or foam.
  • Boxes made of plastic or cardboard.
  • Plastic cans.
  • 5 liter or more bottles.

To supply air inside the box, you can use any small fans. Ideally suited coolers that are used in computer technology.

How to make do-it-yourself air conditioning

Such a small air conditioner can come in handy for cooling the car interior. It is only necessary to properly connect the cooler so that the blades rotate in the right direction. It is also recommended to use special ice generators that can cool for a long time.

Pros and cons of design

This design has both disadvantages and advantages. Firstly, among the advantages we can distinguish that the design is very simple. Secondly, it can be made of any materials, so the cost will be extremely low. Thirdly, such an air conditioner can really cool a small space. But there are also disadvantages that overlap all the advantages:

  1. At very high temperatures, no amount of ice is enough for the normal operation of such an air conditioner. If you plan to cool one room, the one in which the ice is made will warm up due to the operation of the refrigerators. Consequently, the consumption of electrical energy will increase.
  2. If you use the unit in a machine, then its operating time will depend on how much ice you took with you.
  3. The disadvantage is that the air will be humidified when passing through the ice. In other words, after a certain period of time, the air in the room will be oversaturated with moisture, which will make it much worse than the heat.

Of course, if you use cold batteries, the air will not be humidified.

Assembly assembly

Now let's look at how to make a home-made air conditioner for a home or a car. In order to make the design, you need to perform simple manipulations:

  1. Find a container that closes as tightly as possible. In one side wall, it is necessary to cut a hole that will correspond to the diameter of the fan.
  2. Then you need to screw the cooler with screws to the case.
  3. Now make another hole, it should be located opposite the first. A small piece of pipe is recommended for added convenience.
  4. Many users of such devices claim that it is most convenient to use sealed boxes, the lid of which is easy to remove. Ideal food containers. It is very convenient to load ice or cold accumulators in them.
  5. And now you need to install the air conditioner and connect it to a power source. As for use in cars, you need to install it in a convenient place, and connect the cooler to the cigarette lighter.

Fluid installation

This design is efficient and easy to manufacture. A heat exchanger and a fan are installed in the room. Cold water passes through this heat exchanger, the fan blows it around, the temperature in the room decreases. As a source of water, you can use a well or a well. As for the heat exchanger, a radiator from any car or an air conditioner that has become unusable is ideal. It is worth noting that such a design can not only cool the air in the room, but also heat it. To do this, just submit hot water to the radiator.

Make home air conditioning

It consists of three components:

  1. Submersible or borehole pump.
  2. Heat exchanger with fan.
  3. Insulated pipelines for supplying and discharging liquid.

How to make a liquid type air conditioner

Now let's look at how to assemble the system yourself. To do this, perform the following manipulations:

  1. Place a radiator from the car in a convenient place in the room and install a fan.
  2. Mount the return and falling trunk. In order to connect them to the nozzles, it is necessary to use adapters and clamps.
  3. Install a pump in the well or well, connect pipes to it, through which water will be supplied to the radiator.
  4. It is recommended that the pipe section through which cold water is supplied be wrapped with insulation material. This will allow the liquid to not heat up prematurely. As for the return line, it is not necessary to isolate it.

Where to put the water?

Immediately determine where you will put the water after it passes through the radiator. It should also be noted that very often the fluid flow rate is much higher than necessary.

Homemade air conditioning from the refrigerator

As for the problem of fluid discharge, it can be solved in the following ways:

  1. Collect the liquid in any storage tank (if you are watering the garden with water).
  2. Pour water into a nearby well.
  3. Organize a closed loop with a second radiator, which sinks to the bottom of the well.

Performance adjustment

As for pump performance, it cannot be adjusted without the use of frequency converters. The acquisition of such a device will affect the cost of structures. Various kinds of autotransformers will not help in solving the problem.

Homemade compressor from truck air conditioning compressor

In order not to purchase expensive equipment, you can solve the problem in the following ways:

  1. If the well is less than 10 m deep, it is allowed to use the circulation pump used in heating systems. It is only necessary to select the required power.
  2. If desired, you can restrict the flow of water to the radiator using a bypass valve . It will dump excess water back into the well.

Advantages and disadvantages of the system

It is worth immediately highlighting several advantages that the design of such an air conditioner has:

  1. Using the system, you can both cool the room and warm it up.
  2. The design is much simpler when compared with a split system.
  3. Even if you buy pipes and a pump, the total cost of assembling the structure will not be very high.
Homemade air conditioning

We have already partially talked about the shortcomings. These include difficulties with the adjustment of the water supply, as well as discharge. This system cannot be used in apartments, as you are unlikely to find a similar source of cold water. Of course, in a car this type of system also fails to install.

Refrigerator as a basis

The idea is very interesting, because there are no differences from the split system in the design of the refrigerator. A refrigerant is also used, which is heated on the one hand and takes heat away on the other. Few people tried to make a worthwhile construction out of refrigerators. But you can think a bit and imagine how to make air conditioning from the refrigerator:

  1. First you need to cut out two heat exchangers, the compressor cannot be turned off. Otherwise, freon will exit the system and have to spend money on refueling.
  2. Next, you need to move the condenser and compressor outside the premises that you plan to cool.
  3. The part that was previously a freezer must be mounted in the room.
  4. In order for cooling to be carried out much faster, install a fan that will blow the heat exchanger. You can put a homemade compressor to increase power. From the air conditioning compressor of a truck, you can make a good design that will allow you to cool a large area.
  5. Of course, you do not need a full-time control unit and sensor that are set to a specific temperature. Therefore, you have to install a temperature controller. Otherwise, the compressor will simply break down, as it is not able to run smoothly for a long time.

Will there be enough power?

It is worth noting that refrigerators have a maximum power of about 400 watts. Even with a rough calculation, you can understand that this power is enough for a maximum of 4 square meters.

Homemade air conditioning at home

Moreover, this is only in theory, but realizing everything in practice will be much more difficult, since the area that such a structure can cool is even less. Of course, a home-made air conditioner from the refrigerator can cool a small room, for example, a closet. And in the summer it will be possible to store homemade products in it. But you have to make high-quality thermal insulation.


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