How to remove extended nails at home

how to remove extended nails
Every woman has ever had a situation where extended nails broke. If the breakdown is not too significant, then the nail can be filed at the place where it broke and wait for the next visit to the beauty salon. But there are situations when the nail falls off completely, from the entire nail plate. There is nothing to help here, especially if the extension is made with an exclusive multi-colored design, such as these extended nails, the pictures of which you see in the article. No matter how sorry the other nails are, but if there is no opportunity to visit a beauty salon in the near future, there is only one way out - to remove the artificial nails yourself and make a regular manicure.

There are several options for how to remove extended nails. It depends on what material the extension was made.

If the nails are decorated with gel, you will have to cut them off the surface of the nail, because, unfortunately, there are no solvents for this material yet. To reduce the cutting area and avoid injury, you must first bite off all the protruding parts with nail clippers. Further, according to the instructions on how to remove gel extensions , you should take an abrasive file for artificial nails on a polyurethane foam basis and begin the process of filing, nail by nail. If there is a professional machine, then this will significantly speed up the process. To avoid filing your own nail, you need to carefully monitor when the gel runs out. If you overdo it and file your own nail, it will then hurt a lot.

how to remove gel extensions
The technology of how to remove extended nails from acrylic is somewhat simpler. To remove such nails, there are various fluids that dissolve acrylic. But at home, you can use a liquid for removing varnish with acetone, and an ordinary solvent. It is worth remembering that these funds dry the skin around the nail and the nail plate itself. The sequence of how to remove the extended nails with a liquid or solvent is as follows. Of ordinary foil, you need to prepare ten sheets of this size so that they can be wrapped around each finger and wrap the part located on the side of the nail. You will also need ten cotton pads or cotton swabs. We moisten the cotton wool in a liquid or in a solvent and put it on the nail, on top for sealing we wrap the nail in foil. Repeat the procedure with each finger and leave it in this state for 30-40 minutes. In less time, acrylic will not soften. Then remove the foil from the first finger and clean off the acrylic mass with something hard. In the same way we process the remaining fingers. It is important to remove the foil and immediately begin to cleanse, since in the open air acrylic can harden again. Finally, remove the acrylic residues with a liquid or solvent.

how to remove extended nails
There is another option for how to remove extended nails with biogel. The procedure is the same as for acrylic, only you need a special fluid that cannot be replaced.

All options severely injure the nails, and until they grow back, they need to be maintained with care products.


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