Ipoh "white" coffee: description, application and recipes

White coffee is a delicious drink with a unique method of roasting. The Malaysian town of Ipoh is considered its homeland. Therefore, this drink is also often called Ipoh coffee. To prepare it requires special processing of grains. They are fried on margarine, which is made from palm juice. According to tradition, a drink with the addition of condensed milk is presented after a meal.

Ipoh white coffee

A little bit about white drink

Today, Ipoh is officially recognized as the city of white coffee. Travelers from all over the world come here to satisfy their curiosity. Many are interested in knowing what white coffee is and what it is made from. However, in our country, any drink where milk or cream is added is called white.

If we consider Malaysia, then in this country there are 2 types of such coffee. The first option is called simple and it became famous due to the addition of 3 varieties of coffee beans. It contains high-quality varieties of limerick, robusta and arabica. The first grade is rarely used, but in combination with the rest this coffee gives the drink a certain charm. The next variety is a combination of tea and coffee. This Malaysian drink has a bitter taste due to strong brewed tea.

To date , white coffee can be purchased at any specialized store, picking a variety to your liking. The most important advantage of this product is that it is completely natural and does not contain any additives. In addition, the drink can be prepared in a matter of minutes and coffee is stored in an open package for a sufficiently long time.

white coffee

A unique drink with pine pollen

This is a quality instant drink with the addition of pine pollen and low-fat milk. This black and white coffee includes only Arabica from Indonesia. It is fried at low temperatures, so all useful trace elements are stored in the drink.

Modern technology removes excess caffeine, and this is due to its mild flavor. The main advantage of natural coffee is that it increases working capacity and mood, while normalizing the functions of the gall bladder, stomach and brain. This drink is also useful for overweight people, since it makes it possible to control body weight and improves metabolic processes.

what is white coffee

White drink with ganoderma

Many will be interested in what they make white coffee with ganoderma from. Such an unusual name is the mushroom of immortality. This drink has useful properties: improves night rest and mood, and also strengthens the immune system. In addition, coffee removes harmful toxins and toxins, and is also valued for its anti-aging effect.

The high content of amino acids and beneficial trace elements allows you to slow down the aging process, restore the health of the body, increase mental and physical stress. The drink has an unusual, amazing taste that true gourmets can appreciate. This coffee is indicated for people who have a weak body and want to strengthen it.

black and white coffee

Multivitamin "Tiens"

This is a very healthy and delicious white coffee with tonic and tonic properties. In addition, this drink almost instantly normalizes the balance of nutrients in the human body. Despite the fact that it is instant coffee, it has the smell and taste of a quality expensive drink. There are no preservatives or synthetic dyes, but there is a lot of folic acid, minerals and various vitamins. The drink is allowed for people with diabetes or being overweight.

Double shot with inulin

This white coffee with cream has a pronounced smell and mild taste. In its composition, it has inulin, which is a natural polysaccharide. The advantage of this drink is that it normalizes the work of the stomach and helps with weight loss. Also, coffee is used to prevent atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

What is white coffee made from?

White drink with ginger

White coffee in combination with ginger is an excellent warming drink that favorably affects the human body. It normalizes internal pressure and strengthens the immune system. In addition, the drink contains cinnamon, which gives it a unique aroma. This type of coffee is greatly appreciated by people who follow their figure, because it speeds up the metabolism.

Homemade Beverage Recipes

Recipe number 1 with cinnamon


  • milk - 120 ml;
  • ground coffee - 0.5 tbsp;
  • a pinch of cinnamon;
  • a piece of refined.

Stir in equal proportions the finished drink and warm milk. Put a slice of refined sugar and add ground cinnamon.

white coffee

Recipe number 2 with condensed milk


  • milk - 120 ml;
  • sugar - 0.5 tsp;
  • ground coffee - 0.5 tbsp;
  • white chocolate - one cube;
  • condensed milk - 2 tsp.

Add a teaspoon of instant drink to milk and cook over low heat for 4-6 minutes, stirring all the time. Milled chocolate is mixed with condensed milk and poured into coffee. For people who like a sweet drink, you can put a spoonful of sugar.

Recipe number 3 "Lux"


  • coffee - 0.5 tsp;
  • white chocolate - 60 gr.;
  • butter - 0.5 tbsp;
  • nonfat cream - 10 ml;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • milk - 60 ml.

First you need to prepare half a cup of a strong drink in your usual way. Grind chocolate with a grater. We put it in a pan and set it on the stove, after 7-8 minutes we mix and let it boil for another 30 minutes. When the chocolate thickens, add salt. After installing the pan in a steam bath, put the butter and cream, stir and let cook until a homogeneous consistency is formed. Mix hot milk and coffee, pour the prepared caramel and mix thoroughly.

white coffee

Positive properties of the drink

Ipoh white coffee is a great substitute for green, it is not so useful, but much tastier. The grains have a soft roast, giving them a nutty light taste and smell. The unique and mild flavor of this coffee will appeal to people who value natural ingredients and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Coffee has positive properties due to the large number of fatty amino acids, sterols and various vitamins. The presence of vitamin D strengthens blood vessels, the chlorogenic amino acid makes the drink useful for people who want to lose weight because it activates the breakdown of body fat.

Heat treatment of grains makes it possible to maintain them for a long time, without losing their taste and positive qualities.

It must be said that white coffee can positively affect the body only when it is consumed in moderation. Abuse will certainly lead to negative consequences.

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