How to hang a cornice: operation manual and expert advice

How to hang a cornice? Such a question never arises for a specialist, but sometimes you want to do the work yourself. The procedure itself is actually uncomplicated, but not in a hurry. We'll have to prepare the tool, take measurements, and only after that everything will be ready.

There is no need to invite a wizard. Curtains are fixed by different methods, and everywhere there is a principle. In order to avoid problems during operation, you will have to adhere to the instructions.

We carry out calculations

How to hang curtain rods? The first step is to do the markup. This is not only the position from the window, but also the height. Depending on the number of windows in the room, you will have to measure the width of the wall, then add two indicators - 40 cm or 20 cm. There are recommendations that apply to any curtain rod:

  • It does not matter which cornice is mounted, but its length should be longer than the window by at least 20 cm and a maximum of half a meter.
  • From the structure to the window should be at least 6 cm, otherwise it will be difficult to open the transom.
  • Most often, a battery is fixed under the window, the distance from the wall to the curtain is more than 8 cm.
  • How to hang the curtain rod on the wall? The distance may vary. Specialists and designers believe that the higher the cornice, the more beautiful the window will look.
    How to hang up?

How to hang the curtain rod on the wall? In addition to giving decor to the entire room, the curtains must fulfill their direct protective function. When making measurements, you will have to remember this. After completing the basting process, you can proceed with the installation.

Many do not even think that you need to take so many measurements so that the window looks perfect. This is an erroneous decision. Because when fixing in haste, it will turn out ugly, and in the end you will have to remove the cornice.


What you need to prepare from the tools:

  • Building tape measure.
  • Puncher to create holes.
  • A staircase, or rather a stepladder.
  • Pencil.
  • Fasteners and dowels.
  • Screwdriver and screwdriver.
  • Water level.

This set will be quite enough. The process is simple, so you do not always need to call the wizard. Having chosen an accessible and understandable instruction, you can proceed with the installation.

How to hang a photo


Before you properly hang the curtain rod, it is worth listening to the recommendations of the masters. The procedure is simple:

  • Taking the tool - a simple pencil, a ruler, a square, a construction tape, you can proceed. Having understood where the center of the window is, the same distance is laid out on both sides. It is at these points that the bracket is mounted. Do not forget about the extra measured distance on each side. This will allow you to open the entire structure if necessary. Applying a square and a building level in the process, we will be safe from making uneven lines.
  • Having made the first mark, you need to measure the distance from the ceiling, if it is a wall ledge. The intersection of the two points will be the mounting brackets. It’s easy to figure out how to hang a curtain rod. The main thing is to measure it correctly.
  • There is one feature: not every house is perfectly flat, so the ceiling is not taken as the basis. If he has a slope, then the curtain is fixed with this in mind. When this parameter is not taken into account, it will seem that the curtains are crooked.

This is the first step. If you skip or break something, in the end the whole structure will be crooked.

How to fix?

The walls in each house are different, and sometimes it is difficult to create a reliable fastening. This is taken into account at the planning level:

  • Before you properly hang the curtain rod, it is worth stocking up with fasteners. When the wall is unreliable, you will have to use a longer elongated dowel. A 14 mm hole is drilled. The calculation is made taking into account the screwing into the holes of larger dowels smaller. This is done with a hammer.
  • Using anchors is a simple method. Even a beginner does not have problems with installation. Creating holes is not always easy, but this method allows a decent error. Anchors allow you to hold any eaves of gravity.
  • Curtain with a cornice is fixed to the wall and ceiling. To do this, holes are made in the measured points. Clog plastic dowels. After this, the main fixation is performed.
  • If a simple bolt is screwed in, then it secures the cornice. After fixing on the wall, a full tightening takes place. This method is the simplest, and it is most often used.

Each stage of fixation has its own characteristics. It is not worth missing anything, otherwise it will not work to create a sturdy structure that can reliably hold curtains. Today they use a variety of materials for sewing curtains. It is necessary to take this into account when creating and acquiring a cornice.

How to hang a cornice, photo

What is suitable?

Before you properly hang the curtains on the ceiling cornice or wall, you need to correctly make the choice of the design itself. Pay attention to many points and even to fasteners. Exist:

  • Round constructions. This is the most common option for today. It has a texture of wood, metal, plastic. The sizes are various - from one and a half meters to 4.5. Can be fixed to a wall or ceiling (depending on the available design). There are good components for fastening. With them it is easy to create a reliable design.
  • Telescopic. By external indicators, they are equal to round, but at the same time they have different diameters. For mounting, you need to use special brackets, which are sold separately in stores.
  • Classic. As usual, such models are in great demand over the years. For manufacturing, plastic or metal is used. To fix the fittings, there are additional grooves. But the fasteners should be exactly from this model in the kit, otherwise nothing will work.
    Correctly hang the cornice, photo

The assortment is large - it is worth making a choice depending on which curtains are purchased. Because there are heavy ones, and they will have to be fixed well. If this is a simple tulle, then there is no need to use special fasteners.

What is commonly used?

It is believed that the most common model for fixing curtains is plastic ceiling cornices. Their service life is long. Cornices have a different color, but most often acquire white. They are attached to the ceiling and are not very noticeable. The design does not change - this design does not greatly affect the appearance.

Do-it-yourself ceiling cornice installation

How to hang a ceiling cornice for curtains of this type? The fastening process will not be difficult, just size screws are taken and screwed around the perimeter of the entire cornice. But this is provided that the surface can withstand any load. Otherwise, dowels are used. When the curtain is in place, it is worth hooking the curtains themselves.

How to hang hooks on the ledge? Such plastic models can have two main tracks or three. Under a tulle, portieres, a lambrequin. Each end has special plugs. Before installing them, hooks are taken and evenly distributed on the floor on the curtains. When this process is completed, you need to fix it in each track - they go well, because they have the shape of a hat with a clasp.

How to hang a curtain rod on a wall

Then install the plugs. It is impossible without them, otherwise the hooks will fly out during movement. This is the simplest design that anyone can mount. When attaching this cornice, it is worthwhile to retreat a small distance from the wall so that the curtain does not adjoin the opening. And the rest, the markup is made by the same method.

Some flaws

To make it clear how to properly hang the curtain rod, the photos are shown above. But every person (even a specialist) can make mistakes. This is due to an illiterate distance calculation and measurements. There are two main errors that occur most often:

  • Too long cornice has been purchased. In such a situation, you can saw it off. But if there is a decorating element, then it will not be. He will lose his appeal, but this is the only way. By the way, if it is a plastic structure, then it is easiest to fit it to the window.
  • Unsuitable size (too short). There are standard sizes, but they do not fit every window. In this situation, connecting elements will come to the rescue. It turns out that the cornice is assembled from several parts. The movement of the hooks occurs without difficulty. This is not suitable for all cornices.
    How to hang a cornice?

When the calculation of the distance is incorrect, you will have to remove the holes made. Do not leave them - it is easier to putty by any means. Some are filled with cementitious compounds or sealant. Eaves with legs began to be in great demand in the market. The installation process is simple. The main structure is fixed to the stands. To do this, the assembly has special fasteners. After that, the curtain itself is simply fixed on a round base. For this, round holes with a unique finish are made in it.

To summarize

So, now we know how to install a cornice in a room. Before you go to the store for a cornice, you should know the elementary rules of choice:

  • Type of curtains and planned length. If they are heavy, then you definitely can’t mount them on a string. And vice versa, delicate tulle will not look on the forged structure.
  • The principle of fastening.
  • Type of ceiling.
    How right?

It is necessary to immediately pay attention to objects nearby. The cornice should not interfere. Curtains should open and close freely.


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