Rating of developers of St. Petersburg: in terms of reliability, quality

Any investor in Russian real estate projects tries to secure their investments. Basically, these include ordinary people of our country who want to receive a personal corner of their living space for their hard-earned savings. Information on the Internet about companies offering their services for the sale of real estate, or more precisely, about companies engaged in the construction of new areas from scratch, can be found completely different: there are advertising projects where you can find the data exposed by the developers themselves.

You can also find special sites where residents of St. Petersburg express their personal opinion on the quality of the services provided by these companies. We believe that the most important factors among the abundance of information available to them are the data on the number of proposed housing complexes under construction, the speed of construction work and the quality of the final result. Given these data, we compiled a rating of St. Petersburg developers - the most successful and in demand, working in the Northern capital of our country. We hope the information provided will be informative and useful for you.

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Quality, price, and speed of construction: who leads among developers in St. Petersburg?

Of course, the leaders were and remain large companies belonging to the first category. And it depends on the number of square meters of real estate under construction: for understanding, the first category includes companies building houses for a year with a total area of ​​more than 300 thousand square meters. In the rating of the best developers of St. Petersburg in 2017 according to the indicators of "price-quality", several companies can be attributed:

  • LSR Real Estate;
  • Setl Sity;
  • CDS.

LSR Group: scale, quality and invaluable experience

LSR Group leads the rating of St. Petersburg developers by quality. The company has been working in the construction services market for a really long time - the first construction projects in the center of St. Petersburg were completed back in 1993. It is considered the number one developer not only in St. Petersburg, but also in other regions of Russia, including Moscow. It carries out the construction of new buildings of any type: from budget options to business class houses. The company is international (operates in neighboring Ukraine, as well as in Germany) and is engaged not only in construction, but also in the production of its own materials for construction.

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Setl Sity: affordability, rationality and convenience

A constant and unchanging competitor of the LSR Group company, tops the rating of developers of St. Petersburg in terms of completion. It specializes in the construction of standard apartments (from 1 to 4 rooms) in high-rise buildings and European rooms with the combined space of several rooms (living room, dining room and kitchen). He has a number of awards: “The Best Commercial Developer” and “The Best Developer for the Construction of Mass Housing of the General Type”.

As can be seen from the awards, he builds buildings of any kind both for housing and for commercial enterprises. The developer makes full use of the potential of the land plots available to him, builds buildings using European standards and the best architectural projects, and has a high-quality customer assistance service.

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CDS - a rational solution to the housing problem

Since its foundation in 1999, it specializes in the construction of affordable and at the same time high-quality housing in high-rise buildings. During its existence, the company has implemented more than forty housing projects. The main advantage of the company is the construction of inexpensive budget and high-quality apartments. The company offers its customers short-term five-year projects with the possibility of using a mortgage program. CDS company - The first in the rating of developers of St. Petersburg in terms of reliability.

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Advantages of developers

Firms that are included in the rating of the most reliable developers of St. Petersburg have a number of undeniable advantages compared to other competitors. This attracts their customers and makes the company more popular and famous. The main advantages include:

  • Delivery of projects on time - if you took a mortgage for new construction, you can be almost 100% sure that you will receive your home on the scheduled date for delivery.
  • Availability of insurance policy: under its terms, the company is responsible for overdue time frames for the delivery of its projects.
  • Construction of materials of own production reduces the cost of housing for the buyer.
  • Each project is original and unique in appearance: they differ from each other due to the application of brick-monolithic construction technology.

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Facilities offered by developers

The first companies in the rating of St. Petersburg developers' companies offer their customers a simplified payment system, quality and layout. They do not forget about the safety of their customers. And they offer this:

  • The convenience of paying mortgage fees. The company cooperates with most banks of the Russian Federation, so there is no need to register and create a separate account for payment.
  • Improved quality of comfort class houses. A number of industries are concentrated in Germany: using the invaluable experience of German companies, the company introduced a seamless construction technology.
  • Convenient layout of housing complexes. In the construction of houses, everything has been taken into account, from the comfort and safety of the apartment to the layout of the courtyards, parking spaces and recreation areas.
  • A well-thought-out security system, at least the mandatory installation of intercoms in homes of any class. For more expensive projects, video surveillance systems and concierge places are provided.

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Interior Standards

Separately, it is worth mentioning our own standard of interior decoration of apartments mentioned above in the reliability rating of developers of St. Petersburg. These three firms have certain standards of interior decoration, similar to each other and different from other firms:

  • Installation of entrance doors made of reinforced steel. They are equipped with a double lock of an improved burglar resistance class.
  • Quality interior doors. The rooms and kitchens are equipped with glass, a continuous sheet is used for the bathroom. The door frames are wooden and made of pine wood. The door frame trim is also wooden and made of more expensive varieties of wood.
  • Window. For most rooms double glazed windows are used. They are distinguished by increased isolation from external sounds and are characterized by good air conductivity. Doors for balconies, as well as glazing of loggia windows are made of shock-resistant ordinary glass.
  • Flooring. For it, a laminate of the 32nd class is used, capable of withstanding intense loads for a long time - about fifteen years. It is one-color, edged with a skirting board with a provided inner path for laying the cable.
  • Wallpaper. Top 3 companies included in the rating of developers of St. Petersburg, each room in the apartment, whether it is a kitchen or a bathroom, is glued by default with textured vinyl wallpaper of the same color. They are durable, therefore, they are characterized by increased protection from external influences of any type. The second plus is the ability to repeatedly paint the coating and the water-repellent qualities of the wallpaper.
  • Painting and composition of the ceiling. It is made in two layers, providing good protection against external moisture penetration into the room. The default color is white.
  • Sockets and heating devices are made according to European standards. Double sockets, heating control sensors built-in heating.
  • Built-in counters. There is no need for self-installation of meters, as they are included in the price of the apartment.

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Bathroom facilities

Companies included in the rating of developers of St. Petersburg, are fully equipped with high-quality and comfortable fixtures: an acrylic-coated bathtub, a toilet bowl equipped with a seat, a washbasin and a cupboard with drawers for storing toiletries.

The bathroom is edged with a plinth, the faucets for the water supply are made of stainless steel, the standard color of the room is white. In the bathrooms of apartments of the Comfort type, several lighting devices are installed: for the general and for the individual, above the washbasin. Also, the project takes into account the place for installing a washing machine of any class.

Customer reviews

The opinion of people who took the opportunity to purchase apartments from the main ones in the rating of St. Petersburg developers is rather ambiguous. Like any other company in the post-Soviet space, the service of providing services even in such an expensive business area as a mortgage, suffers greatly: there are a number of projects where top home builders could delay their obligations for several months or even years.

However, compared with other companies, the annoying turmoil of these firms is minimal. Also, most buyers appreciated the quality of cooperation: managers not only clarify the claims of their customers, they help to resolve these issues as soon as possible. Therefore, if you are interested in the possibility of acquiring your own home, it is best to use the services of the above companies for this purpose.

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