Who is a VET engineer: duties and rights of a specialist

The staffing of any company that is engaged in construction activities includes the position of "VET engineer". What does a VET engineer do? The responsibilities and basic functions of this specialist are described in the article.

VET engineer, duties
We will deal first with the abbreviation VET. It stands for "production and technical department", as part of this department and works as a technical engineer. His responsibilities are that this employee should be able to compile, develop, draw up the entire list of project documents.

Naturally, a specialist must have an education in the field of construction and at least three years of experience. However, there are organizations that agree to work with a person who has a secondary education and experience of 12 months. It all depends on the nature of the activity and the scale of the tasks performed.

The VET engineer is guided by the laws in force, adheres to the charter of the company, he needs to be well aware of the contents of orders and instructions of the company or company, regulatory and technical documentation that govern the activities of the company.

job duties of a VET engineer
Job responsibilities of a VET engineer:

  • He supervises the estimated documentation for construction work at the facilities. Calculates their cost and checks the completed work.
  • Prepares settlement and estimate documents for additional types of work.
  • Checks the estimated documents of customers and prepares reports on the quality of work.
  • It calculates the cost of the material together with subcontractors and negotiates with customers and design organizations.
  • He draws up an estimate of costs that are not provided for by the unit price and the rate of expenditure; if necessary, it works by agreement of documents with customers.
  • He is engaged in the preparation of materials for the consideration of disputes with subcontractors.
  • Checks the form of COP 2 from subcontractors.
  • Fulfills assignments from the head of the organization.
  • Leads reporting documentation.

Specialist Requirements

A VET engineer, whose duties include knowledge of all the fundamentals of technological processes in production and construction, must have in-depth knowledge that also affects other areas of his company.

VET engineer responsibilities in construction
In the household version, another word is used - "estimator". This is also a VET engineer. His responsibilities also lie in the responsibility for:

  • Non-application of the full scope of all rights that are given to him on the basis of job descriptions.
  • Distortion of reliable information about at what level the tasks and assignments received are completed.
  • Violation of the deadline.
  • Failure to comply with orders and instructions of the organization’s administration.
  • Failure to comply with the rules established by the internal organization routine, TB.

Responsibilities of a VET engineer in construction The following rights also apply:

  • Familiarization with project documents and decisions of the administration of the organization that relate to its work.
  • A message to the management about the shortcomings identified as a result of their work.
  • Making suggestions for correcting deficiencies.
  • Improving the work, which is associated with his duty, provided for by documents on the job description.

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