How to become awake: tips and tricks on how to start the day

The question of how to become awake worries almost every person. Energy is the most important component of life. A person who has a lot of her feels great, sets high standards, has time for a lot, and, of course, the time given to him is interesting and rich. Many want to be the same. We will find out what needs to be done for this in the article.

how to quickly become awake

Waste of time

A person who thinks about how to become awake, first of all, should stop wasting time on unnecessary activities. Many people think about where to get a few more hours a day to keep up with everything. Nowhere. Enough to abandon the "time eaters" - it will be even better. Here is a list of them:

  • Fuzzy goal setting.
  • Lack of priorities.
  • Attempts to do a large amount of work in 1 time.
  • Illiterate activity planning.
  • Disorganization.
  • Inability to say no in time.
  • Communication, tearing away from business.
  • Lack of self-discipline.
  • The habit of putting things off for later.
  • Impatience and haste.
  • Waste of time on the Internet, TV and base literature. Absorption of unnecessary information, in other words.

It makes no sense to paint each item. All of the above takes time, strength and energy. It seems to the man that he did nothing, but the fatigue is as if he were unloading the cars.

how to get awake in the morning

The right start to the day

It is very important. Many people care about how to become vigorous in the morning. And rightly so, it is often the very beginning of the day that determines how it will pass.

Unfortunately, not all people have the opportunity to get up as much as they want. But it is best to rise between 6 and 8 in the morning. This is a common opinion.

Is it hard to wake up? There is an effective way to help facilitate the process. Immediately after the alarm, you need to open your eyes, take the phone and read the news on the Internet, see friends updates, etc. Five minutes - and the brain "wakes up."

After that, it is immediately recommended to take a contrast shower. Great workout for the whole body. Everyone knows that contrast showers increase blood circulation, and this improves the nutrition of all tissues and organs.

It is better to refuse coffee. It is recommended to replace it with drinking guarana - a tasty and invigorating remedy that effectively improves working capacity and tone, and does not work for an hour or two, but throughout the day. Sold in every sports nutrition store, a half-liter bottle, which can be divided into two morning meals - 40-50 rubles.

And the best breakfast for vitality will be food containing complex carbohydrates (cereals, sandwiches), fruits and berries, as well as something protein - yogurt, for example.

How to become a peppy person?

Atmosphere creation

Every person who thinks about how to become awake needs to change the situation. The environment will be ideal for “generating” energy if it meets the following criteria:

  • A lot of natural light. In the dark, cheerfulness tends to disappear.
  • Positive music. Energetic compositions are an effective way to increase activity levels.
  • Fresh air. Saturation of the body with oxygen simply cannot but affect the energy level in the best way.
  • Convenient workplace.

And, most importantly, you need to remove, if possible, all the annoying factors. Their impact is morally draining. A man wastes his energy not on matters and solving some important issues, but on experiencing emotions. Comfortable conditions are very important.

how to become more energetic and energetic


How to become more cheerful and energetic? We need to start moving more. Some people, unknowingly, object: "But it takes power!" Not certainly in that way.

During and after exercise, a host of chemical processes occur in the brain. The body produces endorphins, serotonin, and the protein encoded by the BDNF gene. All these substances have a positive effect on the body.

Endorphins block pain and awaken euphoria. Protein stimulates the development of neurons. As a result, a person seems to “reboot”, and therefore feels clarity and lightness after training. And with the production of serotonin, it seems as if a "second wind" opens.

Therefore, sports should not be neglected. Only 45 minutes is enough, and then not every day.

How to quickly become energetic?

Full rest

This is the last thing you need to add vitality and energy. This refers not only to a normal sleep of 6-8 hours. Each person should have a moral rest. Fun, entertainment, hobbies, meeting friends - any activity that brings joy.

If a person from rest has only a dream, life will lose its meaning. Her goal is pleasure. A person should enjoy life, try something new, give himself and loved ones joy, spend time with loved ones, fulfill his desires.

All this, by the way, is an additional source of energy. When a person knows that he works not just like that, but for the sake of his own happiness, and feels the result, it motivates him even more vigorously and further achievements.

how to become awake if you did not get enough sleep

Instant energy

How to become awake if you do not get enough sleep? This question many people ask in the morning. But even more - at night, when they realize that they will not be able to get enough sleep today, but ahead of an important day.

Well, here are some tips. You should remember them, and the question of how to quickly become awake will no longer arise:

  • You should immediately get up after the alarm rings. Those same "another 5 minutes" will not save. Moreover, a person, dozing off after waking up, plunges into an even deeper phase of sleep.
  • Waking up, open the window, if it was closed, and look out at it. One minute of such a “walk” perfectly invigorates.
  • Take a cold shower. Quenching is effective and useful. Pouring cold water awakens the body from sleep, stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and also gives a huge supply of energy.
  • Eat an apple and drink a glass of mineral water. This will not only instantly cheer up, but also improve metabolism.

But the most important thing is to tune in to positive. This is not easy, especially if the person is tired and not enough sleep. However, this is necessary. You need to inspire yourself with this idea: all the same, the planned things will have to be completed. Go to the goal! You can’t postpone anything later, otherwise it will be more difficult! In any case, things will not go anywhere and will not be decided by themselves. So isn’t it better to deal with them in a good mood and cheerful spirit than to work from under a stick with a depressed look?

If everything is completely bad, then you need to console yourself during the day: now, another hour has passed, the moment has come by as much as 60 minutes when, finally, you can relax, please yourself with something or just go to bed.


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