How to drag a sofa with your own hands. How to drag a corner sofa

The assortment of upholstered furniture stores today is simply amazing in its variety. And if suddenly there was a need to replace the old sofa, then there are no obstacles to this. The choice is more than impressive: an abundance of shades, a variety of forms and types can satisfy the taste of even the most capricious buyer. True, the cost of such furniture is quite impressive. And it’s no secret that the quality of modern sofas leaves much to be desired. Whether it’s his own business, dear, who for twenty years has served faithfully. And he never let down, he always took into his, now, however, rather worn hugs after a hard day's work, made it possible to comfortably sit under a rug and forget the sweet dream of a happy person. So: like this, betray an old and good friend, throw him out, and instead put a modern monster? No way! And then what to do? Think! Look for a way to pull the sofa. Do it yourself, with the help of a professional craftsman - is not so important. The main thing is to save your pet, to return to its former appearance and attractiveness.

True, the cost of the services of restorers is able to stifle the very best intentions to change the look of old furniture. Therefore, let's still dwell on the first option and talk in detail about how to drag a sofa with your own hands without resorting to professionals for help. So, we proceed to reincarnation.

how to drag a sofa with your own hands

Fabric selection

How to pull the sofa, we will tell you. But you will have to choose the fabric yourself, because its color, texture is a matter of taste, purely individual. The only way we can help is to give some useful tips in order to alleviate the torment of choice a little.

Since you decided to pull the sofa on your own, having neither experience nor special skills in this matter, then perhaps you should not buy the most expensive fabric, it is better to focus on material in the middle price range. Flock and chenille belong to the category of such upholstery, which, despite the fairly affordable cost, have a quite acceptable service life, wash and clean well and give the furniture a very solid appearance. As for the assortment of colors, then you will quickly and easily select the right option. Yes, by the way, you should buy fabric with a margin, because it’s unlikely that you can pull the sofa with your own hands in the same way as professionals do - confidently and accurately. Therefore, it is better to play it safe. Just in case. As for the amount of fabric, before going to the store you just need to measure the dimensions of the resuscitated, and the seller will already calculate the required footage on the spot.

how to pull a sofa


Any business, especially a new one, always needs a thorough approach. Therefore, first of all, we free the room where it is planned to carry out the operation, codenamed "How to pull a sofa." Believe me, you will still be grateful to us for this advice, because you will need a lot of space. Before starting repairs, you need to carefully inspect your beloved piece of furniture in order to remember all the details: what, where and for what it is attached, how it is located. The most prudent can remove all these nuances on the phone. At the same time, the picture will remain as a keepsake: what happened and what happened. Well, and, of course, check to see if various parts of the fasteners were lost during operation.

how to pull the sofa


Although our procedure is called “how to drag a sofa with your own hands,” hands alone will obviously not be enough. We must first stock up on some kind of tool. We will need:

  • screwdrivers (various configurations);
  • stapler (respectively, and staples to it);
  • pliers;
  • nail clipper;
  • scissors;
  • threads
  • glue (even better glue gun).

The presence of a drill is appreciated. Oh yes. Since the sofa itself, in principle, it is possible, but still somewhat difficult, the list must be supplemented with a pair of male hands. Skillful preferably.

how to pull the sofa

The eyes are afraid ...

Hands (theirs, by the way) confidently take a flat screwdriver and begin to remove the staples that secure the old upholstery. And we must try to do this as carefully as possible, since it will still be useful to us as a pattern. We take out the filler and inspect it for future use. If it has become unusable, it will have to be replaced. After that, we turn off all the fasteners and disassemble the long-suffering sofa into its components. The last step is the removal of the springs. Since they are fixed with twine, cut it. We arm ourselves with a rag and vacuum cleaner and carry out a general cleaning of all the insides.

After all this, inspect the battlefield and count the losses. In the sense that perhaps the filler and some springs require replacement. If so, you will have to interrupt the fascinating restoration process and go to the store again.

hauling a corner sofa

The most important stage

We install the springs in the same place (it's easy, believe me), aligning the bent ones well and replacing the unfit ones with new ones. We connect them together with a thick linen thread. As soon as the spring block is installed, you can fill it with filler. We cover the springs with a printed fabric, which was previously, we fix it with a stapler. Alternatively, take furniture nails. From above we lay either the old foam rubber, or recently bought a new one. Perhaps the rejuvenation process is already close to completion.

It remains only to cut a piece of the right size from the new fabric (the old upholstery is useful here), and then attach it to the sofa frame with the same stapler. We pull on the new “clothes” very carefully and evenly so that there are no distortions. Everything, your sofa is almost as good as new. Why almost? Because it is also necessary by the same principle to replace the upholstery on the sidewalls (of course, there are no springs there, so the work will go faster), and then assemble all the components. Done. Your old friend looks no worse than his modern counterparts, who threaten storefronts with price tags with a set of zeros.


Of course, one cannot say that the restoration of old furniture is a matter of two minutes. Of course, you will have to work hard, and sometimes even get a little nervous. But it's worth it. By the way. If you think that our entire master class can only be used to update ordinary sofas, then in vain. The constriction of an angular sofa passes by the same principle. The only difference is that you will have to update not one seat, but two.


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