Organization of space and time: description, features, examples and recommendations

How is the "smart home" different from the usual? The fact that each item has its own place in it, and if necessary, it is easy to quickly find / get it. The competent organization of space is not magic at all, but a combination of knowledge and techniques that will be useful to each of us. We offer you simple ideas for home and office that will help make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Functional zoning of an apartment or house

Each room in your home should have its own function. This is an individual moment, so the universal advice of designers in this matter will not help. It is convenient when the apartment is large, there is a separate living / dining room, a study, children's rooms. But at times the zoning task is complicated if, for example, a young family with a child lives in a two-three-room apartment. Organization of space in this case should begin with a list of requirements for each room.

Space organization

Suppose, in the kitchen, food will be prepared and meals organized, in the children's room there will be allocated places for study, sleep and games, and in the other room there will be a bedroom for parents and a living room. Of course, this is only an approximate list. And you make your personal in accordance with the needs of the family.

Get rid of everything superfluous!

Organizing space and time will require some sacrifice. First of all, you need to get rid of all unnecessary things. Do not try to do it in one day. It is better to gradually disassemble the shelf after the shelf. There were things that were not needed, but was it a pity to throw away? Excellent! Only outright rubbish should be sent to the trash bin, and try to hand out to someone who don’t have serious defects, or donate them to some charity foundation. Having thus got rid of unnecessary at first glance things, you will get a lot of positive emotions and will feel much better.

Find a place for every thing

Before seriously approaching the organization of storage of things, you should understand if they are in their place in your home. What is used daily should be at hand. Try to set aside areas for household chores, personal care, work and leisure. A simple example: all cleaning tools and equipment can be stored in one place. But it will be much more convenient if separately in the kitchen you organize a container / shelf for storing what you clean in this room.

Educational space organization

Any system of organizing space involves the allocation of separate places for storing certain things. When looking for a new repository for a certain group of objects, try to organize it in the most convenient place. Separately, it is necessary to solve the issue of long-term storage. For seasonal clothes and shoes, travel equipment and other items that are used from time to time, it is useful to allocate a separate pantry. If this is not possible, use the upper shelves of the cabinets, organize additional mezzanines, it is also possible to purchase upholstered furniture with storage compartments.

Use organizers and storage systems

So, we figured out what things should be and where. For storage it is very convenient to use a variety of baskets for small items and organizers. Such devices today can be found in all home goods stores or made with your own hands. Take any boxes that are in your house, glue them with gift paper, wallpaper or decorate in another way. Now, collect everything inside that just lies on a shelf or is placed on a coffee table.

Workspace organization

The benefits of using baskets and organizers you will notice immediately. Previously, in order to just wipe the dust, you had to pick up a stack of magazines or several bottles at once. Now you can remove everything together in one motion. Organizers are even more convenient to use - storage devices with many compartments, simplifying the sorting of small items.

Use all the useful space.

How often do we have to deal with the fact that the really necessary things are simply nowhere to store. This is the real problem of all small apartments. Approach her decision wisely. Proper organization of space will help you to conveniently place a huge number of things in a minimum area. Practically in any house there are small "corners" and "gaps" that are not used at all. For example, the distance of half a meter from the cabinet to the window or 30-40 centimeters between the bed and the table. It seems that you can’t put furniture. So similar "voids" are formed.

Organization of the space of the child

But they can be used for storage. Just do not rush to hammer all such corners with bundles and boxes. Order a mini-bedside table in a furniture store or purchase a beautiful stand for magazines, umbrellas or any other little things. A wonderful idea is to store light objects and fixtures on the inner surface of cabinet doors. All you need to do is just attach the hooks. This solution is especially convenient for the kitchen.

Order in the nursery

In a family with a child, the greatest attention is paid to arranging everything necessary for the youngest member of the family. It is very good if it is possible to allocate a separate room for the baby. For the full and diverse development of the child, it is necessary to equip the area for sleep, for games, as well as for creative studies / studies. A baby bed should only be used for sleeping. Get the right bedding and all the necessary accessories. If the sleeping place is in the room shared with parents, try to place it in the most silent place, far from the TV, the computer and other sources of noise.

Organization of space and time

Arrangement of the play area, you can do as soon as the baby begins to walk independently. Make room for games with a bright carpet, and place toys nearby. The organization of the child’s space should be convenient for the small owner of the play area. Place your favorite toys on the lowest tier. To store all the little things for children, you can use special baskets / boxes. If there is enough space, buy a bookcase or chest of drawers. The most difficult thing is to organize a place for creativity and study of the child. A profitable purchase for the smallest is a portable table and chair. But by the time you start school, you need to purchase a large desk and prepare all the necessary accessories and supplies.

Pupil or student corner

Organization of educational space will take some time. The required minimum is a desk. Since there is free space above it, you can put an add-on or hang shelves for books. Textbooks, notebooks, stationery and other office supplies must be sorted according to the principle of use and placed in drawers / shelves. While studying, it is convenient to use all kinds of folders and folders, and pens, felt-tip pens and pencils are best stored in special stands.

Space organization system

The organization of the space of the training or workplace should be carried out according to the rule: everything you need is at hand, correctly grouped and neatly arranged. From early childhood, teach your child to order, remind you that you can take up a new business only after the previous one. Accordingly, during classes, only what will be used directly at the moment should be on the table.


If you often have to work at home, it makes sense to allocate a separate zone for labor exploits. Even with a lack of space, a home office can be placed on an area barely exceeding a square meter. Choose a table suitable for your needs, place a computer on it. It is advisable here to store everything that you use to work daily. It can be diaries, plans, important papers. If you write something manually from time to time, take care of the supply of pens and paper. In fact, the organization of the workspace is entirely dependent on the type of activity and duties of a particular specialist.


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