Coffee with marshmallows: description and method of preparation

Coffee is the world's most popular drink. For many people, it begins with him every new day. True, some people use it in its pure form, while others prefer to add milk, sugar, spices and other various components. In the West, some sweet tooths like to make coffee with marshmallows. What does this product look like and what gives it an unusual ingredient? It is worth talking about this in more detail.

Product Description

It is difficult to immediately determine which category coffee with marshmallows belongs to. On the one hand, it is a drink, and on the other, an original dessert. There are many different recipes and methods for its preparation. The easiest way is to first make plain black coffee, and then pour it into a cup and sprinkle slices of marshmallow on top.

coffee with marshmallows

It is better to drink it right away, without waiting for the drink to cool. It is at this time that the most interesting is happening. Marshmallows under the influence of high temperature begin to gradually melt, forming a gentle airy foam. It is sweet enough, so adding sugar to such a drink is not necessary. Although, everyone has an opinion on this. Those who do not have enough vanilla flavor, pour coffee with marshmallows with sweet syrup or use various spices (cinnamon, star anise) in the process of preparation. Whipped cream, coconut or grated chocolate are suitable for decorating such a drink. In this composition, it really turns into a real dessert.

Marshmallow Coffee

Abroad, the original confectionery product with the unusual name "marshmallows" has long been very popular. It has the consistency of a sponge and, in fact, is very reminiscent of a marshmallow or souffle. Typically, such a product is made in the form of small cylinders or flagella. For the first time in this form, marshmallows appeared in the United States back in 1950. At that time, the Americans liked the original delicacy, and they began to add it to salads, ice cream and various desserts. Today, gentle chewing pastilles are loved in many countries. But most often they are still used as a complement to hot drinks. So, hot chocolate, cocoa or coffee with marshmallows marshmallows can be found in the menu of any cafe in Europe. This fragrant product is also very satisfying, although it contains a minimum of calories. Many use it even as a full breakfast. A cup of such coffee not only makes you forget about hunger, but also cheers you up for the whole day.

The product's name

Russians have long been accustomed to the foreign names of many products. Therefore, for many it is no secret what is the name of coffee with marshmallows.

what is the name of coffee with marshmallows

In addition, it must be noted that for the preparation of such a drink, as a rule, not domestic, but foreign delicacies are used. They allow you to achieve the desired consistency of an unusual dessert. Therefore, most often such a product is called "coffee with marshmallows." It immediately becomes clear what exactly is being discussed. If you carefully consider the composition of domestic marshmallows and foreign chewing pastilles, it becomes clear that there is practically nothing in common between them. Our products are a whipped mixture of fruit puree, egg white and sugar with the addition of a small amount of some excipient. Marshmallows are corn syrup (or sugar), glucose, water, and gelatin. Whipped to a state of air mass, they turn into a product that looks more like chewing candy.

Cooking secrets

Not everyone today is ready to claim that he knows how to make coffee with marshmallows. Nevertheless, there are many different recipes from which anyone can choose for themselves the most liked option. The easiest way is to have the following starting components: ground natural coffee, cream, marshmallows and chocolate.

how to make coffee with marshmallows

The process technology is extremely simple:

  1. First, you must make coffee according to all the rules. It must be strong in order to maximize the taste of additional ingredients.
  2. Pour the finished drink into a cup.
  3. Top with a few chewing marshmallows and mix well. The product will immediately begin to increase in volume, forming a stable foam.
  4. To make the dessert more palatable, its surface can be decorated with grated chocolate.

The product is spectacular and very elegant. And thrill-seekers can use a few extra ingredients to decorate. From this drink will be even tastier.


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