Orthodox Jews: who are they?

Jews in Israel are different. Some of them live a normal life, dress to their taste, earn money and strive to give their children a good education. Others, Orthodox Jews, live according to the laws of Halacha, which were finally formed by the beginning of the New Age. Halacha is a set of rules governing all areas of life: birth and marriage, work and family, behavior and worldview. Orthodox Jews are visible from afar. They are dressed only in black and white (even underwear can only be of such colors), their heads are crowned with a hat, and their hair is decorated with pace. "Workers" and Orthodox Jews do not really like each other. This is reflected even in proverbs (β€œWhen Tel Aviv walks and Jerusalem prays, Haifa works”). This dislike is understandable. Ordinary people are unhappy with the fact that they have to feed and provide for the whole country, and the orthodox in Israel believe that the life of all others is contrary to religious laws. Orthodox can be found not only in Israel, but in many countries they are perceived as something extravagant or exotic.

Orthodox Jews

Rules of life

Orthodox Jews cannot work on Saturday. And it’s considered a trip to the store, calling an elevator, preparing food, and ... In short, on Saturday, Jews can only drink, eat, and chat. Recently, they began to picket or completely smash establishments working on this day of the week. So they urge to comply with the laws of Judaism. Orthodox youth have their own entertainment. Gathering in groups, they beat taxi drivers, sellers, and other working Jews on Saturdays. Apparently such aggressive activity is not considered work. The life of the adherents of Halakha is very difficult. Orthodox Jews must adhere to the 613 rules of the Pentateuch, and this is only on a regular, non-holiday day. Therefore, they do not have time to work. Each step is scheduled in accordance with the provisions of the Torah. Orthodox Jews should not only eat kosher food, but also dress (for example, not combine wool and linen). Only special tailors sew their clothes. They must abide by all the rules of Shabbat, circumcise, pray three times a day, serve God in joy, etc.

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In fact, it turns out that Orthodox Jews are indifferent to everything except their own faith. The areas where they live are not clean, their children (usually no less than five) are groomed, badly educated. The orthodox only study and pray, and for everything else - "the Will of God." Not paying taxes (as a non-working part of the population), they nevertheless do not forget to demand social assistance from the state.

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Orthodox are different

Orthodox Jews are not a single mass. Adherents of the Hasidi movement are considered an ultra-orthodox direction. It is they who wear black short pants tucked into socks (so as not to touch the dirt of the earth), gird themselves with a black wide belt and cover their heads with a felt hat of the same color. Hasidim women often shave their heads and then wear wigs. Hasidism is a direction prone to mysticism and exaltation. There are still Orthodox Christians - Neturei Kartos, opposing Zionism in general, and the existence of Israel in particular. There are modern Orthodox orthodoxy closer to real life, but the Hasidim do not recognize any of these movements.

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