Where to store photos: the most convenient storage options, tips and tricks

Currently, a modern person cannot imagine his life without the Internet, but not everyone uses it to the full. In addition to searching for information, communicating on social networks, watching funny videos, you can store information and other electronic materials on the World Wide Web for free. Now there is no need to buy photo albums and store them in a closet. Everything has long been automated and comfortable for humans. And answering the question: “Where can I store photos, if not in albums?”, We can safely say that on the Internet. But what sites and services exist for this will be described in this article.

Who needs electronic storage?

A lot of space for posting photos is needed for people whose profession is associated with their creation. In the 21st century, technology allows you to produce an unlimited number of frames. Therefore, they need to be saved somewhere. One shoot consists of hundreds, or even several thousand photographs, which are taken in just a couple of hours.

On the Internet, special services have been created - cloud storages that allow you to post your materials there for free, while ensuring complete security from data theft by other users, unless the person himself gives them access. This is the most convenient way to save a large number of photos, the loading of which is very fast. Also, using the cloud, you can easily share your data with other users.

where is it better to store photos electronically

Not only professionals in their field are wondering where to store photos reliably, but also ordinary smartphone users. Today, even schoolchildren have new, sophisticated gadgets that have a good camera. And the avid Instagram users are used to taking hundreds of photos every day that need to be stored somewhere. It’s sometimes even easier for a professional to turn on the camera on his phone and catch a beautiful shot than to get the equipment and adjust it when the moment is long over.

The article will provide an overview of places where you can store photos on the Internet that are most popular. If a person living in the 21st century places all electronic materials on his computer or on external media, then this must be stopped immediately. It is much more convenient and safer to store photos in the cloud, and in volumes exceeding the laptop's RAM.

Without electronic storages, it would be difficult for a modern person to work. This applies not only to professional aspects, but also to personal, family archives. But still, people continue to place their data on a computer or hard drive, because they consider it unsafe to upload it to the cloud, from which, in their opinion, information leakage can occur. Such users make a huge mistake, because all the security features on such services are highly reliable.

Pros of storage

where is the best place to store photos

Uploading photos, videos, and documents to the cloud is very convenient and safe. In addition, a person will always have free access to data from his smartphone or other device that has Internet access. Cloud storage has a great advantage over computers and external media in that it cannot be damaged, broken or lost, such as a USB flash drive. From such an electronic archive you can only forget the password, which is easy to recover from some personal data.

If it’s already clear where to store photos on the Internet, which cloud to choose? Known? Big? Or functional? In order for an ordinary user to easily navigate the variety of storage choices, the following are the best options, their advantages and disadvantages. As well as the minimum amount of free virtual memory.

Dropbox Storage

Where is the best place to store photos? In this cloud. It is not considered the largest repository, but the security and reliability are guaranteed by the creators. The user will be provided with only 2 gigabytes of virtual memory. Currently, this is a relatively small amount of space where you can store photos. Such a cloud is more suitable for placing documents that need quick access. But many users also store photos there, because they can be viewed absolutely from any gadget connected to the Internet.

Dropbox has the option of inviting friends, which allows you to get some more electronic space, but these numbers are very small. The creators of this cloud storage collaborate with HTC and Samsung. Therefore, the owners of such smartphones are provided with a special bonus - as much as 49 GB of memory, together with the standard two will get 51 gigabytes.

Users of this service can install the cloud not only on a smartphone, but also on their computer, as there are two versions for mobile devices and for stationary ones. With this storage, you can always access photos from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.

where you can store photos on the Internet

How to register at Dropbox? Pros and cons of storage

Registering in the cloud is very simple, just enter your email address. So, the disadvantages of this service is the small amount of space for placing files, and the advantages are reliability and quick access. There are also additional benefits for smartphone owners of certain companies.

Cloud Mail.ru

This service was created in 2013. Then many users found out where it is better to store photos electronically. Because the amount of free virtual memory in the Mail.ru cloud is quite large compared to others.

At the time of the appearance of the service, each person was provided with as many as 100 GB of space for placing their data. And those who managed to get them are truly lucky, because it was a new cloud with a lot of free memory. Initially, it received many negative reviews. Because when downloading files, the computer hung, and the service itself was not the safest place where you can store photos in electronic form. The result was a big scandal between users and creators. But over time, all the shortcomings of the service were eliminated, and it turned out to be not only more affordable, but also safer.

