How to learn to move your ears: practical tips

Few can boast the ability to move their ears, few in life have met people with such an unusual feature.

There is a widespread assertion that this ability is inherited only, and if a person does not have the necessary genes, never move his ears. Although the truth is that even the lucky owners of such a gene in most cases do not know how to learn how to move their ears.

Of course, such a skill is not required, but having mastered it, you can surprise others.

how to learn to move your ears

What is required to master the art of wiggling your ears

It's not that complicated. Each of us has auricular muscles, with the help of which it is possible, although not with a strong amplitude, to set our hearing system in motion.

If there is a desire to learn such manipulations, you will need:

  • purposefulness;
  • faith in oneself and one's abilities;
  • visualization ability;
  • constancy and regularity of practice.

Muscles responsible for ear movement

First you need to know which muscles are capable of moving the ears. They are located above the auricles, and with their help you can move your ears up and down. Muscles have the uncomplicated name `` auricularis superior '' and `` auricularis posterior ''. If you can’t move your ears, you can at least show off your knowledge of anatomy and Latin terms.

ear muscles

How to learn to move your ears

The next step on the path to becoming a master will be to learn to feel these very muscles. After all, most people have never used them, much less consciously. So it's time to start stretching them and the ability to concentrate on this area in order to understand how to use them.

Before starting the practice, do yourself a massage of the auricles , paying attention also to the area around the ears. This will increase blood flow and warm up the muscles to be worked on. Plus - besides being useful to the whole body, it’s also nice.

It is advisable to train in front of the mirror. To understand how to learn to move your ears, you need to see your reflection and at the same time try to strain your ear muscles. Of course, at the beginning the movements will be hardly noticeable visually, and you will be visited by very strange and unusual sensations. The mirror will help you understand at what point your ear movement is most visible, and accordingly, over time, you will learn to control the necessary movements.

man moves his ears

The assertion that a person who has big ears has a chance to learn how to move his ears faster is incorrect. This is not true. The main thing here is practice, but not size.

  1. Many people, raising their eyebrows up, involuntarily set in motion their ears. Everyone noticed how difficult it is to raise only the ring finger, as is the case with the ear muscles: when you move them, neighboring ones are often activated.
  2. If you make an astonished look, while opening your mouth and raising your eyebrows, your ears can automatically move. Everything is like animals here. At the moment of danger or tension, they can automatically pin their ears, trying to hear even the slightest rustle.
  3. If, when you raise your eyebrows, you feel the movement of the scalp and hair, try to do this again in front of the mirror, paying attention to your ears. This is the right way to learn how to move your ears.

The final stages of practice

Next, you need to highlight the work of muscles, because of which you can move your ears. This must be done because you cannot constantly raise eyebrows or make an amazed face to move your ears. However, most likely, the scalp will be involved in this case in most cases.

big ears

Try to move your ears so that other parts of the face remain motionless. Do not be discouraged if at first you do not succeed or the necessary muscles move with great difficulty. Most likely, you almost never used them, which means that they could very well fail a little. To bring them into proper shape, you need to train for a long time. Then they will get stronger, and the amplitude of the movement will be much more noticeable.

Useful Tips

Move towards the goal steadily and slowly.

  1. If you wear glasses and they begin to slip, try to put them back into place without the help of hands, using muscles.
  2. Smile more in front of the mirror and watch how your ears go up or maybe move to the beat of your smile. This can be a good start in order to highlight the right muscles.
  3. To get started, exercise by raising your eyebrows or smiling broadly, which will certainly lead to raising your ears.
  4. In man, everything is asymmetrical, and one side is always more powerful, agile or flexible. So with the ears. Watch immediately for both auricles, one of them will most likely move more noticeably and easily.
  5. Find the lead ear and try to move it. At first, moving two ears at once will be very problematic.
  6. An interesting fact is that more men than women can move their ears. The difference is about two times.
  7. Big ears do not contribute to the rapid development of technology, as many believe.


If you are serious about understanding how to move your ears, practice alone, because it will look very funny or at least strange.

This may seem difficult to some. It's okay, this skill is optional, it is rather needed to entertain others. You see, you don’t often see how a person moves his ears.

children move their ears

As you can see, this is not a matter of innate features, but of practice and desire. As they say, talent is 1 percent of genetics and 99 percent of labor. By the way, children move their ears sometimes in childhood, but with age they pay less attention to this, and the skill comes to naught.


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