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From ancient times, people lived in communities, it was not easy for our ancestors to resist the forces of nature, helpless and weak, people had to be afraid of everything - wind, thunder and lightning, and wild animals. Man considered the forces of nature as living beings, sometimes he tried to appease them, worshiped, trying to propitiate, and sometimes tried to deceive with various tricks. He did this with the help of drawings and images. One of the types of protection is body painting with intricate patterns, a complex tattoo.

The primitive tattoo served not only as decoration, but also as protection against danger. At the same time, the tattoo signs reported a lot about their owner: each of them had its own name and meaning. One indicated age, the other - what kind of tribe, the third, like a medal, narrated about exploits and victories. The color and size of the signs and their combinations mattered. Body tattoos have survived centuries. In ancient China, the craft of tattoos flourished, it was especially popular among the "low-born," often among criminals. In general, in ancient China, in the Celestial Empire, the laws of belonging to a noble or low family were very significant, but nevertheless did not prevent the people from being very law-abiding and patriotic.

Modern extreme lovers are not averse to decorating themselves with all sorts of images, often very elegant and well drawn. But, whatever you say, over time, nevertheless, the skin changes and the happy owner of flirty tattoos by the age of 60, some of them, made forever, can undergo significant changes.

Speaking about the development of patrimonial signs, signs of belonging to a certain genus, certificate of origin, then, with the development of society and the emergence of private property, these drawings became emblems - personal and family signs, which still retain their significance. Coats of arms have cities, countries, moreover, the oldest higher educational institutions have a coat of arms.

Now, drawings, signs that distinguish trading companies and industrial enterprises, cosmetic factories and restaurants and are called โ€œtrademarkโ€, โ€œtrademarkโ€ or โ€œlogoโ€, have many seemingly significant organizations.

Thanks to the outgoing property of man, itโ€™s easy to perceive the information transmitted through the image, modern advertising workers invent new methods of delivering this information to the mass consumer. The larger the image, the laconic the text and the figurative the image - the more intelligible large format printing reveals the topic. The transfer of information using signs is the oldest and most reliable way to establish the ownership and authenticity of personal items, tools, documents.

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