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Monaco is a small European country that attracts tourists with a favorable climate and an abundance of entertainment. Many people come here to watch car races and play in the casino. If you decide to spend your vacation in this country, be sure to take the time and visit a unique attraction - the princely palace in Monaco.

Princely Palace in Monaco

History of the state and princely residence

In 1215, Fulco de Cassello began the construction of the Genoese fortress. It is on the site of this historic defensive structure that today stands the palace of the princely dynasty in Monaco. The miniature state begins its history in 1297. It was then that Francesco Grimaldi was expelled from Genoa and, wearing a monk's clothes, managed to get inside the fortified citadel, and then capture it. At first, Monaco was officially considered a feudal possession. And only from the XVII century at the world level the Grimaldi dynasty was recognized as sovereign rulers, and the principality began to be considered a full and autonomous state. What is curious, the descendants of the princely family manage their possessions in our days. The main palace was rebuilt and restored several times. Today, the residence not only looks great, but is also used for its original purpose. In the palace today the princely family constantly resides and all important state affairs are resolved.

Princely Palace in Monaco Monte Carlo

Princely Palace in Monaco: photos and description

Throughout its history, the Principality of Monaco has fought for its own independence. While the French kings built luxurious residences in the Baroque style, Grimaldi chose a more practical renaissance for his palace, without forgetting to think about its security and impregnability. The exterior facade of the building is decorated with mosaics and white columns. From the side of the courtyard you can observe the frescoes restored in the middle of the 20th century. The princely palace in Monaco boasts a rich interior decoration. The prevailing styles are those that became fashionable under Louis XIV, which are examples of pomp and luxury. The palace houses an impressive collection of art objects dating from different periods, which are family relics of the ruling dynasty.

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The life of a princely residence today

The Princely Palace in Monaco is located in the most prestigious area of ​​the Monaco Ville resort. Today the residence is divided into four zones. The Napoleon Museum is open in the palace, there is also a historical archive of the family, some rooms are used for official events and ceremonies. The residence is equipped with a residential part, in which members of the princely family constantly live. The good news for those who want to see the princely palace in Monaco personally - in the summer, excursions are held here. Typically, the residence opens for free visits as soon as the prince's family moves to a less hot region.

How do members of the princely family live?

112 people are employed in the princely palace, and all of them, of course, are citizens of Monaco. In front of the main entrance to the residence there is an area surrounded by a battery of war cannons cast under Louis XIV. Around the palace there is a gorgeous garden that allows members of the princely family not only to admire the plants, but also to hide their privacy from admirers and journalists. Today, 11 gardeners take care of the green zone right away. In order to understand whether the ruler is at home, just look at the princely palace in Monaco. Monte Carlo is a relatively small resort, all the inhabitants of which know that every time the prince arrives, the state flag flies above the residence. The security of the palace is provided by carabinieri. Not for the first century, they are in full dress guarding the residence around the clock, changing of the guard takes place at 11.55, this is an exciting sight. Carabinieri organize an honorary escort of His Highness, as well as monitor order in the state.

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Interesting Facts

In 1997, the Grimaldi dynasty celebrated the 700th anniversary of the reign. Throughout this time, the palace in Monaco is the only residence of the princely family. In the local archive you can see exhibits telling about the rule of Grimaldi since the founding of the principality. Here are stored many personal belongings that once belonged to members of the princely family, and various historical documents. In 2008, a monument to Francois Grimaldi was erected on the square in front of the palace. The statue depicts the founder of the clan in monastic vestments - this is how he once entered the Genoese castle. In the middle of the last century, Prince Rainier III introduced an interesting tradition: from time to time, music concerts are held in the courtyard of the residence. Those who at least once attended such an event assure that the acoustics here are unusually good.

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How to get on an excursion?

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by quite hot summers. In the midst of the tourist season, members of the princely family leave their residence and relax in a cooler region. It is during the absence of its inhabitants that the princely palace in Monaco opens its doors to visitors. Excursions are held from April 2 to October 31, daily from 10.00 to 18.00. Tourists are advised to clarify the schedule of the expositions a few days before the intended visit - from time to time the residence is closed for official events. A visit to the palace is paid, an adult entry ticket costs 8 euros, and a child (8-14 years old) and student ticket costs 4 euros. Discounts for mini-groups are provided. Of course, tourists are not taken to the private quarters of the princely family. But you can visit the museum and archive, as well as inspect the front rooms during the tour. Tourists can also see members of the princely family. Representatives of the Grimaldi dynasty are captured not only in family portraits, but also in the wax museum.

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The exact address of the attraction

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Monte Carlo is the princely palace in Monaco. How to get to the princely residence? Any local will tell you the road. Many public transport routes go directly to the Palace Square , for example, buses No. 1 and 2. From the railway station you can walk along the picturesque streets in about 30 minutes. Many travel agencies in Monaco offer tourists excursions with transfers from other settlements of the state. The exact address of the palace: Place du Palais, Monaco-Ville, Palais Princier de Monaco. If you have the opportunity, be sure to visit the princely palace in Monaco. The description of this attraction cannot be compared with the impressions that you will get from a personal inspection of the residence.


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