Tarot value of the Queen of Wands: general interpretation of the card

Each Arcanum in the Tarot deck has many aspects. They must be understood and felt in order to correctly interpret the alignment. Let's study the meaning of the Tarot of the Queen of Wands. The map is quite optimistic and light. This refers to her confidence, flexibility, sociability. The value of the Queen of Wands card in the Tarot is not paramount. This figure never overlaps the influence of the Major Arcana. As a rule, it submits to them, but enriches the meaning with new shades. Let's look at this question in more detail.

meaning tarot queen of wands

Description and characteristic

To understand the meaning of the Tarot of the Queen of Wands, take a look at the image. We will focus on the classic deck, but all the others correctly convey the meaning. The picture shows an accomplished, confident, slightly playful and stubborn woman. She proudly holds her head, the thoughts in which are hidden from others. The thoughts of this beautiful lady are a mystery, guarded more than the wealth of the whole world. She always acts guided by inner conviction, but this does not mean that to the detriment of others. Ryder White connects the lasso with the moon in Leo. It is a symbol of cheerfulness, harmony with the world, optimism, indomitability and self-confidence. The significance of the Tarot of the Queen of Wands in the layout will become clearer if we reflect the situation on the example of a person characterized by an lasso. That is, look at everything that happens through the eyes of this woman. She is kind to others if they are not obstacles in the way of this lady. Communicates affectionately, knows how to choose words. Her strength is softness multiplied by fortitude and perseverance. She will not scandalize or demand, but persuade so that no one dares to refuse. This is a powerful lion pretending to be a weak kitty. The quality is as good for friends as it is dangerous for enemies. If the Queen of Tarot Wands is present in divination, the significance of the situation should be considered from the point of view of the predominance of female energy. For a man, it means help from the weaker sex. The situation is this: most likely, he does not fulfill until the end of his duties assigned to him by the Higher Forces. A kind mother or affectionate girlfriend supports a man gently and imperceptibly, so as not to hurt pride, not to hurt, not to push the personality to decay. If she appears in the layout of a woman, then most often she symbolizes a friend or an older relative. We examined the meaning of the Tarot of the Queen of Wands (upright position). When the card flips over, all the negative sides of the Arcana appear. Let's talk about them.

queen of wands tarot meaning

Tarot Value of the Queen of Wands: Inverted Position

Who or what will have to be faced if the head of our Arcana changes its natural position? The Queen of Wands of Tarot in this case changes the value very much. If a fortuneteller has ever encountered a woman who is unreasonably jealous, he knows that it is impossible to convince her in rational ways. Fiction and creativity will not help much either. Approximately such energies rage in a situation in which the alignment is performed. The meaning of the Tarot Queen of Wands (inverted Arcanum) is as follows: eccentricity, aggressiveness, inadequacy, obstinacy, selfishness, inability to adapt in the proposed environment. The person who influences the situation, seeks to adjust others to their own rules. She rejects conventions and traditions, does not listen to other people's opinions, does not respect the feelings, intentions of other people. As a rule, a lady stumbles upon active or hidden resistance. She does not have enough power for dictate. Then, intrigues, gossip, attempts to stir up the most negative emotions in those whom she decided to influence, go into business. This is a jealous woman, an envious employee, offended mother-in-law and so on. By any means, not shying from the forbidden, she tries to insist on her own. You can deal with it only with flexibility. It is necessary to satisfy her ambitions, then a shaky peace will be established.

meaning tarot queen of wands inverted position

Queen of Wands in a relationship (direct position)

Beginning seers often stumble upon one nuance, which should be said first. The value of the Tarot Queen of Wands in the relationship to the relationship is twofold. Arkan can be represented as a person influencing the situation and its certain aspects. That is, the appearance of the card does not mean that a certain woman plays a decisive role. This should be judged by the situation and the surrounding lasso. If we are still talking about personality, then it is very positive. This woman is confident in her abilities, she knows how to present herself, controls emotions, is proud and independent. She has everything in life: there is work and a loved one. She is talented and smart, knows how to realize the opportunities provided. The fortuneteller is warm and friendly, perhaps loves. But her feelings have a touch of maternal custody. This lady can be trusted only by a very strong man. How to recognize the meaning of the Tarot of the Queen of Wands (direct position) in the relationship? First of all, it should be determined whether it symbolizes a woman, a member of a couple. If the answer is yes, then the relationship is built on its energy. Most likely, she leads a man along. This is not a static situation - everything changes over time. But at the time of the situation, everything happens that way.