Due to this amount of space, users uploaded video files to the cloud, but the big drawback was that they could not be viewed online. They had to be downloaded, and only then could the contents be seen. But after a few years, the developers made this feature more accessible, now the Mail.ru cloud is not only a place where you can safely store photos and videos, but also view them online from any device (smartphone, tablet or computer).

Cloud Mail.ru in 2014. Changes

In 2014, the creators of the service held an action that allowed expanding the free storage to 1 terabyte. And those who have not missed this moment, and to this day can use this amount of memory.

At the moment, when registering in the Mail.ru cloud, only 25 GB of free space is provided. But now it is an absolutely reliable place where it is easy and simple to store photos, videos and documents.

Developers constantly improve this service, accelerate its work and increase the safety of use. For those who do not understand how to work with such a repository, the site has a special step-by-step video instruction.

Using this cloud is very easy, for this you need to register at Mail.ru. This is one of the best services where you can store photos and other files.

Yandex Cloud

Storage provides its users with only 10 GB of space for hosting their files. There is much more memory here than in Dropbox, and unlike Mile.ru, you could immediately watch the video online, but Yandex is inferior in the amount of free space.

Such storage is installed absolutely on any operating systems and modern smartphones.

The functions of the Yandex cloud are exactly the same as the previous two services. The developers have provided the opportunity to increase the amount of virtual memory by inviting friends to use it. But the increase in space will be negligible.

To use the disk, the user needs to register in Yandex-mail, and if it already exists, then free gigabytes of memory, where he can store photos reliably and safely, is already in his hands. You can access the cloud absolutely from any device, if only there was Internet.

Google Cloud

where is it better to store photos electronically

Another popular place to store photos on the Internet safely and securely is Google. This service outperforms others in terms of the amount of space for placing files.

How much space does Google Photos provide for free storage? How many you want. This service has just as much free space as the user needs, i.e. an infinite amount. But there are restrictions on the size of the photo, it should not exceed 16 megapixels. There are no restrictions only for storing photos, but for other files there is a limit of 15 GB, which is also a lot.

Previously, Google had slightly different rules:

  • There were no restrictions for photographs, the size of which is not more than 4 megapixels. In the future - 16 megapixels.
  • Other files had the same limit of 15 GB.

Such a resolution (16 megapixels) is quite enough even for professional photos. There is no memory limit for storing videos up to 1080p in size.

The advantage of the service can be considered the presence of various filters, you can make collages, create movies from photos with music, a large number of various effects, and all this is available online even from a smartphone.

This repository will be an excellent assistant not only for professional photographers, but also for ordinary users who take amateur pictures.

where to store photos on the Internet

Why choose Google Cloud?

Compared to previous places of file storage on the Internet, Google is undoubtedly in the lead due to the unlimited amount of free space. Using the service is easy and simple, in order to start doing this, you will have to register with Google or have their mailbox open. All owners of smartphones with the Android operating platform go through the authorization process in the Play Market through the account of this cloud system.

Google Photos app

The Google Photos application is most often installed on such phones, it will be enough to configure automatic upload of photos via Wi-Fi, it will quickly copy the pictures from the device to the cloud and suggest clearing the place in the phone.

Not all people know that they have such a useful application in the gadget, and are not even interested in why it is installed, what its task is and what to do with it.

Useful Tips

where to store photos electronically

Have you already found the answer to the question where to store photos electronically? We will give some more useful recommendations.

  1. There are a large number of different data storages on the Internet, so you should only choose a trusted place, for example, Google Drive. Such a world famous company cannot be a scammer, on the contrary, it tries to maintain its reputation with honesty and quality of work of its services.
  2. If for some reason the cloud does not fit, you can store photos on social networks. In Odnoklassniki or VKontakte, you can create an album that is closed to everyone and which only the user will see, an unlimited number of pictures are uploaded there. The only minus of this method is that you need to come up with a very strong password for the page, so that attackers could not crack it and steal any data for personal gain.
  3. When uploading photos, you must pay attention to the limitations of the storage, for example, on VKontakte, the size of the photos should not exceed 5 MB.
  4. You can download the application on your smartphone and computer to have access to photos from both devices.
  5. The larger the file size, the longer it will be uploaded to the cloud, so be patient.
where to store photos


This article examined some of the most popular services for storing photographs in electronic form. We hope that this information was useful to you. Now you can choose where to store your photos.

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