Decorate the cottage with your own hands - a work that brings pleasure

It is becoming increasingly difficult for a modern resident of a metropolis to spend seven days a week in a stuffy and dusty city. Therefore, those who have such an opportunity, at the first opportunity, go to the cottage. They are attracted there not only by natural vegetables and fruits, but also by relaxing in the clean fresh air.

decorate the cottage with your own hands

At the beginning of the season, everyone decides for themselves: "We will decorate the cottage with our own hands!". It will be of high quality - because you try for yourself - much cheaper than the help of a landscape designer, and will bring a lot of pleasure. Throughout the season they live under the motto "Decorate the cottage!"

With your own hands you can do absolutely everything. But start with small, not requiring special financial costs. For example, make an original weather vane from the remnants of a suitable metal. It will decorate your house, make your neighbors pay attention to it. Previously, with its help, the strength and direction of the wind were determined . Now the need for this has disappeared, and it has turned into a piece of decor for a country house. Some consider it a kind of amulet, hoping that according to signs, the owners of the house with such an element will be accompanied by luck and success.

Do not try to do everything conceived on the site alone. If at a family council you turn to the household with the question: β€œWill we decorate the cottage with our own hands?”, Then we are sure that no one will be left behind. Even the smallest members of your family will take part in this entertaining process. For example, an alpine hill may well become an excellent decoration for a summer cottage. This is a small elevation on a flat area, created from the original combination of stones and plants.

we decorate the cottage with our own hands

Fans of the East can proudly declare: "We will decorate the cottage with our own hands, creating a stone garden." This direction of landscape design originated in the East, but it has taken root well with us. Such a garden is not difficult to do - you just need to use your imagination and personal preferences. Stones can be taken in different sizes and shapes. It is important that they evoke pleasant emotions in you. You can use clean sand. The eastern garden is beautiful in its static nature.

And lovers of beautiful and unusual plants will unanimously declare: "We will decorate the cottage with our own hands only with the help of flowers!" And in fact, what could be more natural than decorating a summer cottage with plants, of which there are a great many? It is only necessary to formalize them properly. Use, for example, a cache-pot. Moreover, it is not necessary to buy them at the store. Old baskets, buckets, watering cans will perfectly serve you. Such "wealth" is in the home of every gardener.

When we decorate the cottage with our own hands, we are unlikely to manage to do without a flower bed. She is surprisingly good and natural in the suburban area. Without it, the garden will turn into the most ordinary garden, but this is wrong. We must be able to not only work hard, but also have a good and nice rest.

DIY cottage design photo

Making your own summer house (photos above) requires a careful study of the latest fashion trends, what you can do when the summer season ends.


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