DIY muffler repair: process features

It often happens that the technique fails at the most inopportune moment. Naturally, any driver must carefully monitor his vehicle, but even this sometimes can not save parts from damage. Repair of silencers of foreign cars and cars of domestic production should be carried out urgently.

do-it-yourself muffler repair
Breakage can be identified by sound. If the muffler is damaged, the car will make a loud noise. The reasons for this condition of the part may be salt, which gets on it in the winter, high humidity and air temperature. Naturally, you can repair the car in the service, but you can carry out all the procedures yourself. Moreover, this does not require a lot of knowledge and time.

If the parts cannot be repaired, then silencers must be replaced. First of all, you should remove the item and carefully examine it. Dismantling can be difficult if the fixtures are rusted or melted. Determining the cause of the breakdown is half the work. If on the surface of the muffler you find small burnouts, then they can be eliminated with the help of special sealant. Before using the product, thoroughly degrease and clean the edges of the burnout from debris, oil, rust and other contaminants. For work, use a high-quality sealant that can withstand very high temperatures (up to 1000 degrees).

silencer replacement
If the burnout is large enough, then repairing the muffler with your own hands involves the use of fiberglass, which should be attached to the damage site with epoxy. Moreover, the composition of the mixture must be specially selected. If the problem is resolved, the part should be put in place and the engine started for half an hour. The resin in this case lays firmly on the surface and quickly hardens.

And how to repair the muffler with your own hands, if there is no external damage? Look for the cause should be in the internal resonator. If the presented item is broken, then it can no longer be repaired, and the entire part will have to be changed. To do this, using a welding machine, you need to cut a broken component and weld a new one on an empty spot. If for you this task is difficult, it is better to completely replace the muffler.

repair of silencers of foreign cars
There are quite complicated cases when burnout appears at the junction of the exhaust pipe and the resonator. At the same time, repairing the muffler with your own hands involves welding, although you can also apply specific compositions based on artificial resins. Naturally, the breakdown site should be carefully cleaned.

If the silencer corrugation has broken, then repairing the damage can be quite difficult, since this part is very capricious. Thanks to it, most of the vibration is absorbed during engine operation. This item is not repairable. Corrugation should be completely replaced, and quickly. In this case, do-it-yourself muffler repair should be done using a grinder (for cutting) and welding (for connection). For the corrugation to last a long time, the place of welding should be painted over.

In any case, before repairing the breakdown, you should first draw up a repair plan. If you yourself can not carry out all the procedures, then contact the service or an experienced specialist.


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