How to whiten white things using improvised means

With the advent of the warm season, most girls prefer white in the wardrobe. He brings notes of lightness, elegance and femininity to the image. And in general, white color looks great at any time of the year, adds a sense of self-confidence and uplifting. In the summer heat in such clothes you will feel more comfortable, because the sun's rays are reflected from white, and the body does not heat up.

However, over time, unfortunately, white clothes acquire a yellowish or gray tint. And you can’t remove it with ordinary washing. Therefore, the question "how to bleach white things" remains relevant for many. In this article, we will talk about various ways how you can return things to their original appearance and still not ruin the fabric. We will also share secrets on how to bleach white things and how to wash them so that they do not change their color.

Below we list the substances that any housewife will probably find:

how to bleach white things

1. Hydrogen peroxide. This tool will help you quickly deal with the problem of "how to whiten yellowed white things." We dilute a three percent solution of peroxide in water at the rate of one teaspoon per 2 liters of water. Dip things into this mixture and leave for twenty - twenty five minutes. It is advisable to mix clothes every five minutes to uniformly remove plaque.

2. Another tool that helps housewives in the matter of “how to whiten grayed-out white things” is potassium permanganate. We take ten liters of hot water, add a little pink crystals and about two hundred grams of washing powder. After that, we put things in the resulting solution and cover with a plastic wrap to maintain the temperature of the water. When it has completely cooled, carefully rinse out the clothes.

3. Ammonia. This tool helps to solve the problem of “how to whiten white things from cotton and linen”. We mix five to seven tablespoons with ten liters of water, put the clothes in the resulting solution. Leave for two to three hours.

how to whiten yellowed white things

4. Salt, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and laundry detergent. How to whiten white things from wool or cotton when potassium permanganate is not at hand? This will help the prepared mixture of one tablespoon of ammonia, three tablespoons of peroxide, a handful of salt, a small amount of washing powder. All this is bred in ten liters of warm water. After that, we dip things in the resulting mixture. Depending on the contamination, we hold twenty or forty minutes. Then rinse in cold water.

5. Laundry soap. This is an old way to solve the problem of “how to bleach white things”. We rub the clothes abundantly with soap, soak for about two to three hours, and then wash in the usual way. It is very important to use only the soap on which 72% is written.

how to bleach gray white things
Consider another simple way to whiten white things. We collect water in a washing container, add two tablespoons of boric acid there. Soak clothes there and leave for two hours. Then we erase, as usual. You can use this method only if things are made of thick fabric. For example, this way you can bleach socks or T-shirts. In the case of a thinner fabric, the structure of the fibers may be disrupted and strength may be lost.


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