EMC Russian Post: what it is, features and tariffs

Receiving and sending parcels and letters through traditional post offices, many would probably dream of using a faster delivery service. And he already is. This is the EMC of the Russian Post. Let's look at what it is like to use the service, and also get answers to popular questions from addressees.

EMC Russian Post: what is it?

"EMS Russian Post" is an express courier delivery operator , a subsidiary branch of FSUE Russian Post. He is a full member of Express Mail Service (EMS) - an organization that unites similar express-mail operators from 192 countries. Such an association has been created within the framework of the Universal Postal Union.

EMC Russian Post: what is it? Courier service for the delivery of goods and documents, with 42 thousand branches throughout the country. The largest Russian cities have 26 of its structural elements. 9 thousand post offices in the Russian Federation are capable of receiving and sending EMC messages of the Russian Post. The service delivers letters and parcels to the most remote corners of the country, and to 181 countries of the world. An exception in the framework of Russia will be some high-mountain villages of the Chechen Republic and part of the settlements of the Magadan Region.

ems mail of russia what is it

The feature of forwarding is door-to-door delivery, both within the same city, region, country, world. The courier picks up your shipment at any place convenient for you and delivers it to the addressee at any address. Tracking the EMC sending of the Russian Post is registered, i.e. tracked by the track number provided in the check. In those cities where there is no courier delivery service, the addressee can receive the parcel at the post office.

The main services of the company are as follows:

  • Express shipment by cash on delivery.
  • Customs clearance of international mail.
  • Insurance of both parcels, parcels, and valuable letters.

Delivery of EMC Russian Post began its work on the first of March 2004. Its real director is Sergey Konstantinovich Malyshev. The service employees are more than 2 thousand people. For example, the company's revenue for 2009 was 1.8 billion rubles, and in 2013 the turnover was 3.025 million rubles. EMC service workers process up to 3 million items annually.

Express Delivery History

Learn more about what it is - EMC Russian Post, and a brief introduction to the history of express delivery will help. Such a service originated in 1985 - to quickly exchange postal goods and correspondence between the postal administrations of different countries. Its work was coordinated by the EMS cooperative, which over time covered its branches in more than 200 countries. He received his own recognizable logo - an orange wing, blue letters E, M, S and three orange horizontal stripes.

The USSR joined the service in the 1990s. Soviet citizens then could exchange express shipments with recipients from 18 countries. Within the Union, EMC operated in six cities: in Moscow, Kiev, Leningrad, Vilnius, Tallinn, and Riga. The first 13 years the service was represented by Garantpost.

e-mail dispatch

In 2003 alone, FSUE Russian Post was created, uniting over 40 thousand post offices across the country. A similar organization received the right to provide EMC services the next year after its foundation. In 2005, "EMS-mail of Russia" was allocated in a separate structural unit.

And now weโ€™ll talk specifically about particulars: restrictions, rules for sending / receiving, tracking EMC shipments of โ€œRussian Postโ€.

Parcel Limitations

The restrictions for Russian express shipments are as follows:

  • The sum of three measurements is no more than 300 cm, moreover, the length should not be more than 150 cm.
  • Weight Limit:
    • In the Russian Federation: 31.5 kg.
    • For shipments to Kazakhstan, the UK, Argentina, Bahrain, Mongolia, Myanmar, Israel, New Caledonia, Poland, Israel, Equatorial Guinea, Tobago, Syria, Trinidad, Malawi, Suriname, Spain, Ukraine, Dominica, Bermuda: 20 kg.
    • For departures to Cuba, Turks, Cayman Islands, Caicos, Gambia: 10 kg.
    • Shipments to other countries: 30 kg.

