Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird: instructions. Mozilla Thunderbird mailer

Mozilla Thunderbird (Rus. "Mozilla Thunderbird") - a program for working with e-mail. It was created in order to save the client from the need to use an e-mail inbox using a browser. In order to fully use mail in Thunderbird, the user needs to configure it.

Automatically add a new mailbox

When you first start Mozilla Thunderbird, the program itself offers to add a new account. In this case, you can create a new mailbox or enter the data of an existing one. In the first case, she suggests creating an email address. mail with a maintenance cost of $ 15-20 per year or use one of the many free servers. A link to their list is displayed in the same window.

In the second case, when you click on the "Use my existing mail" button, a window will open for entering the login, password and initials. The latter are displayed near the subject of the letter to the recipient.

Welcome window

When you enter your login and password during mail setup, Mozilla Thunderbird will independently download from the server of the developer company all the necessary parameters for sending and receiving letters. In order for this feature to work, it requires a network connection.

Manually setting up a new mailbox

If the Internet connection is temporarily unavailable or the parameters of the mail server used are not available in the developer’s databases, then you can use its “manual” option to configure Mozilla Thunderbird.

To do this, call the "Account Settings" dialog box. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Click on the “Thunderbird Menu” button on the right side of the window and select “Settings” and “Account Settings” in it.
  • Right-click in the left part of the window and select “Parameters” in the context menu
    add new box

In the new window at the bottom left, you need to click on the "Actions for account" button and select "Add account record mail. "

In the add email address window mail enter the required data. After adding them and clicking the "OK" button. Then the server settings and the “Configure manually” button will appear below. After its activation, LMB will open mutable parameters: server address, port, protocol (for incoming letters), encryption and verification methods.

Manual setting

To configure for a specific mail server, you need to change all 5 parameters. The table below shows their values ​​for popular email services.

Name of postal service

POP server address

Port number

IMAP server address

Port number

SMTP server address

Port number

Encryption (



465 or 587


Yandex (



Rambler (

Microsoft Mail: (



After this setup, Mozilla Thunderbird will be able to send and download emails.

POP3 and IMAP protocols: what is the difference and how to change settings

They differ among themselves in the organization of work with the mail server. The first protocol downloads all letters to the computer and deletes them from the hard drive of the mail service. As a result, they are stored only in this place.

The second protocol downloads electronic correspondence, but does not delete it from the server. This allows you to work with letters from any computer. This set of rules is supported by all modern mail clients and most mail servers.

To change the POP3 protocol to IMAP, you need:

  • Create a new account using IMAP.
  • Copy folders to it from an account with POP3 connected.
  • Delete account from POP3.

After this procedure, all letters from an account using the IMAP protocol are copied to the mail server.

Sync Settings

During synchronization, all actions with letters performed in Mozilla Thunderbird are duplicated on the mail server and vice versa. By default, the client copies all folders to the hard drive of the mail server. But that can be changed. This is done as follows:

  • Open the "Account Settings" window and go to the "Synchronization and Storage" subsection.
    spam filter 4
  • Uncheck the box "Keep messages for this account ..." in order to completely disable synchronization.
  • Click on the “Advanced” button.
  • In the small window that opens, check the boxes next to the folders that you want to duplicate on the mail server.
    Spam filter 1

Synchronization occurs every time you connect to the network.

Auto Sign Message

This function is designed to automatically add at the end of the created message any template information (contact information, initials or wish). To configure mail signature in Thunderbird, you need to:

  • Call the "Account Settings" window.
  • In it, click on the e-mail address.
  • In the subsection that opens, enter all the necessary data in the text box.
    Auto Signature1

In the letter they will be displayed as well as written. In addition to plain text, you can use any html tags that are responsible for formatting. For example: <b> text </b> or <i> text <i>.

autosignature demo

In addition to filling out the field in the mail settings, you can insert a picture or an html document with the desired content instead of a text signature. When writing a message, you need to call the properties of the inserted image (it will be displayed in the text of the letter) and in this window put a check mark next to the line “Embed this image in the message”. This will allow the addressee to receive the entire message and not upload the signature separately.

Antispam filter

This feature is enabled by default in Mozilla Thunderbird and allows you to additionally filter out useless or promotional emails. Filter settings level 2: for a separate account and general.

In the first case, to gain access to the filter settings, you need to open the "Account Settings" window and go to the "Antispam Filter" subsection.

Spam filter 3

In it, you can enable / disable the filter and configure where you want to move messages marked as spam by the user.

Access to the general settings of the antispam filter can be obtained from the same window after clicking on the "Global Settings" button. They configure filter training parameters, namely, what to do with marked messages: delete or move to the Spam folder.

Spam filter 2

To read the anti-spam, when reading useless and advertising letters, click on the "Spam" button located in the upper right corner of the message quick viewing area. If you do this regularly, then after a while Mozilla Thunderbird itself will move spam from the Inbox to the appropriate folder.

Prohibition of receiving letters

This task is performed by the built-in message filter. It does not prohibit downloading messages from a specific sender, but moves them from the main folder to Spam or deletes them. Setting up this option in Mozilla Thunderbird is done according to the following algorithm:

  • In the preview block, right-click on the address of the sender of the unwanted message and select the menu item "Create filter from ...".
  • In the window that opens, enter the name of the new filter.
    Message Blocking 2
  • Check the box “Fulfillment of any of the conditions” so that the filter responds to any address from the list.
  • In the lower half of the window, select the action that the program should perform from the drop-down list.
    message blocking 3
  • Click OK.

To add new addresses to the filter, just open it (Mozilla Thunderbird menu> Message Filters> select the desired> Change) and click on the button with the “+” sign. It will add another field for the new e-mail address.

Message Blocking 1

Manage saved passwords

When adding new accounts, Mozilla Thunderbird suggests storing passwords from them in memory. This is a convenient feature, but not safe, because anyone with access to a computer can copy them. To avoid this, there are 2 options in the Mozilla Thunderbird settings.

The first provides access to existing passwords. To get it, you need:

  • In the main menu, select the "Settings" sub-item.
  • In the new window, go to the "Protection" and "Passwords" tabs.
  • Click the "Saved Passwords" button.

In this window, you can see the passwords (the "Show" button) or delete them.

password manager 1

The second setting allows you to restrict access to the repository with a password. To do this, you need:

  • Check the box next to "Master Password."
  • In the window that opens, enter a combination and click "OK."
    master password

This password will need to be entered at each new start of the program.

Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird is a fairly simple process thanks to the user-friendly interface of the program.


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