River cruise ship "Dmitry Furmanov": description, routes. Boat trip

Summer is a great time for vacation and travel. And in recent years, Russian tourists are increasingly preferring holidays in their homeland. In this article we will talk about a rather unusual and interesting way to spend time - about a cruise on the ship Dmitry Furmanov.

ship Dmitry Furmanov

A bit of history

The tourist life of the ship began in 1991. But at that time, the ship Dmitry Furmanov served only for the entertainment of foreign tourists and traveled along the route Moscow - St. Petersburg.

In 1995, the ship was completely renovated. They replaced furniture and carpets, and all cabins were equipped with all necessary amenities (air conditioning, shower cabins, wash basins and toilets).

In 2012, the ship became available to Russian tourists. In 2016, the ship passed to the Infoflot shipping company.


The ship "Dmitry Furmanov" was built at German shipyards in 1983. The crew is 98 people, and 332 people can be accommodated in cabins.

The ship is a luxury ship. Each cabin is equipped with a refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, radio and hairdryer. The luxury category includes a set of cutlery and dishes, drinking water, bathrobes and slippers. Several central channels are available on board, which are received thanks to the satellite, as well as on-board broadcasting: a security channel, cartoons and movies, a GPS map, a sightseeing channel, and a view from a camera located on the bow of the ship.

boat trip

Tourists are provided with free of charge:

  • Board games: chess, checkers, backgammon, etc.
  • Volleyball and soccer balls, badminton set, playing cards, beach mats and warm rugs.
  • There are cots available, which can be installed in the cabin on request. The restaurant has special highchairs.
  • There is also a large library on the boat.

For hotel fees, you can rent binoculars and towels, order video and photography, use the laundry room and order a taxi. Also on board are two restaurants, three bars, a sauna, a conference room, a souvenir shop, a solarium, a first-aid post and an ironing room.


On the ship "Dmitry Furmanov" the main part of the cabins (with the exception of suites and junior suites) is marked A. They have a washbasin, toilet and shower. The number that is written after the letter A indicates the number of places. The remaining letters indicate exactly where the cabin is located.

Now we will consider on which decks there are cabins of one or another category:

  • Dinghy. There are double suites and junior suites, as well as class A1 and A2 cabins.
  • The middle deck has only class A2 rooms. An overview of some of them is closed by a ramp located nearby. And this must be taken into account when choosing places.
  • Home. There are also only A2 class cabins.
  • Lower. Only on this deck are there triple and quadruple cabins.

The ship "Dmitry Furmanov" is very large, so usually there are no problems with the selection and reservation of seats. Each passenger can choose what suits him and his family.

ship Dmitry Furmanov reviews


The journey begins on the boat with registration and boarding, which occurs two hours before the departure of the flight. Departure times can be found in tourist packages.

Registration itself is quick and without any bureaucratic delays. At the entrance you just need to show your passport and ticket, then tourists will be given the keys to the cabins, which you can immediately check into. Later, they will be handed boarding passes, which indicate the number of the excursion group and the table in the restaurant. Also, passengers can ask for additional keys to their cabins.

If tourists arrive earlier at the river station, they can leave their things for storage at the cruise directorate, but only if the ship is at the pier. However, you cannot be on board until registration.

four-deck motor ship

Passengers can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in one of the ship's two restaurants. At the same time, breakfasts are served according to the "buffet" system, and at lunches and dinners you can choose one of several dishes offered on the menu. Passengers are offered main courses, soups, salads and desserts. From drinks for breakfast you can choose juices, milk, tea, coffee, champagne; for lunch - coffee, fruit drinks and tea; for dinner - tea and alcoholic beverages. For children under five years of age who can travel for free, there is a special children's menu.

The ship also has three bars, which delight customers with a large assortment of alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as desserts. Until 00.30, you can also get hot dishes here. It is also possible to order any bar products in the cabin. In the daytime, beer, soft drinks and snacks are served in the ship’s promenade.


boat cruise Dmitry Furmanov

The cruise on the ship Dmitry Furmanov involves several stops with excursions. All passengers are divided into groups, if necessary, you can use the services of an English-speaking translator.

Cruise routes more than a dozen. They differ in many ways. First of all, by the number of days - the duration of the trip can be from 3 to 15 days. As well as the number of cities visited. The ship can enter both in one port, for example Tver, and in fifteen. The only thing that remains unchanged is the cruise begins and ends at the Moscow port.

We list the cities that can be included in the tour: Uglich, Tver, Myshkin, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Ples, Kizhi, Goritsy, Mandrogi, St. Petersburg, Valaam, Sortavala, Svirstroy, Cherepovets, Vytegra, Petrozavodsk, etc.

Cost and Schedule

The timetable for traveling on a four-deck motor ship must be found out immediately before buying tickets, as it often changes.

As for the cost, the amount will depend on the route, duration of travel and cabin class. On average, the price can range from 12,000 to 75,000 rubles per person.

There is also a permanent discount system. For children under 14 years of age, a 15% discount is provided, and for passengers under 5 years of age, travel is free. Also, birthday men, pensioners and those who got the upper shelves in cabins of classes A3 and A4 can count on a reduction in price. Groups of tourists also receive discounts from 7 to 13% depending on the number of travelers.

The option is to go on an installment cruise. The down payment is only 40%.

Motor ship Dmitry Furmanov: reviews

motor ship Dmitry Furman four-berth cabins

Now let's talk about what impressions the tourists had on the ship. Immediately make a reservation that reviews about the cruise leave both positive and sharply negative.

First, let's talk about the pros. First of all, these are gorgeous views and educational excursions. The courtesy of the staff, good cuisine, reasonable prices in bars for alcohol and other drinks are also noted. Plumbing in the cabins is working properly. A large amount of entertainment on board, even the most demanding client will not get bored. Friendly staff, quality and timely cleaning of the rooms.

ship Dmitry Furmanov

However, not everyone liked the trip on the boat. Some passengers found the following flaws. The cabins have old furniture and narrow beds. You cannot eat anywhere except restaurants during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Other tourists noted the indifferent attitude of the ship's crew.

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