Shipping Instructions

What is EMC Russian Post? Convenient and quick departure. This is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. Check that the package does not contain prohibited investments, for example, weapons, drugs, poisonous plants and animals, Russian banknotes and currency, perishable products and anything that could be dangerous for employees in contact with the package.
  2. For small letters and parcels, free EMC packaging is provided - an envelope of 60x70 cm. In addition, you can pack the shipment yourself, but before that, be sure to read the packaging requirements posted on the official website of Russian Post.
  3. Call the courier through the form on the website of the Russian Post or by calling the hotline. You can also send the parcel through a post office employee.
  4. The same courier or mail employee can also provide you with additional services: an inventory of investments, cash on delivery, delivery notification via SMS.
  5. Be sure to keep a check or a copy of the form issued to you by the employee - it is a legal document confirming the fact of receiving property from you. In addition, it contains a track number by which you can track the "EMC of Russian Post."

tracking ems shipments

Receiving a parcel

Receiving a parcel by the addressee is as follows:

  • You can tell the recipient the track number so that he will track the mailing of the EMC Russian Post.
  • To receive a parcel by presenting an identity document, can directly both the recipient and his proxy. In the latter case, a notarized power of attorney is additionally required.
  • On the day of delivery, the courier will call the recipient. If it was not possible to reach the recipient, a notification will be waiting for him in the mailbox.
  • The recipient can arrange a convenient delivery time on his own - just call the hotline. It is also possible to pick up the shipment at the post office yourself.

track ems mail of russia

A number of additional services

We list additional useful EMC services:

  • SMS notification (only for parcels in the Russian Federation). The sender of SMS will inform about the delivery of the parcel to the department and its delivery to the addressee.
  • Declared value . Parcel insurance - in case of loss, damage to the parcel, you will receive appropriate monetary compensation. The maximum amount of declared value is 50 thousand rubles.
  • Cash on delivery . To receive your shipment, the addressee must pay the amount you specified. However, it should not exceed the declared value.
  • Content description . You will receive a list of investments in the parcel with the date of dispatch certified by the postal worker.

parcel tracking ems mail russia

Tracking packages "EMC Russian Post"

You can track the movement of the EMC departure, as well as a number of other parcels, by a unique track number. It is located on your check, receipt or invoice under the barcode. It is a combination of 13 characters, for example, EU123456789RU, where:

  • EU - latin capital letters (to track "EMC Russian Post" in various services, you need to enter them in capital letters in a special window). The letter "E" here indicates that the direction is EMS.
  • 123456789 is a unique digital number.
  • RU - letter code of the country of departure.

EMS delivery in Russia

Tracking Services

To track the packages of EMC Russian Post, you can use one of the services convenient for you:

  • The official website or application for the smartphone "Russian Post".
  • "Where is the parcel".
  • Postal Ninja.
  • Track24.
  • "Track the package" and so on.


Devote this item to answers to frequently asked questions.

  • How much is a courier service call? The service is free - you pay only for the fact of departure.
  • Who can use the EMC services? Both individuals and legal entities.
  • How to calculate the preliminary cost of the shipment? This can be easily done using a special calculator on the Russian Post website. The necessary data for calculations: the address of the sender and the recipient, the weight of the parcel and, if necessary, the declared value.
  • Can the recipient pay for the package? No, the cost of departure is paid only by the addressee. At your request, the addressee can pay only the price of the parcel indicated by you to receive it.
  • Are EMC parcels sent on demand? Yes, such an opportunity is guaranteed to exist within the Russian Federation. For a specific international dispatch, it is worth clarifying this question with the operator of the Russian Post hotline.
  • What are the delivery times for an EMC parcel? The official website of the Russian Post will help you find out the latest information. To do this, go to the "Rates and Dates" section. The delivery time for international shipments, of course, will be slightly longer than Russian. Their calculation is presented in detail in the "Operational Guide EMS".
  • Where can I not get an EMC departure? From Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Iceland, Canada, Austria.

russian mail ems postal tracking

EMS mail is a fast and reliable alternative to traditional mail. It is also distinguished by additional convenience: courier delivery "door to door", regardless of the distance between the addressee and the addressee.

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