Repair of the Samsung vacuum cleaner with your own hands. Causes of malfunctions and their elimination

A person quickly gets used to the good, so anyone who has ever tried using a vacuum cleaner is unlikely to want to take up a broom again. However, like any equipment, vacuum cleaners tend to break at the most inopportune moment. Not every housewife is able to solve malfunctions of a Samsung, LG, Phillips or other brands alone. Nevertheless, there are breakdowns that can be eliminated independently, without resorting to the help of specialists.


Before undertaking the repair of the Samsung vacuum cleaner with your own hands, you need to try to determine what exactly broke there. Correct diagnosis is very important, because the speed and cost of repairs directly depend on this. The design of the vacuum cleaner is quite simple, so before you pay money to the master, you can try to fix the malfunction yourself.

DIY repair of a Samsung vacuum cleaner

It should be noted that the breakdown is not always associated with a malfunction of the engine. Such a malfunction can be identified by the sound of a running unit. If the vacuum cleaner buzzes, whistles, makes intermittent sounds and throws out dust, you are most likely unlucky - the engine has “covered” itself. But it happens, for example, that the vacuum cleaner seems to work, but the garbage does not pull well - then, most likely, the hose or filters are to blame. Let's take a closer look at some of the typical malfunctions of this very useful home helper.

Weakly "pulls"

As we have already found out, if a vacuum cleaner does not pull dust well, then you most likely will have to repair the vacuum hose (you have Samsung or other brand products - it doesn’t matter). First of all, make sure that nothing is stuck in it - foreign objects that get into the hose greatly reduce traction. Simply put, look in the hose and remove the blockage.

samsung vacuum cleaner repair

If you are sure that the hose is not blocked, carefully inspect it and check the integrity of the corrugation. Very often, the housewives are too lazy to bend down to rearrange the unit from place to place, and they simply drag it around the room “by the tail”. Because of this, breaks occur between the turns of the corrugation, resulting in reduced traction. If you find a gap, take electrical tape and tightly wrap the gap in several layers. Such a repair, of course, is not enough for a long time, and eventually the hose will still have to be replaced, but for some time it will still serve you.

If everything is okay with the hose, check all filters and the garbage bag - they may be very dirty. Clean the filters thoroughly and replace the bag with a new one. Also, do not forget to check the position of the power regulator - it may have gone astray. Return it to the desired position.

Vacuum cleaner does not collect small debris

In this case, repair of the Samsung vacuum cleaner with your own hands will consist in a thorough inspection of the brush. Make sure its position is low enough to come in contact with the floor - if not, push it all the way out. Inspect the brush itself - it is likely that its villi are too worn out and will have to be replaced.

spare parts for vacuum cleaners samsung

Turn on the vacuum cleaner and inspect the brush in working condition - if it does not spin or rotates weakly, you will have to work hard. In the first case, the bearings probably jammed. Dismantle it and check if the threads or hair have been twisted around the ends, remove them. In the second case, it is possible to loosen the brush belt - disassemble it and change the part to fit your model. Please note: although spare parts for Samsung vacuum cleaners are often interchangeable for different modifications, it is best to choose the ones that are right for your model.

The unit does not turn on at all

If you plugged the unit into a power outlet, and nothing happens, then repair the Samsung vacuum cleaner (with your own hands, of course) should begin with a thorough inspection of the electrical part of the device. First, make sure that the outlet itself is working - for this, plug in another, obviously working device. If everything is in order - inspect the cord of the vacuum cleaner, look for scuffs, cracks, kinks or other damage. Disassemble the plug and carefully inspect the junction with the cord. With the help of a control or an electric tester, “ring” the wire - it is likely that it has burned out.

repair engine samsung vacuum

If all of the above actions did not give a result, then the brushes are to blame or the engine burned out. This part of the repair is already classified as more complex.

Smells during operation

The cause of such a breakdown may be a hose (for Samsung this is an ordinary case): between the turns of the corrugation, dirt and debris often get stuck, which eventually starts to emit an unpleasant odor. Rinse the hose thoroughly with a stream of water, preferably under pressure and using detergent. After that, be sure to dry the corrugation well before you start using it again.

Another source of bad smell can be a belt. Check its tension, tighten or replace with a new one if necessary. The smell of burning rubber will disappear.

malfunctioning vacuum cleaner samsung

The vacuum cleaner vibrates and makes noise

It happens that during normal, it would seem, a loud noise is heard and the runout of the unit is observed. In this case, the repair of the Samsung vacuum cleaner (it’s not always possible to do it yourself with your own hands, but it's still worth trying) will be as follows:

  1. If you have a vertical model of a vacuum cleaner, then most likely the damaged fan is noisy - inspect it. Replacing and balancing the fan yourself is not an easy task, it is best to entrust it to a specialist.
  2. If the vacuum cleaner is washing, inspect the pump, which pumps water into the hose. The repair recommendation is the same - to a specialist.
  3. In most models of vacuum cleaners, rattle bearings on the brush are the cause of rattling. If you are confident in your abilities, you can try to replace them yourself. Take the roller and carefully unscrew the end cap, remove the metal shaft from it. Holding it with pliers, unscrew the next trailer, then replace the bearings, anthers and gaskets. Reassemble everything in its place.
    hose for samsung

Disassemble the vacuum cleaner

Now we come to the most important and complex breakdown - the repair of the engine of the Samsung vacuum cleaner. To make sure of this, you need to disassemble the vacuum cleaner. Carefully remove all protective parts of the case and find the engine itself. Now, very carefully, following all safety precautions, turn on the vacuum cleaner. If the cause of the breakdown lies in the motor, then most likely you will see a sheaf of sparks coming from the engine. There may be several reasons for this:

  • brush wear;
  • interturn circuit in the winding;
  • increased load on the "engine".

So, in order. To replace graphite brushes, first of all, unscrew and remove the plastic caps and remove the springs. We take out the brushes themselves and insert new ones. Next, we perform all the actions in the reverse order - insert the springs, twist the caps. In order for the brushes to work properly, they need to be rubbed. This can be done by stretching a small skin between the brush and the collector. In this case, the sandpaper abrasive should be turned towards the brush and, as it were, combed a little.

repair motor samsung vacuum

If all the manipulations done have not led to success, and the sparking of the engine continues when it is turned on, then the engine is closed. It will not work at home to make an independent repair of the motor of the Samsung vacuum cleaner (and any other one too), you will have to carry it to the service.

Another cause of engine failure that you can try to eliminate at home is replacing the bearing. Checking if you need to do this is very easy. Take the engine in your hand and gently rock it by the anchor: if you notice that the shaft is wobbling from side to side, then replacing the bearing cannot be avoided. To do this, remove the brushes and unscrew the screws that tighten the case. After that, remove the motor covers one by one, helping yourself with a small hammer and a screwdriver. Perform this procedure very carefully, otherwise you risk damaging the winding. Carefully, while helping yourself with tools, remove the bearings (preferably both at once) from the armature shaft. Extremely carefully, with the help of a hammer and a tube of a suitable diameter, put new bearings in their places and assemble the engine.

One little tip: Before deciding to disassemble the engine, sketch a wire connection diagram. Believe me, this is very useful.


As you can see, repairing any household vacuum cleaner can be very simple. The main thing is to remember that spare parts for Samsung vacuum cleaners or equipment from other manufacturing companies must be of high quality. And if you are at least a little doubt of your abilities, it is better to entrust the repair of equipment to professionals.


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