Why do you need physical education in kindergarten?

Today, due to the widespread deterioration in the health of children, physical minutes in kindergarten are used quite widely, as they are the most interesting and effective form of outdoor activities during sedentary classes with preschool children. Kids are always happy to perform a variety of short-term physical exercises in between classes, as well as during the learning process itself.

physical education in kindergarten
Physical education goal in kindergarten

The purpose of the physical education, first of all, is the desire to increase and maintain the mental activity and performance of children during class. As well as providing a short dynamic rest at a time when the child’s body is experiencing a significant load. The organs of hearing and vision, the muscles of the trunk and especially the back, the hand of the working hand - everything is in a static state and needs periodic short rest.

The meaning of physical education in kindergarten

The value of physical education is an ordered change in the activity and posture of the baby through physical activity, which in turn will relieve fatigue and restore a positive emotional state of the psyche.

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What is important to know about physical education?

In the process of the lesson, a physical training session can be carried out standing at the table at which the child is engaged, or sitting at him. It consists, as a rule, of two or three exercises for flexion and extension of the body, circular movements of the hands, exercises that activate the muscles and open the chest, as well as walking in place. The time spent on physical education, an average of 1-2 minutes. If the gymnasium passes between classes, then it can take the form of some kind of outdoor game.

Fresh air is a prerequisite for a full-fledged physical education in a kindergarten, so in summer the windows, and in the winter transoms should be open. After completing all the exercises, a short walk follows and a proposal to take their places.

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Usually physical education minutes in a preschool educational institution are accompanied by some text that can either be directly related to the lesson or be of an abstract nature. The main thing is to ensure that when pronouncing certain words of the text the children exhale and have time to take a deep and calm breath before the next, then after the physical education the child’s breathing will not be lost, but will remain rhythmic and calm.

Children especially enjoy physical education courses that are accompanied by musical accompaniment; they turn out to be much more interesting and emotional. Kids can sing a couple of verses of a song they know well, while performing simple dance steps - for example, sit down, circle, bend down slightly. Carrying out classes such as application, modeling, drawing, the teacher must take into account that physical education can interrupt the child’s creative plan, so if the children are not particularly tired, then it can not be done.

To help the kindergarten teacher , there are currently many collections of physical education lessons for preschool children, which will not only please them, but also develop coordination of movement, speech and fine motor skills.

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