Favorable prices for funeral services

Funeral services are in demand, therefore, there are many offers in this market. But still, really profitable options are quite rare. If you need to find just such, you should contact the company "Danila-Master." They will offer acceptable prices for funeral services and turnkey work.

How are the prices for funeral services and granite monuments formed?

The price depends on many factors. But the main criteria are:

  • quality and material features . The better the material, the more expensive the finished item will cost. But if the company has its own quarry and independently prepares raw materials for products, the cost of the final product is reduced. This is the best choice for buyers who want to save money, but do not lose quality;
  • processing complexity . Not all materials are malleable in the process, so certain difficulties may arise. So, natural granite is rather complicated in this sense. But such a property cannot be called a drawback - due to the strength of the stone, the finished monuments turn out to be very strong even with an abundance of artistic elements;
  • originality of the idea . Also, the prices for funeral services depend on how unusual the task is for the master. Simple monuments and tombstones are fast, do not require complex manipulations, and therefore are inexpensive. But products that need to spend a lot of time and effort will already increase in price;
  • amount of material spent . This is an obvious condition - the more material is used, the more expensive the result will be.

Division of monuments into classes

To make it more convenient to set prices and search for the necessary goods, all tombstones were divided into classes. The first category includes the simplest models, without patterns, with smooth edges and rectangular plates. They are called “rectangular monuments”. The “economy” group follows - smooth lines are already used here, the shape of the products is more interesting. The most common and demanded category is “Standard”, with decorative elements, but without complex solutions. The class "Premium" implies a more thorough processing of the edges, with the creation of several faces.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the monuments of the VIP class and author's products. The first imply the presence of handmade work, carved parts. But often these are recognizable stories - hearts, crosses. But the author’s creations are real works of art, they allow to realize any idea of ​​both the author and the customer.

When learning about the prices of monuments and funeral services , you should be guided at least in the range. The most inexpensive option will cost the client 4,400 rubles. It will be a rectangular monument of classical shape. Copyright monuments cost an average of 15,000 and above, the upper limit can be very high.

When ordering a tombstone, you can choose the one that suits the cost and appearance. But no matter what design is chosen, it will not affect the quality. The granite monument will stand for many years and will not lose its noble splendor.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/A10411/

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