Hyundai H200: photo, review, specifications and owner reviews

In Russia, South Korean cars are very popular. But for some reason, many associate the Korean auto industry only with Solaris and Kia Rio. Although there are many other equally interesting models. One of these is the Hyundai N200. The car was released a long time ago. Nevertheless, demand for it does not fall. So, let's take a look at what the Hyundai H200 has specifications and features.


The car was created as a competitor to the Mercedes Vito and Volkswagen Transporter minivans. And if German minivans seemed like trucks, then the Korean Hyundai is more of a passenger car. There are no strict, angular lines. All body shapes are smooth and streamlined. Front - neat licked bumper with round fog lights and an oval head optics. There is a cutout in the hood for air to enter.

hyundai h200

What do the owners say about the body of the Hyundai N200? According to reviews, the metal on this machine does not rot quickly. Yes, over the years of operation, some rust appears, but through corrosion for this car is very rare.

Hyundai N200: Salon

The interior design is typical of those years - Koreans have already left the usual angular lines. As in appearance, smooth forms and lines prevail here. The interior is decorated quite simply - a steering wheel without buttons, an arrow panel and a modest center console. The seats in the car Hyundai H1 H200 - fabric, but very comfortable. Salon "Korean" is designed for eight people. If we take into account the version of the "van", then it is able to accommodate up to 5.7 cubic meters of cargo.

hyundai h specifications

Among the main advantages in this car, reviews note ergonomics. All controls are in place and intuitive to use. The side mirrors in the car are quite huge. But are regulated manually. By the way, for the convenience of landing in the rack provides an additional handle. The driver’s landing itself is quite high. There are no complaints about visibility. Already in the basic configuration, the Hyundai H200 (the photo of the car is in our article) is equipped with electric windows, one airbag and an air recirculation system. The steering wheel is quite light - there is a power steering. There are also frequent cases when the Hyundai Starex H200 came with air conditioning.


For this car, different engines were provided, but only two are most popular in Russia. This is a gasoline and diesel unit. Let's start with the first one. This is an atmospheric 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with a 16-valve head. The engine develops power of 110 horsepower. The torque is 181 Nm. A little later, this engine was modified. So, with the same volume, he began to develop already 135 horsepower, and the torque increased by 10 Nm.

Next on the list is a 2.5-liter turbodiesel unit. Its peculiarity is that it was developed by the Mitsubishi company and is highly reliable. Engine power, depending on the degree of forcing, ranged from 80 to 170 horsepower. The most powerful engines had a variable geometry turbine, as well as a direct injection of "Common Rail". What do they say about diesel engines on the Hyundai H200 reviews? Engines are picky about fuel quality. In view of this, there may be problems with the start and failure of the glow plugs.

Clearly weaknesses in the powertrain Hyundai H200 no. And this applies to both gasoline and diesel units. As practice has shown, the resource of these engines can reach 500 thousand kilometers.


A five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic is installed on the car. Basically, the Hyundai H200 went on the mechanics. Practice has shown that manual transmission is more hardy. But there were some incidents. So, over the years, the speed sensor fails. Another box problem on the Hyundai H200 is jolts during a sharp start. Moreover, this happens even on an absolutely serviceable transmission.

h200 specifications

The only gripe is the manual gear lever. Due to wear, gears start to engage poorly. The clutch resource is quite large - about 150 thousand kilometers. The clutch itself is hydraulically driven. If you change the disk, then together with the bearing. Also, to 200 thousand the clutch cylinder becomes unusable. It starts to flow.


The car has a classic suspension scheme. On the front is an independent design with two wishbones. In later versions there was a suspension with MacPherson struts. And since this car is rear-wheel drive, a continuous axle is installed at the rear. It is suspended on the longitudinal springs. But it is worth noting that such a scheme was only on freight versions of the Hyundai N200. As for passenger vans, here behind was a semi-independent suspension with coil springs. Among the pitfalls on the suspension in the reviews, drivers note the destruction of leaf springs and bushings.

hyundai h200 specifications

How does this car behave on the go? The car is moderately hard and is driven like a passenger car. You can safely accelerate to 160 kilometers per hour, however, due to the high center of gravity, at a speed the car begins to throw from side to side. Therefore, fast ride on it will not work, unlike the same “Vito” or “Transporter”.

Steering, brakes

Steering - rack with power. This site is fairly reliable, reviews say. Power steering does not flow even after a long service life. Reiki also does not make knocks on our roads.

Hyundai H200 Salon

Now about the brakes. Front mounted disk mechanisms, rear - drums. In later versions, “pancakes” were placed on each axis. Also, the brake system was equipped with ABS. Sensors do not fail over time. Pads wear out after about 40 thousand kilometers. Owners have no problems with the handbrake on this car.

To summarize

So, we found out what the Korean Hyundai N200 minivan is. This is a reliable and unpretentious car, which will be an excellent assistant for small businesses (if we consider the cargo version), or a good family car for trips to the sea, to the forest and so on. The machine is quite hardy and with proper maintenance will only require the replacement of consumables. This is an excellent analogue to expensive German minivans, which have a more complex device and are demanding for maintenance.


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