Success and Achievements of Larisa Reis

Larisa Reis combines not only the strength and stamina necessary to participate in competitions, but also femininity. She was born in Brazil and was the only child in the family. Perhaps it was her parents' love and support in everything that helped her achieve such heights.

Biographical data

The sports career of the young Larisa Reis began immediately after school, when in the distant 1997 she entered college as a tourism manager and at the same time began to spend time in the gym. First, the girl was noticed as a fitness model and was offered to participate in several competitions.

class day

Gradually, popularity and fame came to her. But the athlete is not enough. In addition to actively participating in fashion shows and constantly appearing in various magazines, she sets a goal to achieve more. After a while, Larisa Reis goes around at the casting about a hundred applicants who want to appear in the Playboy magazine. Thanks to a beautiful figure and physical data, she becomes a model of a glossy publication.

After that, she is invited to advertise nutritional supplements. This event is a turning point in the life of a girl, as she discovers a new sport - fitness. Since 2005, rapid success and victories in various competitions begins.

Chronology of success

Larisa Reis first declared herself as a professional fitness model in 2005 at the "American Champion" competition. There she won. After this, the bodybuilder takes part in another competition, but already in his native country, where he also gets first place.

Athlete Injury

In between large shows, Larisa continues to appear for fashion magazines and simultaneously maintains her blog. The girl shows herself active and purposeful. Even if for tournaments and competitions the weight of Larisa Reis increases, then after a while the model returns to form for further shows.

In addition to performing physical exercises, the athlete often sits on different diets. This helps her to quickly get in shape after the competition and again act in film for fashion magazines. About methods for maintaining a beautiful figure, she shares in the author's blog.

The next big victory for bodybuilder Larisa Reis was the second place in the world championship and getting the IFBB PRO Federation card. Victory at the Atlantic City Championship has become one of the most iconic for the athlete.

Vigorous activity

Passion for sports has grown into a life-long affair. Now Larisa is actively engaged in a career as a model and takes part in shows. She starred for sports magazines and collaborates with large companies.

Occupation in the hall

Rei's schedule is so tight that there is simply not enough time for rest or abstract classes, but Larisa does not complain. On the contrary, she was pleased with her choice, which she repeatedly reported in an interview.

She starred with famous fashion models Natalya Melo and Oksana Grishina. In addition, the athlete has developed her own course and training program, according to which she herself is engaged. She is the bearer of the title of one of the most famous women in Brazil. At home, Larisa is considered a national heroine and a model for women of different social status.

Star Tips

The athlete began her journey from scratch. She did not have as many opportunities as others. But this did not prevent her from actively playing sports and stubbornly go to her goal. As Larisa recalls in an interview, sometimes there were times when I wanted to quit, because there was practically no free time due to constant loads and training, and victories in large competitions also did not come right away. But she did not break. Therefore, it advises others to also actively strive to fulfill their tasks.

Now her life is full of meaning. She has several contracts with famous magazines. Despite this, the Flight continues to play sports. She perceives life as a struggle for her abilities and a place under the sun. That is what motivates her fans and fans. Thanks to Larisa, many people again begin to believe in themselves.


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