tarot value queen of wands upright

Relationships: The Effect of an Inverted Arcana

The value of the Tarot Queen of Wands should not be underestimated in this case. It should be remembered that in an inverted form Arkan introduces dissonance, destroys harmony. The lady, as they say, pulls the blanket over herself. In a relationship, this means that one of the partners uses the other to their advantage. He does not respect and does not love the one who trusted him. Often, an inverted lasso portends the appearance of an opponent in a man. A woman plays them, she does not seek a lasting relationship. By nature, this lady is false, selfish, capricious. It is impossible to expect good from her, because she is able to betray at any moment. What's even more unpleasant, this woman will go on betrayal in any field. That is, it is not only about the presence of an opponent. She is quite capable of revealing the trade secrets of her former lover for money. She twirls men as she wants. The woman is interesting, hot, excites the imagination, causes desire. She has many fans whom she pushes among themselves for fun. Tarot value of the Queen of Wands in relationships and love, if she appeared there upside down, negatively. This card may indicate the lady whom the man is guessing. Then he should make the only right decision and run away from the schemer as soon as possible. If this is the third superfluous in a relationship, it should be discovered and, if possible, excluded from your own environment, since this person destructively affects the questioner.

meaning tarot queen of wands direct

Situation (direct position)

We will not list all the personality traits that this Arkan brings. Everything described above should be taken into account as the influence of its characteristics in solving any issue. Let's see what is the different meaning of the Tarot of the Queen of Wands in the layout for a specific situation. That is, we will concentrate on the energy of the Arcana. In this context, its significance indicates that the situation is already developing. That is, what was asked about began earlier and the process is moving. The king of this suit symbolizes initiative, and the queen symbolizes smooth development. In addition, no special obstacles are foreseen. If the destructive, destructive Arcana falls nearby, then there will certainly be a blow, but the support of others will help to survive it. It is she who portends the Queen of Tarot Wands. The meaning in love of this Arcana is the desire for harmony. When deciphering the situation, the situation should be remembered. Love is a more comprehensive concept than relationships in a couple. That is, the fortuneteller has supporters in the situation, they are disposed to him and are ready to support. Another card suggests that the process is gaining strength, progressing. Well, if you are guessing at something positive, optimistic. By the way, precisely because of such aspects that affect the alignment, experts recommend not asking destructive questions that contain signs of aggression. “Will my enemy be punished?”, For example. The answer may not like it.

Influence on the situation (inverted position)

There is no good expectation here. If you asked a question and got an inverted queen - adjust the plans. Just do not think that ill-wishers or competitors have gained the upper hand. The situation is such that what you are striving for is now unattainable. This is clearly indicated by the inverted Queen of the Tarot Wands. The relationship value described just above should be directly interpolated to the situation. You are faced with tremendous power: it is difficult to stop, it is impossible to persuade. This wave will pass and make room for another action. In the meantime, you should wait. In other words, the situation got out of hand. It is now affected by destructive energy, which is useless to resist. Stop for a while if you can. If Arkan was in the position of "past", then the negative has subsided, but still has an effect. In this case, it must be stopped. How, tell the adjacent arcana. In the “future” position, he predicts the implementation of those destructive processes that have matured in the past. This is a sign of a fortuneteller’s serious mistake to be worked out. The situation has a spiritual meaning. It should be well thought out in order to calculate the misses and not allow them in the future. Most likely, we are talking about karmic problems. Do not be discouraged, they all have. It’s just the time to repay energy debt. You need to work, then everything will change for the better.

the meaning of the tarot queen of wands in the relationship

Person card (direct position)

