How to paint nails with two colors? Simple ways

How many types of nail art are there? Many? Lots of. Each of them is unique, inimitable and beautiful. Entire masterpieces are born at the tips of the nails. But, despite the abundance of options, nail polish does not go out of fashion . It is for them easier and faster to make a perfect manicure in any convenient place. Many ladies, improvising and experimenting, finally ask themselves the question: how to paint nails with two colors at once? There are tons of options!

how to paint nails with two colors
Option number 1

The easiest way is to use two different varnishes on different fingers. For example, everything is painted in gray, and the index and thumb are pink. Or cover everything except the nameless one with delicate pearl varnish, and it in lilac. It is very important in these options to combine colors. They should not be in much contrast. If pastel colors prevail , then the distinctive nail should also be gentle. This will create harmony in the manicure. How to paint nails with two colors? You can play in hard contrast, but then the palette should be juicy and bright. It is unacceptable in the first embodiment to mix soft and aggressive tones.

paint nails with two colors photo
Option number 2

Have you heard about manicure with a sponge, but never tried it? It's time to get started! How to paint nails with two colors with a sponge? First you need to select a palette. Choose close shades that, when mixed, can form a decent color. Then pick up a sponge with not very large pores, soft. Put it in an art palette or on a piece of a little different varnish nearby. Use a thin brush to mix the middle. Dip the sponge in this mixture and pat your nails. So that the varnish does not get on the side rollers and cuticle, lubricate them first with a fat cream. So it will be easier to remove the excess afterwards. By the way, this method can be used not only with varnishes, but also with acrylic paints for painting. How to sponge your nails with two colors? The photo is attached with step-by-step actions. The line near the cuticle can be painted separately with a thin brush.

how to make up nails at home
Option number 3

How to paint nails at home, and even in two colors quickly and unusual? Use craquelure effect varnish. The color scheme of different manufacturers is different: someone has more options, someone less. One thing unites them - the base must be glossy so that the cracking is as complete as possible. Before you paint your nails with two colors in this way, choose a palette for yourself. There is no need to adhere to any rules, the gamma can be any. Vivid contrast will only play into your hands. Craquelure is applied simply: the glossy base dries, then varnish is applied with t

how to make up nails at home
slit and dries too. To give shine, you can cover the entire manicure with a protective coating. By the way, this method is not suitable for those who have a small nail plate. Laku just nowhere to spread.

Regardless of which way you like more, pay attention to the color scheme and the reason, which should match the manicure. How to paint nails with two colors yet? Improvise! Apply the varnish in two colors with strips, draw patterns, apply one varnish to the other (light to dark and vice versa). Turn on the fantasy and everything will work out.


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