How to tie a Chinese knot?

The Chinese knot is one of the integral elements of the traditions, culture and art of the East. Ever since ancient times, nodules have become significant details for the Chinese people. Events of great importance were designated by nodes of enormous size, and, accordingly, insignificant cases were noted small. During the heyday of their civilization, the Chinese noticed in ordinary ribbons images of various sacred animals and fateful signs. In order to achieve similarities with the appearance or symbol seen, corresponding nodes were made. Many secrets can carry a Chinese knot. It is not difficult to unravel its meaning if you know some of the nuances of weaving. Nodules can symbolize happiness, prosperity, luck, health, wealth or longevity.

chinese knot

Knot is a long-standing Chinese tradition

Not only beautiful knots can share Chinese shapes. They also carry certain information in themselves. Knots can display ancient Chinese traditions and customs, be symbols of kindness and beauty, and also show the desire of the people to know the truth. All this allows the Chinese nodes to exist and prosper for many millennia. In today's world of arts and crafts of the East, nodules occupy an honorable place. They are used as decorations on clothes, additional home furnishings and just as accessories. Feng Shui merchandise shops abound with various nodes, each of which has its own purpose and, possibly, even a unique legend. Each Chinese knot has its own name and meaning, which are reflected in the form of weaving.

What does it mean?

The duality of the nature of nodes in Feng Shui makes them very unusual talismans. They can denote a gap, alienation, release of various energies. Or carry the opposite information: formation, plexus, inevitability in human destiny. Knots are mandatory items for magicians, sorcerers, warlocks, and fortune-tellers. When a knot is tied, it means the subordination of higher forces to people, and when untwisted - the release of internal forces. Cutting a nodule carries a notice of a sharp turn in life, unexpected difficulties, bold decisions or definitive changes. The Chinese knot, according to Eastern beliefs, can protect a person from the influence of evil forces, help in difficult life situations, bring money and prosperity to the house, protect the family from evil eye and gossip.

chinese knot weaving

What you need to know about weaving knots?

The nodes of the eastern peoples are used in a variety of cultures. After all, such amulets look very tempting. Learning to do them is easy, and there will be many benefits. The most popular is the Chinese knot of luck. It helps to achieve the desired results in any endeavors, brings luck in business, success in doing business, material well-being and the ability to achieve what a person aspires to. According to tradition, such a knot is woven from a red rope, since this particular color is a symbol of strength and success. Only one thread is required. The node should turn out to be symmetrical in shape and look the same from all sides. In order to tie a knot of luck, you need to take three steps. First, the thread is laid out. Then the knot is tightened and the "ears" are pulled. The last step will be to decorate the site using various elements.

Weaving a knot of luck

To know how to knit Chinese knots of various shapes, first you need to try to learn how to make a knot of luck. It is necessary to take a rope or a thick thread 3 m long. A pillow for weaving and a set of needles are also required. A thread is fixed in the middle of the pillow. Next, each end is laid out in the form of a loop and stabbed with needles. The right end of the thread must be converted into a long loop, and then thread it into each vertical “eye”. The loop should move in a certain pattern: first under the thread, and then above it. Now everything needs to be fixed with needles. Next, all the threads that go vertically, except for the extreme loop on the right, must be entwined with the left free end along the top of the knot. After each action done, the thread should be fixed with a needle. The same thread starts again to the right, while forming a loop. At the bottom, the same operation is performed. In addition to everything, you must walk along the vertical end of the knot with the left end of the thread. The last step in knitting a knot is to align the size of its petals and tighten the free ends and outer loops. It is better to start from the middle of the knot and go in turn to different edges. Now the luck node is ready. It remains only to find a use for it, for example, to decorate a house with it or to carry it with you as a talisman and protection from evil forces.

chinese knot of happiness

How does the bundle of happiness work?

