Sheathe the balcony with our own hands and turn it into a place to relax

How to decorate a balcony with your own hands so that it turns from a warehouse of unnecessary things into a full-fledged room, for example, for relaxation? To begin with, it should be cleared of everything and think about a possible design.

do it yourself
Perhaps it should be combined with the interior of the room, which adjoins it. Temperature differences must be taken into account, and your financial capabilities are not in last place.

If you decide to make glazing, then it should be done first. The second stage is the insulation of the balcony railing. Basically, a wooden crate is made and mineral wool or polystyrene foam sheets are installed in its cells. The insulation is overlapped and the outside is closed with any suitable material. Now we cover the balcony with our own hands with plastic, lining or ceramic tiles. It is undesirable to use wallpaper, as it burns out in the sun, and due to a strong decrease in temperature can simply peel off.

Let's say that the kitchen is adjacent to your balcony. In this case, it will be more appropriate to use ceramic tiles. It is better not to take the tile for internal work, as from temperature changes it can crack and lose its original appearance. We take the tile for outdoor use, it should be matte, rough, you can take it under natural stone, and we trim the balcony with our own hands. It is advisable to use the colors that dominate your kitchen. Although from the balcony you can make a completely independent room. Glue for tiles take a special frost-resistant, it is more reliable.

how to decorate the balcony with your own hands

A great option are plastic panels. This is a moisture resistant material that does not fade in the sun and calmly tolerates temperature changes. Moreover, a wide range of colors will allow not only to pick up any color, but also provide for imitation under such materials as wood, bamboo, marble or matting. We picked up the material and sheathe the balcony with plastic hands with our own hands.

To begin with, a frame is made of wooden battens. Make sure that the slats are arranged to each other strictly in parallel, all the beauty of the finish depends on this. Do not forget to lay electric wires right away until plastic is laid. When done, the plastic corners are mounted first . Pay special attention to the first strip of plastic, since it is on it that everyone else will be equal. The last strip is trimmed in width. Then you can go to the next wall and so on. And last but not least, the ceiling is sheathed.

how to sheathe a balcony with a lining

Lovers of natural materials prefer wood. How to sheathe a balcony with a do-it-yourself clapboard? The finishing principle is the same as for plastic panels. The lining is combined in the grooves and a smooth and seamless surface is obtained. When purchasing material, make sure that it is well processed and dry. Then a wooden lining will serve for a long time as protection against cold and street noise, and over time it can only become a little lighter than in its original form.

Whatever you decide to finish your balcony, in any case, if we sew the balcony with our own hands, it will not only get an updated look and keep your hands warm, but it will also become a subject of your special pride. Put there a cozy armchair, several pots with plants, and at least in the warm season you will have a corner with your own green garden.


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