DIY leather key holder

Everyone knows the inconvenience of the keys in the bag or pocket. The key is able to get lost at the bottom of the reticule, tear the fabric and be lined. Wearing it in trousers, there is every chance of losing it on the street. A leather key holder, used to store a whole bunch of different keys, will help solve this problem. In addition, such a case will be a stylish accessory that complements your image.

leather key holder

Key case with zippers

Sewing a key case on your own is easy and quick. Consider a sewing option in which a leather key holder will be clasped on a lock. To do this, prepare a piece of skin. It can be artificial, or you can cut a natural one from the top of an old boot or bag. Still need a cotton fabric for lining, 17-18 cm zipper and carabiner.

Before you cut out the cover, you need to measure the longest key in the bunch. Next, we give approximate values, but you are guided by your sizes. From the leather we cut out a square part with sides of 16 cm. From the lining fabric, we prepare the part 16 by 19 cm.

To sew the zippers, we place the leather part in front of us with the wrong side down, we apply the zipper with the face to the square and the lining fabric (19 cm) with the wrong side up, connecting the upper sections of all the parts. The lining after stitching should protrude 1.5 cm beyond both edges. Then we connect the lower sections of the skin and tissue with the second part of the zipper and sew.

We turn out the future case and lay the lines to the edge, attaching the skin to the zipper on the front side. Next, you need to position the part in front of you so that the leather side is inside and the zipper is in the middle of the part. We sew open sections, departing from the edge by 2 cm, slightly unzipping the zipper.

We attach a carbine to the key strap and place it in a case next to the zipper. The allowances on both sides are bent and sewed, grabbing the strap. We twist and admire - the key holder is made of leather with your own hands!

do-it-yourself leather key holder

The key keeper for the child

Children - personalities are scattered, often lose hats, gloves, forget umbrellas and second shoes on benches, and keys are no exception. A child, like an adult, can be helped by a key holder made of leather. Children's case can be sewn in the form of a little animal. It can be an owl, kitty or other animal. We create a pattern and cut out two details from the skin that correspond to the size of the keys. On the part where the muzzle will be, you can sew eyes, cheeks, if it is a bird, then a beak. Manually sew the parts on both sides, leaving holes on top between the ears for a leash and the bottom for keys to enter. The leash, passing through the ring from the keychain, is folded in half and the ends are pulled from the inside into the upper hole. The tips can be sewn and decorated with a bead or button larger than the hole. The principle of operation is as follows: pull up the tongue - the keys are hidden in a pocket, release it and gently press the seams of the case - they pop up into the palm of your hand. The following is a pattern of a key holder made of leather with an image of an owl.

leather key holder pattern

Original bag case

Consider another version of the key holder made of genuine leather in the form of a bag. To do this, you need a small amount of skin from which you need to cut a circle with a radius equal to the length of your key. A good piece is one whose edges do not require processing. Then the bag will be soft and without extra coarse seams. A stretch you can take struts an old leather jacket, jacket or boots.

A bag is the easiest way to create a key case. Punch several holes at an equal distance from each other along the perimeter of the circle. Then put the lace of leather into the holes so that the two ends meet in the neighboring holes and come out. If the cord is wetted with hot water and stretched, then the shared edges will be interestingly wrapped and they will not need to be processed. Cutting out a long cord, the bag can be put on the child’s neck. A bunch of keys can be hung on a cord by threading it through a ring inside the case. The approximate length of a short lace can be half the size of a circle. For decor, the holes can be processed with grommets, apply on the case.

genuine leather key holders

Extra long key holder

Here is an example of how to sew a key holder made of leather for non-standard large keys. It can be keys to a garage, barn locks or storage rooms. The cover is elongated, manually braided, the tongue on the button. To make it, you will need: scissors, a punch or awl, a ruler, a pencil, a button with a magnet, a piece of leather.

Measuring the keys by the width of the bunch and the length of the largest key, we create a pattern. Fold a piece of leather in half, face inward. The strap is a solid piece folded in half. Therefore, from the fold we draw half the strap, the size corresponding to the length of the cover. The ends of the leash can be cut in the shape of a rhombus - for sewing buttons. Next, cut out the base from two identical parts, rounding the bottom of the cover. To strengthen the button on the case, you can additionally prepare a leather diamond, which, with the button already installed, is glued from the outside to the top of the key holder. We attach the second part from the button to one part of the strap, then fold it in half, having previously passed through the ring. We glue both parts. For decor, we sew the tongue around the perimeter manually. After drying, we make holes on the sides of the case and braid with lace, placing the strap inside the product.

how to sew a key holder from leather

How to make a braid lace

The braided key holder made of leather, made with your own hands, looks more original and original, which gives it individuality and creativity. But not many people know how to manually make a beautiful leather braid for braid.

The cord is quite long and more than twice as large as the length of the part being braided. It is not always possible to find a suitable piece of skin. There is a simple way to get a long cord from a small length. To do this, draw and cut a circle with a diameter of 8 cm from the skin. Then, in a spiral, observing a width of 3 mm and moving to the very center, we cut a lace with a length of at least 2 meters. The resulting thread will be uneven. To straighten the bends, you need to hold it in hot water and wind it on the bottle. The cord will stretch and after drying it will lose its curvature.

Standard key case

This key holder is sewn from one part and an additional part to strengthen the carbines. Having measured the keychain, we cut out the part from the skin with a width that is increased three times and a length equal to a key +1 cm for free placement. The second part for the key holders must be reduced in width by 1 cm, the length will correspond to the size of the base of the carabiners. To install a metal part, rivets will be needed. In a hardware store, they are called holnitens. The leather key holder is fastened with two buttons.

leather key holder

On the wrong side of the main part we find the middle and place the lining part and holders at the upper cut. Rivets and buttons on the valves can be installed by yourself, or you can contact the clothing repair department.

With little sewing skills, you will quickly create key holders of different kinds for each family member.


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