Baldness on the head: causes and treatment

Hair loss on the head occurs constantly, this is a natural cycle of their renewal. Old hair dies, new ones grow in their place. But when they fall out with more intensity than subsequently grow, we can talk about the initial stage of baldness, which may result in baldness on the head.

bald on the head

We will deal with terminology

Excessive hair loss, which leads to the appearance of areas without hair or a complete loss of hair, is referred to in medicine as alopecia. Most often, such a variety of this disease as focal alopecia is found. In this case, the hair falls out in a certain place: on the top of the head, above the eyebrows. The lesion area of baldness is gradually expanding.

Today, medicine cannot unambiguously determine what causes baldness on the head. Science knows only the factors that provoke the onset of the disease and enhance its course.

Alopecia is affected by men, women and even children. Sometimes hair loss can be a symptom of another disease, in other cases, the problem is in the hairline itself. As soon as it begins to disturb excessive hair loss or baldness has formed on the head, it is urgent to visit a doctor. A specialist who deals with problems with hair and scalp is called a trichologist.

baldness on the head of women

Why is hair falling out?

The exact cause that affects the hair follicles and leads to hair loss has not yet been identified. The genetic factor plays a role in the appearance of baldness: if any of your relatives had bald patches on your head, then with a high probability you will have it in the same place and at the same age. In addition, genetic diseases affecting the density and quality of hair are also inherited.

In second place in terms of the effect on the appearance of baldness are endocrine disorders. Any diseases of the thyroid gland, as well as malfunctions in the balance of the hormonal system, can lead to focal hair loss and even complete baldness.

In addition, the state of the nervous system significantly affects the state of hair follicles. Severe nervous shocks and chronic stress quite often lead to chronic hair loss, which may cause baldness on the head. Causes of a neurogenic and endocrine nature very often occur simultaneously, which only exacerbates the course of alopecia.

Additional factors that can negatively affect the density and growth of hair are infectious diseases - acute and chronic, fungal pathologies of the scalp, trauma to the surface of the skin on which the hair follicles are located, as well as local inflammatory processes in tissues and organs.

Features of baldness in different people

Baldness on the head manifests itself differently in everyone, and it depends on various factors. The manifestation of alopecia varies by gender, age, and depending on localization. Baldness is an unpleasant phenomenon that affects men and women equally, and in rare cases can affect children.

Baldness on the head in men is not perceived by society as an extraordinary phenomenon, rather, it speaks of age-related changes in the male body. This is not always the case: alopecia is a pathological condition, just not every man will decide to go to the doctor with a similar problem.

In men, most often there is focal alopecia, when baldness begins gradually, increasing more and more with time. The areas above the eyebrows are the most susceptible to this phenomenon (bald patches appear on the forehead), as well as the crown of the head.

baldness on the head in men

Baldness on the head of women causes a much greater disorder among its owners: the representative of the fair sex in modern society is unacceptable to go with bald patches. Most often, female alopecia is manifested by excessive hair loss and a decrease in their total number, without the appearance of bald patches with clear boundaries. The most noticeable lack of hair in women in the temporal region and on the back of the head.

Children's form of baldness is a rather rare phenomenon that requires an urgent consultation with a doctor, as it may indicate the presence of a serious disease or impairment in the development of the child.

Is there a cure for baldness?

Any competent specialist trichologist can give a list of recommendations regarding how to treat baldness on the head. But initially itโ€™s worth tuning in to the fact that a magic pill that stops the process of hair loss simply does not exist.

The treatment process for alopecia is a comprehensive examination and identification of possible causes of the disease. After that, the doctor selects the appropriate therapy, which will necessarily include drugs for internal use and external use.

how to treat baldness on the head

Do not trust the advertising or sellers of "miracle funds" who promise instant results after applying the shampoo. Hair loss is a problem that occurs inside the body, which means that treatment should also begin from the inside. Any means for external use with which you can wash your hair, rub in hair or make lotions are nothing more than auxiliary, which can help with the temporary loss of a small amount of hair.

