Composition of concrete for the foundation

Composition of concrete for the foundation. The materials included in the concrete for the foundation (crushed stone, sand, gravel) must be different-grained, to evenly fill in the possible voids. The less gaps, the less then sand and cement will be needed to eliminate them. The total amount of empty space in the sand, according to building standards, should not exceed 37%, about 50% in gravel, not more than 45% in gravel. These indicators are very easy to compare. The filler or the selected mixture must be poured into a separate bucket, then pour a thin stream into it to the edges. The amount of poured liquid can determine the volume of voids. When, for example, liquids were poured 4.5 liters, then the voids 45%.

The general composition of concrete for the foundation must be selected using a conventional sieve. In an iron sieve with cells of 1, 0.5, 2, 4, 8 cm, gravel and gravel are sieved, and sand through 0.5, 0.15, 0.3, 2.5 mm.

Concrete for the foundation. Concrete is a solid mixture of selected aggregate, cement and water. A brand of cement is usually used one that can allow concrete to mix to the required hardness. It is necessary that the gravel, water and sand that are used in the preparation process are practically clean, otherwise the strength of concrete will decrease . The mass that is being kneaded is always different in consistency. When the mass becomes thick, but plastic, then it should be compacted, with less effort. And when the consistency of concrete is like moistened ground, and concrete is hard, it must be compacted in the final fold.

Cast concrete is distributed by gravity when they fill out the mold. How thick the concrete mix will be obtained depends on the volume of water . The mixture exfoliates with an excess of moisture in the concrete, and you should not wait for the strength of the concrete structure. A strong, reliable mixture can be obtained from a very dense mass according to the consistency, and at the same time it needs to be carefully compacted.

Any concrete is able to withstand very strong compression, and if it is stretched it may crack. To increase the strength in the construction of concrete, reinforcement made of metal is used. In terms of strength, reinforced concrete is higher than concrete due to the equal thermal expansion of reinforcement and concrete and their strong strong coupling in one design.

Sometimes the reinforcement is laid evenly by the weight of concrete, while welding into a frame. This is the strongest concrete structure. To position the rods when introducing reinforcement into the casting, it is necessary no closer than 5 cm from the concrete surface. When the concrete mass and reinforcing bars are correctly correlated, a very strong structure is obtained that can withstand any load.

How to prepare concrete for the foundation? Everyone understands that the foundation is the foundation of all structures and buildings. They have different types: foundations of concrete blocks, concrete columns. Most of all for a country house, a strip foundation is suitable. Concrete is used in all sectors of construction, it is a very popular material.

To prepare concrete, you need: clean water, sand, gravel. In case there is garbage in the water, the water must be cleaned. Gravel should be 200% less than liquids, and water less than 75% less than cement.

When preparing concrete in the summer, always use water that is only cold so that the setting time is reduced. And in winter, heat the water to 60 degrees, and then start concrete.

Concrete preparation: put the right amount of gravel, cement, sand in a container. There should be no foreign substances in the concrete (soil, oils, grass, clay, etc.). Stir everything and add water. Then mix with a fork until a homogeneous mass is obtained. From the moment the concrete is ready, it must be used for a maximum of the first two hours, otherwise its strength will decrease.

Builders need to know what concrete is, the composition of concrete for the foundation, how to properly prepare it to make the foundation strong.


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