Kabbalah: red thread - a protective amulet from the evil eye and evil spirits

The red thread (Kabbalah) is an amulet of ordinary red woolen thread that is tied to the wrist of the left hand. Kabbalah is a peculiar part of Judaism. This esoteric movement arose in the Middle Ages, and over time it acquired the extraordinary popularity that holds today.

Kabbalah red thread

The legend of Lilith

According to the teachings of Kabbalah, the red thread is designed to protect the one on whose hand it is located, from envy, disease, evil spirits. Its use as an amulet is explained in the legend of Lilith. The first wife of Adam, whose name was Lilith, turned into an evil demon and left her husband. When she flew over the Red Sea, she was caught up by the angels sent by the Most High: Sansena, Sena and Samangelof. They failed to return Lilith, but they managed to take a promise from her not to kill the children, who would bear the names of these three angels or her personal names. And since one of the names of Lilith was Audem - "redness" in Hebrew, then adherents of the teachings of Kabbalah began to consider - the red thread is able to protect from demons.

Features of the teachings of Kabbalah

A close person should tie a red thread on the wrist. It is necessary to tie seven knots. In addition, the thread must be purchased, and not woven independently. Kabbalah, in principle, does not imply any restrictions and prohibitions. It is only about energy, positive or negative. Therefore, in the teachings of Kabbalah, the red thread is interpreted not just as a charm from all evil. This is a whole protective system based on the fact that negative energy comes from the eyes.

Red thread Kabbalah

According to researcher Lightman, Kabbalah teaches that the negative energy of the evil eye can affect not only well-being, but also human life. It can interfere with us in achieving the goals set by fate, and even deprive of what we have already achieved. But in the teachings of Kabbalah, the red thread serves as a defense against such a negative.

The use of red thread

Woolen thread acts like a vaccine when vaccinated, that is, it enhances our spiritual immunity. It is necessary to tie a protective thread precisely on the left hand, because negative energy enters us from this side.

It is worth noting that the red thread is used as a talisman not only in Kabbalah. For example, the Bulgarians stuck a needle with a red thread into a white shawl at the threshold of the house in which the deceased was located, since they believed that in this way they help the soul to go to heaven.

The cord was tied to newborn children with a red thread to protect their body from the penetration of evil demons, the evil eye and disease. In some cultures, even now, a red thread is put on the wrist of an infant, which protects the child from skin diseases.

Lightman Kabbalah

Adults tie red woolen threads on arms and legs for joint diseases or sprains. Previously, warts were treated with red thread. She tied up while reading a prayer, she had as many knots as a person has warts. Then it was burned. So, not only in Jewish Kabbalah was a red thread used, other cultures also perceived it as a protective amulet. It is impossible to say for sure that the thread on the left wrist will save you from diseases and the evil eye, but that it will not harm you - this is guaranteed.

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