Hearing aid "Sonata": features, instructions, reviews

A person can learn all the properties of the world around him through the senses, and one of the most important is hearing. In violation of this function of the body, the beauty of the universe for a person becomes inaccessible. However, advances in medicine allow people with hearing loss to overcome such difficulties. At the moment, you can buy hearing aids that have a low cost, good functionality and nice appearance. In addition, hearing aids have many varieties and it is easy for those who need them to choose the best brands offered by manufacturers for themselves. One of these is the Sonata hearing aid. They have several types, depending on the level of hearing, size, physiological characteristics of the patient.

sonata reviews

What is a hearing aid?

This is the name of the device, the main purpose of which is to amplify the sounds penetrating the human ear. There is such a device of different types and models. It perceives sound, converts it taking into account dynamic and frequency requirements and enhances it. When first contacting a doctor, the main task will be to select the type of device and establish which device is needed in a particular case. Modern developments consist of a huge number of components, are able to adapt to the needs of the patient and have various modes of operation. They may vary in how they attach to the ear and produce sound.

There are intra-ear and behind-the-ear models. Devices are capable of digitally processing audio signals. Devices that are manufactured using digital technology belong to the latest generation of hearing aids. They can be configured using a computer, they have some differences in the way they reproduce sound. In some of them, a bone type of conduction is used, which is most suitable if the pathological condition is conductive in nature.


Sonata hearing aid

This device is a BTE device designed for severe hearing loss without an identified phenomenon of increasing sound volume. The hearing aid has a high power and is used to compensate for moderate to severe hearing loss (grade 3-4) in all age categories of patients. This device comes with 1 battery and 3 ear buds. The main power of this unit is provided by the output push-pull cascade, high definition and loudness of perception, which is achieved using a highly sensitive induction pad. This hearing aid is characterized by a deep adjustment of the sound output pressure levels. Surface mounting ensures the wearing reliability of this product.

The Sonata hearing aid is equipped with a non-operational tone control for changing the frequency response of acoustic amplifications at a low frequency, as well as a non-operational control for changing the gain control threshold, and a switch designed to change the telephone-microphone modes.

Product Specifications

The list of these characteristics includes:

  • maximum amplification of acoustics - 70 dB;
  • highest output sound pressure level -135 dB;
  • frequency range - 0.25-4.5 kHz;
  • current consumption - about 1.3mA;
  • the battery is 675 types.

Regulators and devices:

  • non-operational regulator
  • non-operational bass tone control;
  • gain control
  • MT switch.

The manufacturer of the Sonata hearing aid is Russia.

Next, find out what the price of this device is.

cost of hearing aids

The price of this drug

The cost of a hearing aid depends on the model. It ranges from 5-10 thousand rubles.


Hearing devices from this manufacturer have some advantages that are appreciated by consumers. These include:

  • reliability and brevity of the design;
  • stylish design;
  • Convenient miniature body for attaching to the ear;
  • high ability to transmit sound;
  • the ability to control volume and the presence of an automated controller;
  • some models have a switch that allows the device to work when communicating with people or during a telephone conversation.
sonata hearing aid reviews

Reviews on the Sonata hearing aid

On medical sites there are a large number of reviews of hearing impaired people about the Sonata hearing aid of various models. Patients respond very favorably to these devices, noting that they meet all the standards of modern quality and are easy to use. Many models come with special earbuds, which are also convenient to use and very practical. As for the sound quality of these devices, consumers say that the β€œSonata” is one of the best devices, and the sound quality reproduced by it is very high. In short, patients use such devices with great pleasure.

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