How to hang the door on the hinges?

Any repair or replacement of the door leads to the fact that we need to dismantle it, and then hang a new design. You can hang the door yourself or invite specialists for this work. True, this will result in unnecessary expenses. And therefore, if you are a jack of all trades, it is better, easier and cheaper to do it yourself.

Choose loops

To correctly select the number and types of loops, you need to take into account the dimensions of the canvas, as well as the location of these same loops. If the design is double-leaf, then both wings are mounted on hinges on both sides. To hang a door with a single leaf, the correct calculations are required.

  1. Depending on the location of the door, either right or left hinges must be selected.
  2. The size of the loops depends on the weight of the structure itself. For a double-leaf door , two hinges per leaf are sufficient, and a single-leaf door, as heavier, requires more hinges. Most often, a single-leaf door is mounted on three hinges.
  3. Be sure to check the hinges in the open state, as many products have a curved shaft.
  4. The color scheme of the hardware must match the color of the door itself.
    hang a door

Proper installation

How to hang the door on the hinges so that the whole structure is reliable and safe in operation? To do this, prepare the tools in the form of a plumb line, level, drill with speed control, screwdriver, chisel, hammer and tape measure. The hinges are installed as follows:

  1. The distance from the upper and lower edges of the door leaf must be at least 20 cm.
  2. If there is a third loop, it should be located in the middle between the first and second.
  3. If there are four hinges, then the door height is divided into 5 segments, on which the hardware is attached.
  4. The upper parts of the hinges are attached to the door leaf, and the lower (with hinges) to the box.
  5. We apply a loop to the end of the canvas at a predetermined distance.
  6. We fasten the hardware to the door with screws, using a drill or screwdriver. It is important that the diameter of the drill is thinner than the diameter of the screw, which will ensure reliable fixation of the loops.
  7. Now we install the door into the box, open it a bit and add one of the canopies to the bottom of the hinge so that it fits snugly on the box. We circle this place with a pencil, in the same way we repeat the actions with the rest of the loops. Now the door can be cleaned.

To hang the doors with your own hands as accurately as possible, you need to remove the top layer of wood in places that are circled. The lower canopies of the loops will be fastened to the resulting recess. It is important that they are located horizontally, then the door will open easily and smoothly.

how to hang a door on hinges

Checking the door

After the hinges are installed and the door is hung, you need to check its performance. If a creak is heard when opening or closing, we lubricate the hinges with some composition - machine oil, solid oil, technical petroleum jelly. If the hinges turned out to be too deep, do not despair: you can fix this situation using a rubber pad, thick cardboard or hardboard.

If the canvas eventually turned out to be too low, and therefore scratches the floor, you need to raise it. To do this, a washer is placed between the canopies of the loop, after which the whole structure rises. As you can see, hanging the door is not as difficult as it seems, especially if you approach this process responsibly and pay timely attention to each defect.

how to hang the door

We hang doors on a case

It seems to many that installing a door, hanging hinges is not an easy process. But in fact, all the work can be done independently. To do the work, you need to prepare the mounting foam, anchor bolts and screws, level, chisel, hacksaw for wood and the miter box. How to hang doors on a cabinet? To do this, you must adhere to several rules.

  1. Pay attention to competent marking: first, the center is marked, which is located at a distance of 22 mm from the face and 12 cm from the end.
  2. Most often, two loops are attached - one on top, the second on the bottom. This is the easiest and most convenient installation method, as the installation itself will be faster. True, if the designs are too large, more than two loops may be required.
  3. In the measured areas, holes are drilled with a drill, where cups from the loop are inserted. Most of the details just fit the size of the holes, which ensures a complete installation.
  4. When working, you need to use tools with good sharpening, which will make the holes neat and high quality.
  5. Before you hang the door, you need to check the operation of the hinges, placing them correctly.
    how to hang doors on a cupboard

Features of working with a coupe

Each type of cabinet from a structural point of view has its own characteristics, which is expressed in the need for proper hinging. Most often, furniture has swing doors, but a closet is no less popular. With its equipment, the following types of loops are most often used:

  • inset, with a facade and clearly visible ends of the sidewall of the frame;
  • waybills: in this case, the facade is located on the hinge side and overlays the ends of the side parts;
  • angular: mounted at an angle of 90-135 degrees with respect to the holding node;
  • partially overhead: can be mounted in the form of two facades on the same partition.
    how to hang a coupe door

We follow the rules!

How to hang a door on a sliding wardrobe? It is worth starting with measuring the width and height of each aperture and frame, check the level of the roof, sides and shield, which will serve as the floor. The thickness of the cabinet walls should also be measured, since distortions can form in them over time. Distortion compensation is possible thanks to patch loops that are easy to adjust. It is important to ensure that during installation all structural elements are located at the same depth. The hinges are installed in the following order.

  1. The hinges are applied to the place where they will be attached, holes are marked and drilled to a depth of 20-30 mm.
  2. The holes are made both at the ends of the sidewall and on the door itself.
  3. The halves of the hinges are fixed by means of furniture screws.
  4. The door is hung.

Difficulty of work

Many people are interested in the question of how to hang a compartment door, if there are internal drawers next to them. In this case, shelves, drawers that are located inside, should be slightly shorter in depth than the external elements. During installation, you should pay attention to the fact that dead zones can form at the intersection of the frames. If drawers get into them , then in this case it will be impossible to open them, and they will lose their functionality. In general, experts do not advise installing coupe doors on their own, since each sliding system has its own characteristics, tightly linking the door to the frame, and therefore you can just ruin the furniture.

how to hang a wardrobe door

Follow the steps

Whatever door you hang - in a doorway or closet, you need to do this in accordance with a number of steps. Only in this way will the hinges be inserted accurately and accurately, and the door will serve stably and properly. So, if you put a new design, you will have to start to assemble the box. For this, the side and upper posts are cut, which are connected by self-tapping screws.

do it yourself

When assembling the box, you must leave a gap of at least 5 mm - thanks to it, the doors will not be subjected to friction and looping after installation. Once the box is ready, you can already mount the hinges. But here there are some nuances. For example, it is important to understand how much weight the door has - the number of hinges that will be required during its installation depends on this. The box can be mounted in two ways. The first involves the use of foam if the door is lightweight, and the second - anchors, which is advisable for structures of large dimensions. All openings can be carefully closed with decorative caps.

Most of the work can be handled independently, but since it is not so easy to hang the door of the wardrobe, it is better to entrust these works to professional craftsmen.


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