Do-it-yourself gazebo made of wood step by step: drawings, diagram

A gazebo in the garden is not just an element of landscape design. This is the most favorite vacation spot for many people on a hot, sultry summer day or the opportunity to spend a good evening and watch the sunset in the fresh air. In it you can relax with an interesting book, work with a laptop, as well as chat with friends.

DIY wooden gazebo step by step

They usually have a simple construction. For example, a do-it- yourself gazebo made of wood, the drawings of which can be found on construction portals, is easily made with minimal cost.


Before you erect this building in your area, you need to decide on the design. A garden gazebo is the most lightweight, airy, uncomplicated building on your summer cottage or garden plot, which allows you to enjoy the fresh air, smells and sounds of nature, regardless of the vagaries of the weather. This construction allows you to escape from the midday sun in July and from rains in the fall. Let's see how to build a gazebo with your own hands from a tree step by step.

With regard to design features, there are a huge variety of different types. There are arbors of round, rectangular, square shape. The building can be glazed or, conversely, completely open. You can choose this or that, proceeding from your site, the place where you want to place this structure, and also esthetic preferences.

Although a do-it-yourself arbor made of wood, the drawings of which is not difficult to come up with, can have any design, all these buildings have something in common: this is airiness, lightness, transparency. This is to the fact that such a building should not be capital.

DIY wooden gazebo drawings

Seat selection

Before you build something, you need to determine the place. It should be located in the most comfortable corner of your site. In addition to comfort, the place must have reliable protection from the wind, have paths so that it is easy to get to the building. You need to consider the plants growing around on the site.

Materials and Design

Then you need to resolve issues with the material. In our case, this is a tree. But also the arbor can be made of stone, metal and many other materials. A tree has many advantages. To process it, you do not need a specialized tool, and even one person can cope with it.

When everything is clear, it's time to move on to the design of the building. This is a particularly important step. Although it seems that for such a small structure as a gazebo made from wood, a diagram is not needed, the drawing will help you to avoid some mistakes in the future. And it will be easier for you to understand what you want and what should result in the end.

Let's talk a little more about design. There are several traditional styles for such buildings.

For example, classic buildings are distinguished by straight lines in the structure and clear proportions. Basically, these arbors are made in the form of polygons.

Oriental style provides a roof in the form of a dome. However, it can take many forms.

The lazy style is rough, uncouth, but at the same time very touching in appearance. Such arbors are often made in the form of forest houses or bird nests.

wooden arbor step by step

Country. Buildings in this style are only wooden. As for the design, here you need to show a little imagination.

Victorian style fits perfectly into the landscape of gardens and villages. Wood for such buildings is used in its natural form. Such a gazebo can have both the simplest design and a very sophisticated design.

A bit about choosing wood

As materials for construction, spruce, larch, fir or oak are suitable. These types of wood are popular in that they are mainly distributed in our country, which means there will be no problems with their availability.

Before construction begins, it is advisable to treat the material with an antiseptic. This will create a protective layer for wood that can protect it from moisture and pests.

Arbor - do it yourself from a tree step by step

Before building, you need to make a project for future construction, which at all stages of construction will greatly facilitate the work. And with the help of a well-designed drawing, you can roughly know how much material will be needed to work.

Site preparation

Before construction, a future construction site should also be prepared, which boils down to cleaning the site of plants, debris, stones, roots. Professionals recommend the following. Before the do-it-yourself gazebo made of wood will be erected step by step, you need to remove the upper layers of soil at the construction site.

Next, you should mark our site. Of the tools useful tape measure, rope-twine, as well as pegs. If your structure is round or in the form of a polygon, it is better to start marking from the center. The circle must be drawn from the radius. Then, in the case of a polygon, you can divide the circle into several sectors. Where radii and circles intersect, you will need to set up pillars. Then, very soon, a self-made gazebo made of wood (drawings, a diagram of which is in the photo below) will turn into a real object and a vacation spot.

DIY wooden gazebo step by step photo

Making the foundation

At this stage, it is necessary to make the basis for future construction. If the design is planned light and open, then a point foundation is enough. To organize such a foundation, you need to dig holes 30 * 30 cm in size, 50 cm in depth. To make the gazebo more reliable, you should install supports in the middle of the long sides.

