How to whiten the sole at home

The snow-white sole gives the shoe style, modernity and perfectly emphasizes the novelty. But unfortunately, with a sock, it will certainly become faster dirty and yellow. Therefore, almost new shoes are becoming worn out. There are several ways to whiten the sole at home without much effort and expense with the help of improvised materials and cheap tools.

the sole turned yellow how to bleach

How to bleach a white sole with bleaches and powders

Bleaching powders and liquid stain removers do an excellent job of bleaching the sole. It is also necessary to determine the method of use. It is highly recommended not to soak the whole shoe, as the sole can be whitened along with the color of the shoe itself. You should not use this method and provided that the shoes are also white. In addition to losing color, long soaking breaks down the layers of glue, spoils the material, which will significantly reduce the service life.

There are two ways to whiten powders and stain removers:

  1. Pour into the container an amount of water that allows you to cover solely the sole. Add bleach to water. It should turn out to be 2-3 times more concentrated solution than for washing clothes. Lower and leave the shoes in the resulting solution for several hours.
    How to whiten a white sole?
  2. Apply cleaning agent to the brush and rub the soles thoroughly. Leave them in this state for several hours, after which you can additionally rub a little until the pollution completely disappears. For such purposes, it will be especially convenient to use an unnecessary toothbrush.

Care must be taken when choosing a bleach. Chlorine-based sole bleaches have the opposite effect. The use of such a bleach can result in irrevocable yellowness.

Removing yellowness with soda, vinegar and citric acid

In times of general shortage, these three remedies were indispensable helpers in the life of housewives. It was they who removed most of the spots. Their use in solving modern problems, in particular such as bleaching the sole on sneakers and other sports shoes, will be relevant now.

how to bleach the sole of shoes

  • The use of citric acid. Using a slightly dampened sponge or a piece of cloth, rub citric acid around the perimeter of the sole. Then the rubbed pair of shoes should be left for several minutes. During this time, citric acid will corrode a stable mud coating, and then the sole can be washed.
  • The use of vinegar. Citric acid and vinegar are almost identical in their cleansing properties. To remove the yellowness, you need 1 tablespoon of vinegar, pre-mixed with 3 tablespoons of water. The sole should be wiped with such a solution, and yellowness will go away.
  • A solution of vinegar and soda. Vinegar and soda are mixed in a ratio of 3: 2. During a chemical reaction during the interaction of the components, the solution must be applied to the surface of the sole, rubbed and rinsed thoroughly with water.

Remove black strokes with an eraser

In addition to grayness and yellowness, black strokes also appear on the white sole from friction. You can easily and quickly cope with them using a conventional eraser. It is recommended to use a clean white eraser to avoid the formation of new smears from rubber pigment and stylus residues. For cleaning, gently rub the eraser directly over the dirt, after wetting it until it is completely removed. After cleaning, wipe the sole with a damp, clean cloth.

Toothpaste whitening

This is another great way to deal with yellowness and pollution. Toothpaste or powder with a whitening effect is most suitable for these purposes, but if there are none, you can use the usual ones. A small brush is needed for whitening, for example, you can use an old toothbrush. To clean, you need to apply toothpaste to the brush and thoroughly clean the sole, after washing off dirt and dust with water. A lot of effort will be required here, especially for the sneaker, where the front zone is highlighted with pimples.

How to whiten the sole at home

Melamine sponge

Due to its texture, the melanin sponge copes with various tasks, including such as bleaching the sole of shoes. You can buy such a wonderful sponge in almost any hardware store at an affordable price. Cleaning Steps:

  • moisten a sponge;
  • squeeze out excess moisture without bending the sponge, squeezing it between the palms;
  • wipe the soles with a sponge until completely cleaned.
    How to whiten the sole

For rational use, you can cut off only the necessary part of the sponge, put the rest aside. As the sponge becomes dirty, it should be washed under running water and squeezed out in the manner described above.

Pharmacy bleaching

The use of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and petroleum jelly also eliminates pollution well. These methods will be especially effective if the sole turns yellow. How to bleach it with penny medications?

  1. Vaseline should be gently applied to the perimeter of the sole for several minutes without affecting the tissue, as a new problem can be created on it - a greasy stain. By its properties, it softens and absorbs particles of dirt. At the end of the procedure, remove a layer of petroleum jelly with a clean rag or paper towel. This method also protects the sole for a while from repeated contamination.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide, when it enters contaminated sites, enters into a chemical reaction with them. Due to this, particles of dirt are split and rise outward as part of the resulting foam. In addition, peroxide also has whitening properties. You can apply it to the sole with a cotton pad well moistened in it.
  3. Alcohol heats and breaks down the molecules of the mud, which contributes to their rapid removal. It should be applied in the same way as peroxide, being careful not to get on the fabric.
    How to whiten the sole on sneakers

Safe and High Quality Whitening Tips

  • You should start bleaching only after preliminary cleaning of the sole with a soap solution and rinsing in running water.
  • To clean and apply the whitening components it is necessary only with a clean white rag or cotton pads.
  • When using aggressive agents, such as bleaches, alcohol, acetone, etc., it is better to check their effects first. It will be enough to process a less noticeable section of the sole and look at the result.
  • A hard-bristled brush is the best tool for high-quality cleaning of the sole. Its use provides a much better result than rags or sponges.
  • Washing in a typewriter is a risky undertaking, it should be performed only in a delicate mode. During rotation, the shape of the shoe may be deformed, especially for sneakers.

Preventative measures

  • After wearing, the white sole should be cleaned immediately. Such daily care will prevent yellowing.
  • In no case should shoes be dried on or near the battery. It is best to dry outdoors in sunny weather.
  • Try to wear white shoes and shoes with white soles carefully. In rainy weather, it is better to wear a darker pair or treat a white with a water-repellent spray.
  • Using a colorless shoe polish will keep the sole so white as it prevents dust and dirt from getting on it. It should be applied once a week.

Use our tips and we guarantee that your shoes will remain snow-white for a long time.


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