How to use acrylic powder for nails? Find out!

Growth always attracts women. Indeed, nails can be made more attractive by lengthening the nail plate, making a beautiful design that will not be washed off, unlike ordinary varnish.

As you know, the first method that appeared in the beauty industry is acrylic building. It is produced using acrylic powder, which was previously used only in dentistry directly in order to produce material for fillings. But after one day the dentist tried to create nails from this material, the beauty industry immediately took possession of this method.

So, how to use acrylic nail powder? How to use this tool is advised by experts? And how to strengthen nails with acrylic powder? When she first appeared in the field of beauty, then, as a rule, it was used only in salons. But then, when all the materials became available for purchase, women began to use acrylic powder on their own in order to build up. Creating acrylic nails is easy, even on your own. You do not need to purchase a special lamp and many other materials that are required for gel-based nail extensions.

What is acrylic powder?

how to use acrylic nail powder

The polymerization of this material occurs when the powder is mixed with a liquid monomer. Then such a substance can form a nail until it is dry. This is what acrylic powder is. Thus, everything that is applied to the nail hardens without the use of any lamps in the air. After this, another layer of powder is applied, already decorative, colored, and the desired shape is created using a file.

Preparatory stage

nail strengthening with acrylic powder

Acrylic powder can be applied both to natural nails and to artificial ones. Also, with its help you can build up using special forms. But it is worth remembering that before applying, you need to properly process the nails, that is, remove or move the cuticle, polish the nail plate. Otherwise, the nails may peel off. But the main advantage of acrylic nails is that they are worn much longer in time than gel, which are often prone to peeling.

Important rule

How to use acrylic powder for nails? Of course, first of all, you need to observe one single safety rule when working with this material.

The room in which the work is carried out must be well ventilated, that is, it must have a hood. This rule must be observed, because it is not the powder itself that is harmful, but the monomer, which has a sharp unpleasant odor. If you breathe, you may get an allergy, if you have this predisposition, or headaches may begin.

how to strengthen nails with acrylic powder

Work process

How to use acrylic powder for nails? Now we will tell. Nail extension with acrylic powder, of course, is not complete without forms on which the powder is applied. Or you need to glue the tips, cut them, bring them into the desired shape and then work with them. In any of these cases, you need to work with powder the same way. You must purchase a special brush designed for acrylic. You need to pry the monomer with this brush and then lower it slightly into powder, only with the tip, and a ball should instantly form. This ball is quite plastic, so it can be easily applied and spread over the nail, it will not be difficult. Thus, you can extend the nail plate or cover the artificial one.

After the surface dries, the plate becomes solid, invulnerable. Here's how to use acrylic nail powder. If the nails are processed correctly, then their shape can become impeccable. You can make absolutely any length. The strength of the nail will not depend on this, as well as any color of powder. Also used is acrylic powder for nail design. Paint can also be used. And which ones can be used for design? Of course, acrylic.

nail extension with acrylic powder


You can also do nail strengthening with acrylic powder. This is very easy to do. It is enough to polish the nail, remove the cuticle, in a word, make a classic manicure. Next, you need to apply a base coat on the nail plate and dry it, it is better to do this in a lamp. Then you need to polish it so as to remove the glossy shine. After that, you can apply clear acrylic, that is, a mixture of monomer with clear powder. That's all, such a procedure is called "strengthening of nails with acrylic."

Acrylic powder comes in a variety of colors: bright and calm, pastel, with various sparkles and without them. Also, it is released colorless, and silver, and gold. It is worth considering that the powder goes well with the most ordinary gel, that is, you can fix it with the resulting design. Thus, the effect can be "aquarium" or "behind the glass", it can be called chic work, which is very much appreciated.

acrylic powder for nail design

Nowadays, materials for acrylic building are more gentle than they were before. Now the craftsmen use not harmful methyl methacrylate, but safe ethyl methacrylate, which does not cause allergies and does not have such pungent odors, but it’s better to ventilate the room. Thanks to new technologies, this building does not lose its popularity. Indeed, using this method, decorated nails look more natural, visually changing the nail plate for the better.


In general, working with acrylic powder is very simple, you just need to get used to it. In many respects, the result will depend on the accuracy, and on how the nail was processed before applying the powder.


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