How to wake a person who does not want to get up: effective ways and recommendations

How wonderful it is when your soul mate or child wakes up in the morning on their own. You just have to call him by name, and he already opens his eyes. But quite often there is a completely different category of people. They are able to oversleep even the "atomic war". Of course, you are faced with the urgent question of how to wake a person so that he gets out of bed in time, while in a good mood? Consider the most effective methods.

how to wake a person

Use an alarm

Let's start with the simplest method. Maybe a person wakes up to study or work only because he does not have an alarm clock. So you should get it. Today on sale you can find many original accessories.

How to wake a person if he sleeps soundly? After all, he may not hear the alarm or automatically turn it off.

To avoid this, use the following tricks:

  1. Pick up the loudest melody on the alarm clock. Do not use quiet songs. Awake vigorous march will awaken Sonia perfectly.
  2. Do not put him on hand asleep, otherwise he will turn it off automatically, without even waking up. It is best to take the alarm to the far end of the room.
  3. Try not to respond to the call yourself. Do not do this even if the melody is very annoying. Wait until the sleeping person wakes up and walks up to the alarm clock to turn it off.

This is a great method to wake a person. But if there is no alarm yet, you can resort to other methods.

how to wake a person who does not want to get up

Musical accompaniment

All people have favorite songs, melodies. They can be a great alarm clock. In this case, you will not only fulfill your task (how to wake a person), but also make this moment as comfortable as possible. So, Sonya wakes up in a good mood.

Your actions should be as follows:

  1. Choose rhythmic, fun music. It is undesirable to play slow melodies. Otherwise, instead of awakening, you will put the person to sleep even more.
  2. Music should not begin unexpectedly and abruptly. You want to awaken, not scare, the sleepyhead.
  3. The melody should begin quietly. Gradually increase the sound power.
  4. If you wake a person in the winter, then you can enhance the effect of music with light lighting. You can turn on the usual chandelier. A good option would be a lamp. Gradually increase the brightness. Awakening will be especially spectacular if you turn on the lamp sparkling with multi-colored bulbs.

As a rule, one verse is enough for your soul mate or child to awaken in a great mood.

Light massage

How to wake a person who does not want to get up? A great solution is a light massage.

how to wake a person if he sleeps soundly

For such an awakening, you should take the following measures:

  1. Massage the reflexogenic points of the ear with your index finger and thumb. They are located on the lobe. This effect provides improved blood circulation. As a result, the sleeping person feels a surge of energy.
  2. You can rub your ears, then go to the cheeks. However, do not make much effort, as such actions can be quite unpleasant. But, nevertheless, they will perfectly awaken a person, as blood circulation will increase.
  3. Do a back massage. Light pleasant movements help wake up both an adult and a baby. Start stroking your back. It is better for the child to massage his stomach. Gradually increase the pressure force.
  4. Foot massage will completely deprive a person of sleep residues. Especially if this person is afraid of tickling. Such actions will completely wake a person, and he will rise out of bed with laughter.

Upcoming events

If you are considering how to wake a person, be cunning. But, unfortunately, such actions will work only once. Therefore, you will always have to invent new tricks that can interest Sonya.

how to wake a person

So, great methods of awakening can be:

  1. Exciting events. You remind the sleeper in the morning of what a busy day awaits him. It works especially well with a child. Kids immediately jump out of bed so as not to miss amazing events.
  2. Chef's bell. Silently tell your soul mate that the boss has been waiting for him near the phone for 5 minutes. While Sonya will run to the device and realize the fact that no one called him, take the time to use it: brew coffee, make sandwiches and wait with breakfast for your soul mate in the kitchen.
  3. Unusual awakenings. If a person is not deprived of a sense of humor, then he will like entertaining and witty phrases. Come up with a variety of comic remarks ("Vasily Ivanovich, get up! White is on the way!" Or "Wake up, sir! Great things await you today!"). Such phrases always cause a sleepy smile in a person. Then he will begin to stretch and after a couple of minutes will wake up completely.

You can be congratulated - now you know how to wake a person so that he is in a good mood.

Harsh Awakening Techniques

Unfortunately, the methods described above do not always work. In this case, there is a need to sharply wake a person. What to do for this?

You can use these tips:

  1. Ammonia. Drop a few drops on cotton pads. Bring the sleeping man to the nose. A pungent smell completely discourages a person from hunting in the kingdom of Morpheus. Instead of ammonia, you can use vodka or other strong alcohol.
  2. Blanket. If the room is cool enough, then this method will work fine. Open the window and grab a blanket from Sony. Cold air always has a very awakening effect.
  3. Cold in the eyes. To speed up the process of awakening, you can put chilled pieces of fabric, cotton pads on the eyelids of the sleeping person. However, do not use frozen foods for these purposes! They are able to provide a cold burn and even stick to the eyelids. Therefore, be sure to think about the consequences!
  4. Cold water. This is a fairly radical method. Embrace the sleeping person's face with cold water. But remember that the reaction of your soul mate can be extremely mixed. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you will have to experience the righteous anger of Sonya.

wake a person up sharply


Before trying all of these methods, try to wake the sleeper by simply calling him by name. You can easily shake your shoulder. But do not overdo it so as not to get β€œsurrender” from the sleeping person. And only if you were unable to wake him, go to the methods described above.


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