How to fix a scratch on a car: useful tips

Own car is not just a useful thing: sometimes it becomes a real "friend", helping out in the most difficult moments, when in a hurry you need to get to the meeting point or carry goods.

how to fix a scratch on a car
Having a car, a person becomes more independent, his movement is limited only by the capabilities of the model and his own desire. We wonโ€™t remember about traffic jams ... But car care is needed, and constant contacting a service center takes time and money. There are cases of minor damage, the elimination of which does not require certain skills. But some knowledge for motorists still come in handy. In this article we will consider a very relevant question for owners of the mentioned vehicle: โ€œHow to fix a scratch on a car?โ€

External damage to the body

Damages on the outside of the body, such as scratches, chips and dents, are a common, familiar problem for many. The mentioned defects are eliminated by local methods, that is, the owner of the machine does not need to repair the entire surface of the body.

Sealing scratches on a car comes down to the following main points:

  1. Elimination of dents (if any).
  2. Grinding irregularities and applying putty material.
  3. Primer application.
  4. Finishing work.

Necessary tools and materials

close up a scratch on a car

In order to repair a scratch on a machine, the following tools are needed:

  • Sander or skin.
  • Abrasive and polishing paste.
  • Special filler material for car or soil mix.
  • Paints for cars (you can use acrylic with primer additives).
  • Finishes and thinner.


To fully cover the topic "How to repair a scratch on a machine", we give a step-by-step procedure.

  1. After removing the dents (if any), it is necessary to clean the parts from dirt and polish them (manually or using a machine) using abrasive paste. Such an operation reduces and makes the transitions between scratches and an undamaged surface practically invisible. Also, a matting paste must be applied to these border areas (using a sanding sponge).
  2. Then a putty layer is applied with a thickness of not more than 2 mm. If necessary, you can make several layers to get a flat surface.
  3. Then you need to polish the place of damage. At the same time, in order to avoid damage to the entire surface, the area around the dent must be glued with a special adhesive tape for painting.
  4. The next step in resolving the problem of โ€œHow to repair a scratch on a machineโ€ is to treat the damaged area with a degreasing agent and then apply a primer layer (you will have to work in 2 or 3 steps). For this event, it is recommended to use a primer gun with a nozzle with a diameter of 0.8 mm, which allows you to apply the coat accurately and accurately.
  5. Before painting, sand the primer with a special paper.
  6. Coloring is carried out in several stages. The first layer is the main paint (pigment for metal surfaces), then the main layers are applied, gradually increasing the spot area,
    car scratch repair
    so that the borders are not so pronounced. In this case, between painting techniques, it is necessary to withstand several minutes, so that the layers have time to dry out.
  7. When decorating, you can use the same gun. They also apply varnish, previously diluted with a solvent, to the transition zones. But at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the varnish does not go beyond the boundaries of the stain to be painted.
  8. Paint should be dried at a temperature of at least 18 degrees for two or three days. After drying, the damaged area is subject to additional grinding and polishing.

Such simple actions can eliminate minor defects on the car body. Question: โ€œHow to fix a scratch on a car?โ€ - does not require special knowledge and special efforts. All that is needed is desire, patience and accuracy. Then, with the help of a few tools, such troubles can be fixed independently.


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