The material for the supports will be a solid wood beam. Oak is well suited for these purposes. The ends of the timber must be ground with tar or bitumen. In the resulting pit, it is necessary to fill in not too much gravel. Then you need to compact it tightly. At this stage, the structure will receive a solid foundation, as well as drainage. The pits need to be covered with a film, and then install the poles and add gravel. In this case, gravel must be rammed. Next, pour concrete.

do-it-yourself arbor from a tree drawings scheme

You can apply an alternative method. So, wooden poles can be installed in galvanized pipes, which were previously driven into the ground.

One way or another, after concreting, let it dry. All other stages, and this is the construction of walls, roofs, floors, can be started no earlier than a week later.

How to make a gazebo of wood with your own hands in stages? Roof

So we got to the roofing. The roof structure is entirely determined only by the shape of the structure.

If the building will have a rectangular shape, then the roof can be single, double or four-pitched. In gazebos of a polygonal shape, it is necessary to make a tent roof with the necessary number of slopes. Rafters should rest on poles that are located in the corners. The posts above and below should be connected by beams.

As a building system, a bar with a cross section of 50 mm can be used. The corresponding boards are nailed to the rafters, and on them, in turn, the roofing material is laid. Thus, a self-made gazebo made of wood step by step (the photo is attached below) will not only be a subject of relaxation, but will also make your yard unique and beautiful.

do-it-yourself arbor made of wood with barbecue

If you are building a small open plan structure, then as roofing materials you can use roofing material, tile, metal tile, polycarbonate. For heavier roofing materials, additional load-bearing structures will have to be reinforced. If you plan a closed gazebo, then you need to seriously think about warming.

Floors and walls

Floors are made right at ground level. If desired, they can be raised. In order to do this, you need support under the flooring and under the porch. In most cases, floors in such buildings are laid out of wood or of paving slabs.

If the floor is concrete, which lies on the ground, then under it you need a bed of sand and gravel. In the case when it is wooden, it must be additionally protected from destructive moisture. Here, before laying the floor, insulation should be made on the basis of roofing material.

Open structures do not always have 4 walls. Sometimes it can be 3, 2 or even one at all. The most common option for summer cottages is low walls. You could even say that this is a railing. Thus, you can give the construction of comfort.

If the design is a closed plan, then here the walls are built to the full height. However, large windows are provided in the front part. In the summer you can remove them and turn the gazebo into an open summer. In winter, the opposite.

Wooden gazebo with barbecue

Cottage is a vacation, it is a pleasant activity and much more. People go to summer cottages to lose their accumulated worries and relieve stress. Often a summer house is not only a vacation, but also pleasant meetings with friends and barbecue as a part of it.

Therefore, a building with a barbecue, which can be done independently, will be a good solution to make the rest pleasant and comfortable.

As for the designs, here everything is almost the same as with ordinary arbors. The only difference is in the brazier itself.

Brazier selection

Often in gazebos use portable devices. However, built-in barbecue grills are becoming increasingly popular. So, you can make the building as functional as possible.

A built-in element is in most cases large structures made of stone or metal. Typically, barbecues are designed with many functional compartments for firewood, dishes.

DIY wooden gazebo scheme

What sizes, as well as the shape and configuration will be it, is completely up to you. Only you decide what type, width and height the self-made gazebo will be made of wood with barbecue. Its drawings should provide protection against fire.

Homemade barbecue

Usually, before building a gazebo, they put a barbecue. After all, a portable element is not at all interesting. The construction process is very simple. It is enough to make a pipe of brick, and on it to organize a brazier.

Drawings and numerous photographs of such structures make it clear that in the beginning they build a barbecue. Then they attach a gazebo to it. But in most cases, the element is installed in one of the walls of the garden building.

do-it-yourself arbor made of wood with barbecue drawings

Since our gazebo is made of wood, the wall that will be adjacent to the barbecue must be sheathed with metal. This is necessary in order to protect the wooden structure from fire and sparks. If the floor is wooden, then it also needs to be sheathed with sheet steel.

If you are not sure that you can cope with the grill laying, you can use the simplified option. In this case, you need to purchase a finished element or use a metal portable.

Now you know how to build a gazebo from a tree step by step. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. During the construction, you will not need much experience and knowledge of the builder. All that is required of you is a drawing, materials and tools for construction. As a result, such an arbor will allow you and your family or friends to have a great rest on warm summer evenings. It is worth the investment and labor.

So, we found out how to make a gazebo with your own hands from a tree step by step.


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