Two reasons why chess is a sport

Many of us imagine sports as heavy physical activity with the achievement of certain results. Then it’s logical to ask the question: “Why is chess a sport?”


At the moment, chess as a sport is approved in 100 countries. In 1999, chess was recognized as a sports game on the International Olympic Committee. And in 2018, this sporting discipline will debut at the Winter Olympics.

why chess is a sport

Of course, this seems strange, but despite the fact that the game is exceptionally intellectual, it requires enormous physical preparation / Otherwise, no matter how talented a chess player is, he will not be able to succeed. The fact is that in order to win in a standard tournament, a chess player will have to sit several rounds in one position. In this case, it is important to correctly distribute the forces, both physical and psychological.

First reason

Well, now let's take a closer look at why chess is a sports game. Firstly, because it is focused on achieving results and self-improvement. Secondly, without training it is impossible to achieve emotional stability and self-control. Thirdly, as in any sport, a tactical and strategic plan is needed to win.

why is chess a sport but no checkers

Very often, precisely because of poor physical preparation, the chess player who started the tournament with the best results loses by the middle of the match. By the way, when comparing chess and drafts, bewilderment arises: why is chess a sport, and drafts not? The answer is simple: for a good game of chess requires a certain mentality that few possess, and checkers is just a game that develops intelligence, but just a game! With a certain desire, almost anyone can learn to play checkers, and few can think for the game of chess!

And no matter how indignant many citizens say: “Why is chess a sport if they do not require physical activity?”, The experience of the competition proves the opposite. This is not just a game - it is a strategy, a duel with your opponent, regular training of mind and body and work on the result. That is why chess is a sport!

The second reason

Another reason for the recognition of chess as a sporting discipline is the equal chance of winning, since the players are provided with exactly the same conditions and time to think over the moves.

The fact is that the main disagreement is the lack of, as many people think, constant physical activity and activity to achieve results in this sport. And by the way, when the time control was 4 hours for each chess player during the games, they lost up to 10 kg in weight. So say that there is no physical activity!

In order to understand why chess is a sport, try to sit near the chessboard for several hours in a row and at the same time be in constant mental stress, considering every move and every action, your own and your opponent. At the same time, keep in mind that every mistake can deprive you of all chances to win.

How to become a chess player

In order to master this sport, it’s worth starting from early childhood. Professional chess players regularly train, not only in solving chess problems, but also in improving their physical fitness.

why chess is a sports game

Physical activity is necessary both in order not to get tired during the tournament, and to relieve the huge stressful loads that the chess player is exposed to. Many famous grandmasters had dumbbells as a constant attribute. Mental stability is one of the most important qualities for a professional grandmaster. You can lose only because you could not cope with your emotions, and a real athlete can not afford such a luxury.


In conclusion, let us once again answer the question: “Why is chess a sport?” Because it is a struggle that requires enormous workloads and a constant desire to be the first and the best. This is not a game, but a competition in which it is difficult to become a winner if you are not set up correctly, prepared, and do not do it all the time, giving all of yourself to preparing for a decisive battle.

why chess is a sport

The history of the popular game has about five thousand years, however, a lot has changed during this time. However, the main thing remained unchanged: chess is a game for the elite. Not everyone is given the opportunity to conquer this discipline, which has now become sports. And most importantly: in order to win chess, one must have the willpower that is inherent only to athletes, only champions, otherwise this game of kings cannot be conquered!


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