What does traditional medicine offer?

After establishing the cause of hair loss, the doctor selects adequate drug therapy. The set of drugs will depend on the diagnosis that has been established. If thyroid gland dysfunction or other endocrine disorders are detected, then hormone therapy is mandatory. Selecting it yourself is strictly contraindicated: because of the high likelihood of side effects, only a specialist should prescribe hormonal medications.

If baldness on the head appears due to a skin disease (psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis), then in addition to treating the disease, shampoos with a low hormone content can be prescribed from the inside. Such drugs help to quickly remove inflammation and reduce the rate of death of cells on the scalp. Thanks to these measures, metabolic processes in the skin are restored, and the process of hair loss is normalized.

from which baldness appears on the head

Very often, patients who are worried about hair loss are prescribed sedative therapy to calm the nervous system, as well as a course of taking multivitamins and minerals.

Hardware treatment

In addition to medications, physiotherapeutic methods show high efficiency in improving the condition of the hairline. Usually a course is prescribed, consisting of 10-14 procedures, which must be repeated after one and a half to two months.

Physiotherapeutic procedures are aimed at improving blood circulation in the scalp, accelerating metabolic processes and nutrition in the hair follicles. The effect of the use of such treatment does not occur very quickly, but it is more persistent and natural.

Among the most popular means of physiotherapy for the treatment of alopecia, darsonval occupies a special place. The impact on the scalp with high-frequency pulses of current allows not only to improve blood circulation and stimulate the metabolic processes in the hair follicles, but also to favorably influence the state of nerve endings on the skin and the nervous system as a whole. Darsonvalization is a simple, affordable, inexpensive, and effective method of treating alopecia in hardware. As prescribed by a doctor, you can take a darsonvalization course in almost any clinic.

baldness formed on the head

Laser therapy also shows high efficacy in baldness. It is carried out in beauty salons, the procedure is more expensive and has a number of contraindications, therefore it should be monitored by a doctor.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers a large number of recipes for baldness. All of them are based on the independent preparation of masks or shampoos for shampooing. Such products may contain various decoctions of herbs, natural food products and fresh juice from plants.

Most of these methods have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair and scalp. But that in the case when there is real baldness and there is intense hair loss, home remedies will be ineffective, and consultation of a trichologist specialist is necessary for the selection of therapy.

General recommendations for hair loss

The condition of the hair and scalp is an indicator of the health of the whole organism. Therefore, with the first symptoms of unhealthy hair, you need to reconsider your lifestyle and diet. Here are the main measures that you must follow with increased hair loss:

  • full night rest for 7-8 hours;
  • refusal of alcohol and junk food: fried, smoked, salty and fast food;
  • create a menu with an emphasis on fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, exclude various sauces and nutritional supplements from the diet;
  • start taking multivitamins and minerals;
  • drink a course of herbal sedatives or soothing herbal teas;
  • remove aggressive hair washing and styling products from use - they should be with a minimum amount of fragrances and dyes.

If after a month of following these recommendations, the situation with the hairline does not normalize, you need to visit a doctor for a consultation.

What if the treatment did not help?

It happens that due to various circumstances, medicine cannot help, and the hair continues to fall out. Do not despair, because there are alternative methods for solving the problem of baldness.

For women, it is possible to use a wig, which is now made from natural materials. Such products look very organic and do not cause discomfort when worn.

If partial hair loss occurs, then hairdressers can offer an extension procedure: artificial strands are selected by color and texture and are attached to their curls.

Men can also wear wigs or, in accordance with the current fashion, shave their heads baldly. Gentlemen are also offered a more radical solution to this problem - hair transplantation.

bald head causes

The appearance of bald patches and hair loss is a serious phenomenon. No need to treat him negligently and be afraid of a visit to the doctor. An experienced specialist will be able to establish a diagnosis and choose the appropriate treatment. Pay attention to the condition of your hair, and they will answer you with a healthy and shiny look!


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