Fulfillment of a dream using the Key method

Few people know that making wishes is a huge potential effort directed outward to the outside world. Dreaming, a person does not just imagine what he would like to receive,

a dream come true
what he wants to achieve and so on, he communicates directly with the information shell of our planet. This theory tells us that the realization of a dream is not hard work, but just a simple combination of manipulations with the outside world, called the "Key".

The technique, which is extremely popular in America, Britain, and Canada, for some reason has not received proper distribution in our homeland. And the point is not that our compatriots do not know how to dream, or the realization of the dream of the average Russian does not require any auxiliary functions, just these games are not for us. We are used to doing, not lying on the couch and looking at the ceiling, representing money, at home and women. So whether dreams come true on this system or not, you can decide for yourself by continuing to read the article!

Step One: Dream Line

making wishes
The system tells us that the realization of a dream is a simple process of communicating with the macrocosm, that is, with a kind of planetary mind that receives any of our requests in the form of visualization (such a bureaucrat!) With the most vivid realism. To do this, lie comfortably, relax and imagine what you have always dreamed about. If this is a vacation by the sea, then visualize yourself in the sand, imagine how the hot sun warms you with soft rays, and the light sea breeze gives you a slight coolness.

Step Two: Details

When using this technique, details are crucial. You must visualize, for example, not just money, but their crunch, color, smell. You must touch them in your dreams and believe that they are real. This mechanism is called "reality transfer" - the transfer into our reality of those now non-existent aspects of our lives that we need by visualizing them with the greatest possible realism. On the one hand, stupidity is still the same, but that will probably please all supporters of the "conspiracy theory", all these mechanisms are used in Wiccan (and other witchcraft) traditional rituals and meditations, and the "Key" itself was not a revelation for esotericists.

Step Three: Release Enter

do dreams come true
Like any other request, the realization of a dream depends on whether you sent it to the address or not. The process is most reminiscent of communication through correspondence on the Internet: you print a message, forming a thought. Correct punctuation, spelling, style, and if you do everything right, then after sending your message you will receive some kind of answer. But first of all, you press the Enter button, sending a message to the interlocutor. This button in making wishes becomes the complete suppression of all thoughts about the dream. Having formed and sent a request, you are waiting for the result, but do not start again and again to send the same text to the interlocutor. The same thing happens here: to realize the dream of your whole life, perhaps, only one thing is missing - the freedom of its realization for you!


We will not argue that this system is the ultimate truth, but there is undoubtedly some truth in it, as in every joke.

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