Top best employers in Moscow

The capital of Russia is the largest city. Many people call it a place of opportunity. It is here that the provincials come in order to go to college and find a well- paid job. Unfortunately, visitors often come across fraud. They receive the long-awaited employment, but do not see profit from this. In order not to encounter such a situation, you should first familiarize yourself with the best employers in Moscow. In total, 10 organizations can be identified in which people recommend coming for an interview.

Moscow's best employers


The ranking of the best employers in Moscow is headed by the legendary company PROCTER & GAMBLE. She appeared in 1991. Its main direction is the release of luxury cosmetics and hair care products. Currently, the company is actively developing. Industrial outlets are organized not only in the capital of Russia, but also in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and Novosibirsk.

the best employer of Moscow

The employees who had to deal with this organization mostly speak positively about it. First of all, they highlight the possibility of learning. You can come to the company as a novice, and during the work you can become a qualified specialist. Another advantage is a stable salary, and it can increase simultaneously with work experience. Employers are very kind to every employee. Several times a year bonuses are awarded to the most outstanding specialists.


When it comes to the list of “TOP of the best employers in Moscow”, Sibur cannot be ignored. People working in it can “touch” the most popular minerals. They are involved in the reception, processing and transportation of petroleum gas, carbon raw materials and various fuel additives.

Such an industry is harmful to human health. Despite this, many future employees seek to find employment in this company. There are several reasons for this: a full social package, convenient work schedule and high salary.

good reviews about Moscow employers

In Russia there are several points of this company. Each employee is given the opportunity to move to Perm, Samara, Tolyatti, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen and other major cities.

PJSC Gazprom Neft

It is hardly possible to meet a person who would not dream of working for Gazprom Neft PJSC. This is one of the companies offering the highest paid jobs, not only in the capital, but throughout the country. Undoubtedly, she is one of the best employing companies in Moscow.

the best companies employers in Moscow

Young people like a convenient work schedule. There is an opportunity to combine work with study. For each New Year, employees are paid good bonuses. Lazy people in this place do not like. But for the most active and energetic specialists, there is the possibility of career growth, and, accordingly, of wages.


Is it worth explaining what the employees of MTS do? This is practically the most popular mobile operator in Russia. The number of subscribers is growing daily, each new user remains satisfied with the quality of the services provided. This company is also supportive of employees, otherwise, it would not be included in the ranking of the best employers in Moscow.

Moscow's top best employers

Getting a job for a beginner is quite simple - you need to go through a simple interview. For a short period of time there is an opportunity to "grow" from a regular seller to a manager or administrator. Outlets are distributed throughout the country. If you need to move to another city, then there will be no problems with new employment. The employees appreciate the friendly staff, memorable gifts and direct contact with their favorite customers. Salary is average, but stable.

The Boston Consulting Group

What does a person looking for work pay attention to when choosing the appropriate company? Of course, its stability. If you pay attention to this particular factor, the list of the best employers in Moscow is headed by The Boston Consulting Group. She is engaged in management consulting. Most specialists in the field of economics, law, programming, humanities and mathematics dream of getting a job in this place.

Moscow's best employers

According to statistics, more than 30 thousand resumes are received annually for one vacancy. Each newly formed employee appreciates his position and is afraid of losing it. First of all, this is due to the stability of the company. Excellent working conditions are created for every person here. Beginners undergo an internship, the duration of which is three months, only after that they begin their duties. If you wish, you can improve your skills after one year of successful work.

Employees also praise respect for people: employers try to understand their subordinates and do not punish them for minor violations of labor discipline.


The head office of the most successful, stable and reliable financial company Sberbank of Russia is located in Moscow. Employees claim that she is the best employer in Moscow for several main reasons:

  • Great working conditions. Each specialist has a convenient work schedule. A convenient office uniform is issued for each of them.
  • Training opportunity. For beginners, an experienced mentor is provided who can correctly talk about all the intricacies of banking.
  • Decent and stable wages , including good pay for sick leave, vacation and administrative days.
  • The ability to transfer to work in any other city in the same position.
  • Friendly team, it is customary for employees to always come to each other's help.

Unfortunately, getting an interview for a job is not so easy. The company values ​​its rating, therefore, it accepts into its team only people with a higher economic education. An important quality is the neat appearance.


Moscow's best employers

NVIDIA is also one of the best employers in Moscow. Its main mission is to release high-quality video cards. Employees give this company an assessment - a solid “excellent”. The work here is paid well, and especially appreciate the exit on non-working days. The most beautiful offices in the capital are organized here, it is a pleasure to work in them. I like the polite communication of the authorities, it never raises its voice, it tries to explain all the information as calmly and intelligibly as possible. There is also a great opportunity for career growth, often people rise from ordinary workers to leadership positions.


LEROY MERLIN is one of the most ancient companies, which was organized back in 1923. In Mytishchi, the first office appeared only in 1998. Is it possible to consider her one of the best employers in Moscow? Sure, yes! This is primarily due to good wages, which increase every year. Employers always push employees to reach new heights - they pay them continuing education courses.

list of the best employers in Moscow

It's nice to work here. Management respects every employee. A friendly team becomes the second family that you never want to part with.


PwC is the place where experienced and qualified employees are created from beginners. They find an approach to every person here. Leaders have good psychological qualities. They seem to see a person through and through - reveal their potential and direct it in the right direction.

ranking of the best employers in Moscow

In 1989, the first office in Moscow appeared. The main goal of the company is to create a high-quality audit network. Students with no work experience are accepted for work, for them this is a great chance to achieve the first heights in life. The only drawback is that only a person who has received education in Moscow and the Moscow region can get a job.

The ability to raise one’s career from scratch, a stable salary, a responsible approach to each employee - all this made the company included in the list of the best employers in Moscow.

Coca-Cola Hellenic

You can always hear good reviews about Moscow employers at Coca-Cola Hellenic. You can notice that a huge number of students work in it, which indicates the successful combination of work with work. Those who like to work are encouraged here with monetary awards. This is exactly the place where you can learn to earn money - a good start for the younger generation. Excellent conditions have been created for employees: free parking, meals, competent training, decent wages and career opportunities. There is also the opportunity to work in a team.

Why are people looking for work? Naturally, in order to get financial benefits from it. Big wages are far from the only factor that a person who is looking for work draws attention to. Equally important for him is respect from the leadership, the ability to climb up the career ladder, pleasant working conditions, a good team, confidence in the future and much more. No one wants to be disappointed in the chosen place within a month after employment and move on to a new search for free vacancies. To prevent this from happening, you should approach the choice of organization with maximum responsibility. To learn about each of them will allow the list of the best employers in Moscow, created on the basis of feedback from real employees.


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