Natalia Mironova: biography and works

Literature still plays an important role in our lives. A person who plunges into reading can relax and go into the world invented by the author. A prominent place among the writers of women's novels is Natalia Mironova. Her books are known to many; they quote them retell. The thoughts of this talented woman are consonant with the aspirations of the beautiful half of humanity.


Natalia Alekseevna Mironova was born in Moscow. Since childhood, she was an overly talented, but still calm child. Educators and teachers have always praised the girl for perseverance and perseverance. While still in primary school, Natalya realized that she is easier to learn the natural sciences than mathematics, drawing and physics. The love of the humanities played a decisive role in entering the university: she chose the profession of translator.

After graduating from the university, Mironova entered into a profitable contract with the Italian company New Time and worked there as a journalist for several years. The girl realized that she liked to write articles and dreamed that someday she would be able to create her own work. At the same time, a foreign journalist studied English and Spanish literature. She translated into Russian books by famous authors - Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts.

Having finally realized that her main vocation is fiction, Natalia Mironova began to write her own works.

Natalia Mironova

What is he writing about?

Mostly Mironova’s works are read by women and young girls. She can write beautiful stories with a happy ending. She manages to vividly describe each character and plot in such a way that the reader can mentally imagine the action or picture. Basically, Natalya Alekseevna tells about boundless love, about how young people had to go through many trials in order to finally reunite. In her books she beautifully describes natural phenomena, human feelings and values. Often, after reading her work, I want to cry, but these are tears of happiness.

Mironova Natalia

The famous Russian writer Natalia Mironova is trying to convey to her reader the main idea: everyone should be noble and honest, then happiness, love and luck will be attracted to him.

Author's books

Many residents of Russia and neighboring countries already know who Natalya Mironova is. All books of this author are filled with purity, tenderness and love. Three works were especially fond of women:

  1. "The Age of Sulamifi." The author created this work in 2011, a year later the Moscow publishing house released it in a relatively small circulation - 6 thousand copies. The work is written in Russian. The term "age of Sulafimi" refers to the most tender and romantic years in which you want to fall in love. During this period, a picture is formed about the ideal man, who should look like a prince from children's tales - handsome, brave, rich. But actually, completely different qualities bring real happiness.
  2. In 2012, another novel was released - "Waiting for Aivengo" (he was the last). In it, Mironova describes the heroine’s happy marriage. She has a loving husband, beautiful children. But everything can be destroyed in an instant. And when a loved one goes to another, this is not the end, but the opportunity to start life from a new page.
  3. Natalya Mironova wrote another of the last stories at the end of 2011. The Moscow publishing house E published a new novel, Nastasya Filippovna’s Syndrome. Its main character became an incredibly beautiful and charming girl with an insidious soul. It’s not so easy to break her heart - it’s so difficult to overcome the walls of hatred, bitterness and pain that she built. But it is possible to do this by applying magic spells.

books by Natalia Mironova

main characters

All the books of Natalia Mironova about love - the most tender and beautiful feeling. Therefore, the main characters of the works are young people. Each hero is an ordinary simple person who has his positive and negative sides. The writer describes all the feelings of the characters, their appearance, thoughts and habits. She creates a detailed portrait, so the reader can independently draw up the visual and psychological appearance of the hero.

Natalya Mironova all books


Not so long ago, a talented writer did not become. Her last years she worked in the Moscow publishing house "Eksmo". The world famous Daria Dontsova and many other modern writers publish their books there.

Natalia Mironova became known not only in Russia, but also abroad. She managed to gather her audience - lovers of philosophical and good novels with a happy ending. Someone believed that her works are the same. In fact, this is not so, each new book is another segment of the life of the heroes of a talented author. Brilliant, happy, talented, positive and romantic. This is what the world remembered Mironova Natalia Alekseevna. Despite the fact that she is no longer in our world, works still live in the hearts of admirers of her talent.


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