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Coffee is a drink made from pre-roasted grains of a pair (and not one, as is usually thought) of the types of plants that belong to the genus Coffea. As far back as the 14th century, coffee plants grew mainly in Ethiopia and had a wild nature of growth. After some time, "coffee tree" was brought to the territory of the Arabian Peninsula by travelers. And already the 16th century is remarkable for the wide distribution of this drink in the Ottoman Empire. Legend has it that in the 17th century, Muslim pilgrims secretly exported coffee beans to the countries of South India, and from there, after 20 years, merchants from the Netherlands brought coffee to Sumatra and Java. Thus came the end of the monopoly of the Arab countries on the cultivation of coffee beans.

Today, the world knows a huge number of types of coffee and its varieties. Everyone drinks coffee: both old and young, as they say. Coffee Blog will be your personal guide to the world of this enchanting drink. A huge number of videos, recipes, tips and just great articles on coffee - all this you can easily find there.

By clicking on the link you can learn a lot. For example, about the varieties of coffee. Let's talk a little about grades of grains now.

Only three grades of coffee beans can be found on our planet:

  • Grade "Arabica". Arabica coffee has been grown most of all, since time immemorial. Its share among all coffee in the world is more than half of the total production volume. Mostly grown in African countries;
  • Grade number two is Robusta. It is inferior in volume to the Arabica variety, but is not the smallest. The variety is considered more economical, as it is less susceptible to disease. And caffeine in grains of this variety is an order of magnitude greater;
  • The last grade is the Kona variety. Considered the rarest, it can only be found in Hawaii. Kona is the most expensive and most concentrated caffeine variety.

What to say about the types of coffee as a drink?

Espresso refers to black, strong enough coffee, which is brewed using a coffee machine. The basis of taste is the balance of sour bitter espresso, as well as a feeling of a certain freshness along with the finished taste. As a rule, no more than 37 ml will be required for a standard serving of such coffee.

Americano can be called a subspecies of espresso, as this is just its analogue diluted with water. Americano is made using a special coffee machine. The volume in which this type is served will help to enjoy the taste more, it is about 150 ml.

Closes the "three" view of the "Cappuccino". It is customary to serve such coffee with hot milk froth. Cappuccino is rightly considered the most popular drink in various coffee houses. In a normal serving, 150 ml.


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