Montenegro: monthly climate, average temperature, holiday features and reviews of tourists

The indescribable color of Montenegro attracts tourists from all countries with a magnet, overshadowing the beauty of exotic places. The Cote d'Azur of the Adriatic Sea with a wide beach strip, covered with white sand, and mysterious mountain peaks offer guests a whole range of fascinating entertainments to the Balkan Peninsula.

Montenegro monthly climate

The preferred vacation option is the coast, where the Mediterranean climate reigns. In the mountains of Montenegro , the Alpine climate dominates, so even in the summer season when visiting them you need to dress warmer. The main part of the country belongs to the temperate continental climate.

Tourist season and climate in Montenegro

The settled climate of Montenegro for months reminds many southern countries - the season here lasts from May to October. Natural conditions are mild and have a beneficial effect on the human body, helping to fight with an obsessive cold and weak immunity. Hot summers in such a climate are easily tolerated, and winter comes with heavy snowfalls and pleasant coolness.

Montenegro climate for months

The presence of three climatic zones in the country is a feature that Montenegro is famous for. The climate for months in the summer is characterized by a rise in temperature to +30 , but such a hot summer is only in the coastal area. Under the influence of the coastal climatic zone, the sea warms up to an average of + 25 .

In winter, the air temperature does not drop below -6 Β° C. The mountain peaks of Montenegro are perfect for lovers of winter holidays - snow falls here in early December and covers the rocks until the end of March. The climate and weather in Montenegro are characterized by months of long dry summers and short mild winters.

Weather in Montenegro in winter

December. Mediterranean winter is in full swing - the air temperature in the central part ranges from +9 to +12 Β° C during the day. It is colder at night - to +5 Β° C. It is very cold on the peaks of the Dinaria Mountain Range.

January. It often snows in the mountains, and the weather is rainy on the coast. The temperature drops to +6 Β° C, on some particularly frosty days it can reach -10 Β° C.

February. The impending spring contributes to warming, but insignificant - the air temperature warms up to +13. Permanent rainfall creates an uncomfortable climate on the coast.

Weather in Montenegro in spring

March. The beginning of spring and the awakening of nature, in the same period Montenegro begins to wake up. The climate for the spring months in March is the coolest, with a fresh breeze and air temperature up to +15 .

April. The long-awaited heat sets in and the air temperature rises to +18 . Long precipitation stops and the first tourists appear on the coast. The water of the Adriatic Sea warms up to +15 .

May. The weather in Montenegro (by months) in May is especially invigorating for the start of the holiday season. Rains gradually stop, which has a beneficial effect on natural conditions. The air warms up to +23 , seawater - up to +18 .

Monthly weather in summer

June. The first month of summer in Montenegro welcomes guests with comfortable weather - the air has already warmed up enough, but there is still no strong heat. The temperature rises to +27 Β° C, the water heats up to +24 Β° C and is perfect for swimming.

July. The average climate of Montenegro for months relates July to the hottest period in the tourist life of the country. The air is literally hot - the temperature rises to +35 , the water temperature in the sea reaches +27 . The absence of wind and minimal precipitation contributes to maintaining the heat.

climate and weather in Montenegro for months

August. July heat continues, but by the end of the month it gradually drops to acceptable +32 o C. The sea resembles fresh milk, especially during periods of evening coolness - the water temperature drops to +25 o C.

Weather in Montenegro in the fall

September. The summer heat with the first autumn month recedes, and the long-awaited velvet season replaces it. The air temperature does not rise above +30 , the water in the sea acquires a comfortable temperature - up to +23 .

climate and weather in montenegro monthly temperature

October. The month in which tourist Montenegro, known to the majority of people, gradually hibernates. The climate for the months of the swimming season in October is already becoming quite cool - the air does not warm more than up to +22 Β° C, the sun is no longer so active and bright.

November. While the coast is quite warm, during the day the temperature rises to +18 , but only extreme people can splash in the sea for a long time. In the mountains, snow is already falling at this time.

Features of rest in Montenegro

Montenegro is famous for its indescribable beauty of landscapes - part of the territory is occupied by the Adriatic Sea, in the middle of the mainland there is a plain, on the other hand, rocky mountain peaks with white snow caps rise. Numerous reserves, rivers and bays, forests and bays give the country pristine beauty, which is facilitated by the climate and weather in Montenegro. Monthly air temperature varies significantly.

montenegro weather for months

Indisputable advantages of the country are environmental friendliness and budget vacation. Guests of the coast will be able to choose a beach to their liking - pebble, sand or rocky. For a tourist trip to the country you do not need to apply for a visa - just buy a ticket and book a hotel. Import across the border of funds is limited to 2,000 euros, for the transportation of a larger amount you will need to fill out a declaration.

For those who would like to improve their health, in Montenegro there are spa centers with excellent treatment. The healing climate of Montenegro also contributes to the improvement of the body. For months, the average temperature of air and sea water together create a favorable atmosphere not only to improve well-being, but also to restore a person’s emotional state.

Reviews of tourists about Montenegro

According to guests of the tourist regions of Montenegro, the food in small cafes is quite budgetary, the main thing is to find an institution that you like somewhere further away from the center. The portions are large and very satisfying, they like to offer guests various sausages and veal sausages, as well as rich rich soups.

Montenegro climate for months average temperature

Tourists who visited the country are pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of local residents, their openness and willingness to help in any situation. As the main attraction, the most curious guests note the unusually beautiful Skadar Lake - the largest lake in the Balkans. Pelicans comfortably settled along the coast in their natural habitat. Such a reserve is a rarity for tourist countries.

Those lucky people who have already managed to visit this beautiful country reiterate with one voice: β€œI will be back!” Most guests say that Montenegro is especially beautiful in autumn. The climate (months) in the velvet season is not so persistently hot, and juicy fruits at this time just begin to appear. And the coast is not as crowded as in the summer.


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