In another way, the knot of luck is called the Chinese knot of happiness. The shape of this product in itself already speaks of the numerous incarnations of man, of his karmic connection with the universe. Also, the knot embodies the symbolism of knowing the secrets of eternal life and youth. Most often, the knot of happiness is used as a talisman and amulet. It can be done using metal wire, tape, rope, thread, cord, or even just draw on a piece of paper. You can buy this symbol of good luck in the store or do it yourself. If you use the knot as a decoration, for example, as a pendant or pendant, this will help to protect yourself from wrong actions and imprudent actions. The owner of such a symbol will be able to gain power over time, will find the ability to clearly set the right goals and go towards them, bypassing all the dangers and obstacles.

how to tie a chinese knot

The main thing is to do everything yourself

The nodes of oriental culture always look harmonious. They have no sharp corners, which means that by their nature they are not aggressive. Each node has its own personality, which makes it multifunctional for each area of ​​use. Chinese weaving knots does not require special threads. In principle, you can knit them from any rope, but original and beautiful. A tow, not combed or twisted, is suitable for weaving as well as possible. Such nodes will be worthy of special attention. Knots look beautiful and exclusive if they are tied from a rope that is made by hand. To create such a thread, palm fiber or, as it is also called, sesame is best suited. The result is a weaving of an interesting structure, a little uneven and not smooth. Knots from such a rope will help attract the strength of the flow of Qi, that is, positive vital energy.

The originality of the site is an important factor.

The most important condition in weaving nodes in Feng Shui is their uniqueness. Each knot should have its own individual characteristics: size, density, method of knitting and weaving. An interesting fact: it’s almost impossible to “tie” a good and high-quality knot in Feng Shui. Be sure to apply a variety of weaving techniques. During the knot weaving, it is allowed to use various decorations, but modest and without unnecessary details. If, as the knot is decorated, simplicity will tend to chic and sophistication, then from the side of beliefs Feng Shui, it will be wrong and can change the strength of the knot. Basically, each node is made based on certain intentions. During weaving, it is necessary to carefully consider what the knot is made for and to keep this idea throughout the work. After completion of weaving, the Chinese knot should be placed in a certain sector that will correspond to the chosen target. It is always better to use the sector of the same name, for example, family, career, wealth, luck.

chinese knot weaving

Money Tree Node

How to tie a Chinese node “Money Tree”, which will help attract money from a variety of sources? Such a symbol is woven from one rope. First you need to connect the base node. Next, the ends of the thread cross. The end below the node will go on top of the other. Now directly go to knitting. The end of the rope is threaded into the left loop from the bottom up and displayed again down. Another loop is placed under the previous “ear”. The end of the rope is led up. Further, the left knot made is stitched, and the tail of the thread goes under the central knot, that is, exactly where the tree trunk will be. Then the node must be turned from left to right. Upstairs will be the part that was before below. Now you need to repeat all the above steps again, only on the other hand. Now the node for raising money is ready. It will enable the owner to find money in the most unusual places and will help in successful business.

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"Button" - the easiest way

How to weave a Chinese knot, the easiest to complete? It is easy. It is called the “Button”. Each step taken must be secured with a needle or a pin. The knot is woven from one cord. To begin with, the left end of the rope must be attached with a pin to the surface. Then a loop is made, and the long end should be laid on top of the short one. The loop is secured with a pin. Now that the first loop is ready, the second is done, which will be on top. The main thing is that now the long part of the rope will lie under the short. Then the long end of the thread is passed through all the loops made. The pins are retracted. It remains to gently pull the knot. The result is a ball. To make the knot more round and voluminous, you need to tie another regular knot on top of the resulting “button”. Various types of jewelry and accessories can be made from knots of this type, for example, bracelets and pendants.

how to knit chinese knots

Best amulet

The Chinese knot can be an excellent amulet for a person and his family. Fundamentally make the nodes original. Then it attracts the attention of strangers, which contributes to the activation of the amulet node, which means that its effect will become stronger. There are a lot of options for weaving and using Chinese knots. Each person will be able to find the necessary node for himself.


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