As a rule, figures tell more about people, participants in situations and relationships than about energies. The Queen of Wands symbolizes a respectable, pleasant, glorious woman. She loves her home and family, takes care of relatives, helps her husband. This is a harmonious person who knows how to present himself. Proud and confident inside, soft and affectionate for others. She is loved and respected, trusted and asked for advice. She does not seek leadership, does not try to suppress others. The highest value for her is her reputation, respect for acquaintances and friends. For this, she is ready to sacrifice other interests. The negative side is excessive sensitivity. This lady is easy to offend, insult. Get an answer instantly. It will be stormy, sharp, unpleasant. True, a woman cools as fast as she lights up. She will not ask forgiveness, but will pretend that there was nothing. Her character is calm, kind, even. She inspires optimism and confidence in her beloved people. Beautiful wife and mother. In the service, she is valued for her organizational skills. She does not shy away from household chores, tedious and dirty work.

Person card (inverted position)

This is a rather difficult Arkan, if it falls in that meaning. The person described by him is modest and helpful, economical and accurate. This is a bright personality, prone to eccentric acts. It provokes others to negative emotions. Most likely, this is not done intentionally. A woman lacks inner confidence, self-sufficiency. She is trying to compensate for this with the feelings and emotions of others. If this idea is not brought to the point of absurdity, then nothing terrible will happen. She is valued for the positive qualities that she constantly demonstrates. But to maintain balance, not to stoop to aggression is very difficult. It is recommended that you develop the habit of constantly monitoring yourself. There are techniques for training self-sufficiency. If an inverted Arkan has fallen with an identity card, you should master these methods. Otherwise, problems cannot be avoided. Of course, from a philosophical point of view, all energies are positive. Provocateurs in our world are also needed. But it is better to act on another field, more harmonious.

the meaning of tarot queen of wands in relationships and love

The effect of Arcana on health

Let's see how to decipher the meaning of the card, if the question is about the state of the body. As a rule, it in a direct position means positive processes. Recovery has already begun or the right specialist has been found: this is how its appearance should be interpreted. Inverted lasso speaks of stagnation. Wrong decision made regarding treatment. Bad habits probably harm the body. Moreover, the process is in full swing. He rolls in a wide wave and is able to bring to serious problems. It is recommended to reconsider the way of life, the direction of thought (if we are talking about treatment). It is necessary to look for another specialist. Those doctors who deal with the sick now are incompetent or are acting for personal gain. The interpretation and meaning of the Tarot card of the Queen of Wands in this situation should be taken directly. For example, if we are talking about a female doctor, it is recommended to refuse her services (inverted Arkan) or trust (direct). In matters related to diet, the map encourages a more balanced diet. It is necessary to abandon all sorts of delights, more indulging in taste, than beneficial to the body. Modesty and simplicity - this is the motto of the Arcana.

Recommendations to the fortuneteller

The Queen of Wands is not the most difficult Arkan. Most often, he speaks of a woman influencing the situation. It should be found and identified. In combination with positive senior Arkans, our Queen loses aggressiveness, selfishness, becomes tender, affectionate, slightly infantile (inverted position). She is a kind housewife, a caring mother, a little gossip, a little brawler for neighbors and acquaintances. But she loves and respects her husband. If there are negative elder Arcana nearby, then her character is spoiled. She turns into a real witch, seducing strangers in her youth and causing damage in old age (inverted position). Negative senior Arcana does not spoil the character, but the life of the straight Queen of Wands. Such a lady is faced with many obstacles and challenges. But it bears this burden with pride and dignity. She needs to provide all kinds of support if it falls in your environment. When Arkan appears in the alignment of desire, consider it a hint. You should look for an ally in its implementation. The direct position of the Queen of Wands indicates the presence of such an assistant or patron, inverted - about the inability to achieve the desired. And yet, this is a sign of insincerity of intention. That is, you want something harmful, dangerous. For example, a trip to the resort will end in a liner disaster. Once picking up the tarot deck, try to delve into its signs. The information in the layout is much more than it seems at first glance. Good luck

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