How to build a fence from corrugated board with your own hands? A little about this difficult matter

On any site, the fence is an indispensable element. The optimal solution can be considered building a fence from such material as corrugated board, since you do not have to spend a large amount of money and effort. But it is worthwhile to understand that corrugated board is the same type of material. And that is what limits some design ideas. But a large color gamut saves from uniformity, which helps to harmoniously fit the fence into any landscape. And if you properly mount the fence from corrugated board, then it can last more than 30 years. So, how to build a fence from a sheeting with your own hands?

how to build a fence from do-it-yourself decking
Do-it-yourself fence construction from this material is within the power of everyone. Assembly and installation can easily be done independently. In order to solve the problem "how to build a fence from a professional flooring with your own hands", we need metal pipes on columns, a slightly smaller diameter pipe for the crossbeams and directly the material itself is of a suitable size. In order to fasten the sheets, only a drill and screws are needed.

The foundation is the foundation of the fence. And if you decide to learn about how to build a fence from corrugated board, then you should not forget about it. It is from him that the whole strength of the created structure will depend. Its construction should be approached with a great deal of responsibility. Otherwise, you will not be happy with the too short service life of your fence. It should be understood that the heavier the material for installing the fence will be selected, the stronger the foundation should be.

how to build a fence from corrugated board
The next step in such a responsible process, as installing a fence from a professional flooring with your own hands, is to create markings for the future structure. To do this, hammer wooden pegs into the ground. Then a very strong twine or wire is pulled between them. After that, a trench should be excavated, the width of which will be approximately 40 cm throughout the territory where the foundation will be located. It is necessary for the posts to make pits 40 cm wide after about three meters from each other. On both sides of the trench along its edges it is required to put a timber formwork. For the strength of the foundation, welded iron reinforcement is laid in the trench. After this, pour concrete.

After you fill the solution, you will need to wait a while until it completely dries. This will last approximately one week. After the foundation is prepared, you can proceed to the final stage of solving the problem "how to build a fence from a sheeting with your own hands." You will need to start installing the sheets. They are mounted on special veins made of metal. To do this, you should weld the pipes to the finished posts above and below. The distance between them should not be made too large. Otherwise, the corrugated board will bend. After the pipes are welded, it is necessary to begin fastening the sheets. This must be done using self-tapping screws. The distance between the mounting systems should not be less than twenty centimeters.

Do-it-yourself fence installation from corrugated board

On this, the question "how to build a fence from do-it-yourself decking" can be considered considered. Good luck in creating the fence!


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