DIY tray: material selection, fabrication and decoration tips

What to give for a holiday to a woman who has everything? Of course, the atmosphere of the holiday. And you need to start from the very beginning. We give only what was done specifically for her. What woman does not want to start her holiday with a fragrant cup of coffee in bed? And only the closest people know the preferences of the lady - vintage luxury or expensive simplicity. A tray is a simple detail that can emphasize your attitude to your beloved woman.

What is a tray?

Decorated tray

Of course, in the store you can easily buy any tray - expensive and not so, for everyday use or special occasions. But to make a tray with your own hands will be much more interesting. First, let's figure out what it is.

This is a kind of surface on which you can put several objects and move them to another place. Trays must have sides. Without them, products also happen, but this does not add practicality to them. It is undesirable to serve a tray without sides, because the unstable surface of the bed can contribute to the spill of liquid on the linen, and this, you see, will upset any housewife. So, the tray is not just a board with handles, but always with sides.

Side tray

Photo frame tray

How to make a tray with your own hands? There are several ways. The simplest ones suggest taking ready-made trays. For example, you can buy a cutting board without a pen. The board can be wooden, plastic, plywood. The main thing is that it does not bend under light weight and that it is possible to work with it.

Choose a photo frame to fit the board. It’s not worth saving on glass, as you can hide any decor under it, for example, a photograph that will remind you of a pleasant day for a long time.

The frame should be screwed to the board with screws or nailed with carnations. If the material is not amenable to this method of fastening, you can stick it. To make it easier to take the tray, we attach furniture retractable handles on both sides. Previously, everything can be painted in the desired color or decorated in any way.

Old locker doors

Many craftsmen suggest not throwing doors off lockers, but using them to create a tray with your own hands. To do this, take the door, which has sides. Disconnect all the hinged fittings from it. We clean existing irregularities, eliminate flaws. If necessary, overwrite the places where the hinges were screwed with putty.

Do not leave flaws in the hope that they will hide during decoration. It is better to eliminate them and not then sculpt the decor to where the hole or chip. Decorative elements are best placed where the sense of beauty suggests. Decorate to taste. Next we fasten the handles. The tray is ready.

Old picture frame

Plank tray

If the house has an old frame in which a mirror was standing or photos were stored, you can use it as a beautiful side for a tray. Cut the bottom out of plywood to fit the frame, decorate the resulting plane with a piece of fabric. The bottom can also be painted or decoupage using paper patterned napkins.

If there is glass with the frame, you can use it as an additional decoration. Perhaps the picture stored in the frame can be used to decorate the tray. You can screw the handles to the frame on the side so as not to disturb the pattern.

The frame itself can be updated with gold paint. A good solution is to use varnish or resort to a burner to emphasize the beauty of the picture.

Boards in business

If you want to make a tray with your own hands and get something original, you need to take a board and rail. Fine grind both. Cut the board with a saw or jigsaw into identical pieces. At the edges, connect them with a rail, nailing it to the end parts of the boards. You can stain or varnish, paint in any color or decorate to the taste of the future owner of the tray.

To make a tray of wood with your own hands, special skills are not needed. Next, we fasten the finished knobs from furniture or we make them from thick ropes, having previously drilled holes in the right places. If you make the rope handles more authentic, then the tray can be used as a hanging shelf, and you can adjust the length of the handles from below using special clamps.

Plywood beauty

Wicker tray

You can make a tray of plywood with your own hands. It has long been known that plywood is a very malleable material. If you have the skill, imagination and a minimal set of tools for processing wood, you can craft an amazingly beautiful tray with a unique design.

Of course, it will be difficult to call it practical, but as a decoration for the kitchen, any housewife will definitely like it. The main thing is patience and desire. You can think up the design yourself, or you can just peek on the Internet and craft something already invented by a real master.

Leg Trays

Some tray models require legs. Making a tray with your own hands is easy. Currently, you can buy ready-made legs that can only be attached to a makeshift tray.

Leg tray

If you want to think over everything yourself, then in the stores of building materials you can find a large number of tubes that are suitable for a table made by yourself. In addition to the tubes themselves, there are all kinds of connectors that can act as decor. If you have the skill, attaching them to the tray will be easy. If there is no skill, you can just watch the video in which the masters share their best practices.

Decorate the trays

Making a tray is half the battle. It must be decorated. Several ways to decorate trays:

The simplest is to varnish. If the tray is made of wood, its texture itself will become the most pleasant decoration. You can purchase a tint varnish that will give vividness to the picture.

If the tree in the decor is not interested, you can make decoupage on the tray. Always original, fashionable and attractive. In addition, it is quite simple to do. Choose your favorite pictures, stick them to your liking, varnish - a unique tray is ready.

You can stain the tray with stencils.

Mosaic will also be a worthy solution. Only the embodiment of this idea needs skills. If many small coins have accumulated in the house, they can also be used to decorate the tray.

The main thing to remember is for whom the tray is being prepared and what are the tastes of the person to whom it will be presented.


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